Tips for dealing with Insomnia

I've always had a weird relationship with sleep. When I was a teenager I used to have the best sleeping pattern always sleeping early and waking up before 8am, I remember the one time I slept in until 10am and my whole family were shocked. Around two years ago it all changed my anxiety was keeping me up all night, and I just got stuck in a rut. I was sleeping at 5/6/7 in the morning or sometimes even later. I was trying to sleep all night and was just getting stressed out, so I tried to turn it into something that happens. I became the night owl, my friends would message me when I was getting up for work, and we'd laugh about the fact I'd still not been to sleep. It was the best way to cope with it for me, honestly though it's actually horrible not being able to sleep. I thought I'd share with you all some tips to try if you too are insomnia sufferers.

Tip One: Better Sleeping Conditions
For me, I found that having curtains which had light seeping through kept me awake at night, as I primarily slept when it was getting light, I found it harder. So I invested in some blackout curtains making it easier to sleep no matter the time. I also invested in a new bed, my old frame and mattress were one which my landlord supplied so I often felt uncomfortable when trying to sleep. 

Tip Two: Sleeping Aids
The Interdependent Pharmacy offers a small range of aids to take before sleeping including Nytol which includes an antihistamine which often makes you drowsy, making sleeping that little bit easier.  Nytol recommends creating a bedtime routine which works for you. Whether that includes getting a new comfy mattress and having hot drinking alongside taking a sleeping aid such as Nytol.

Tip Three: Try Sleep At The Same Time
My problem always used to be going to sleep at a weird time in the morning and getting up in the early afternoon. I found it hard to get a pattern going, I try to get into bed at a regular time and even if I'm not sleeping, at least I'm laying in bed getting comfy. 

Tip Four: No Phones. 
I often didn't realise part of my issue was my phone, I would sit up on my phone all night and wonder why it was impossible to fall asleep. Phones have blue light, which makes it almost impossible to fall asleep whilst using. Your phone being lit up often makes your eyes stay awake as well the concentration which goes into using your phone. 

What are your tips for treating Insomnia? 

*Collaborative Post

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