Tips For Spring Cleaning!

Happy Friday all, what are your plans for the weekend? Mine are to start a HUGE Spring clean of my house, because if I'm honest, I am living in a tip and can never find anything I need. After not being able to sleep the other night I found various videos on rearranging you room to feel better as well as Spring cleaning hacks. This inspired me to share my very own spring cleaning tips/hacks with you all, and hopefully give me that little bit of extra motivation to get started on my own house. I would love some of your tips in the comments too!

Tip One- Be Ruthless: 
Out of all of my tips this is the one I need to pay attention the MOST. I am awful when it comes throwing things out/donating them. I am one of those people who hold on to everything. Notes from friends in school, primary school drawings, even t-shirts which remind me of gigs I went to even though they no longer fit. I've recently noticed that all of the clothes in my wardrobe are still there and have been since I moved in because I wash and wear the stuff I actually wear on a weekly basis and put them in drawers. I need a massive clear out of clutter, including make up and clothes!

Tip Two- Break It Down:
When it comes to cleaning I never seem to realise the reason I burn out so quickly is because of how many things I set myself to do in a short amount of time. If I were to set myself a room per day, it may be more manageable and I may actually stick to it.

Tip Three- Plan In Advance:
If you're planning a big clean, it is worth planning it in advance, stock up on cleaning products, make sure you've got plenty of time to do so. If you clean with someone else it'll make it seem less like work and more like fun. I found an awesome 7 day spring cleaning list on Good Housekeeping!

Tip Four- Storage Is Key: 
Sometimes you don't realise how much room you can save by having great storage ideas. That includes under bed storage, big plastic tubs or even check out these cool ideas from Brightside they're pretty cool! Including magazine holders for hair stuff and egg cartons for jewellery holders!

What are your top tips for Spring cleaning? 


  1. I break my cleaning down into zones instead of tackling the room as a whole! Granted it takes me ages to clean my room because I end up looking at everything instead of cleaning hahaha I also make sure that I have everything that I need close to hand. Better to just be able to reach for the vacuum cleaner instead of going to another room and getting distracted! Em xx


  2. This is great! I have recently done a spring clean out and it was much needed. I need to be more ruthless but I guess I just like to hold on to things that have great memories :-)

  3. I try to get the kiddies to help me sometimes and offer an incentive like a play date. I works wonders ;-)

  4. I hate the "mass spring clean" so these tips are a fab way to break it down :) x

  5. I need to do a Spring clean, but not this weekend, the weather forecast is amazing!

  6. Definitely being ruthless is the key. Last weekend I managed to get rid of so much stuff, half of which I had forgotten I had x

  7. Oh I do hate cleaning! I think breaking it down is essential, I would rather be out in the sunshine though! Kaz x

  8. I definitely believe in being ruthless, you cant properly clean and tidy up if you've got too much stuff to begin with!

  9. Breaking it down and planning it out is deffo the key to success! Little and often for the win 👍

    Thanks for sharing!

    Leigh at Fashion Du Jour LDN x

  10. Some very helpful tips here, planning out helps so much too and so does storage