Alternative Bags Wishlist #2

I would consider my style pretty alternative, if it is black with rips and/or holes in I am definitely more inclined to buy it. The same goes with bags, I am forever on the lookout for the coolest/weirdest bags out there. My go-to sites are usually Dollskill or Skinny Dip with the occasional look at Betsey Johnson. The thing about shopping for my bags mostly from the States is that it is unlikely that anybody will have the same. I also LOVE colour when it comes to my bags, as my clothes are usually black. Last June I did a post on the alternative bags I am lusting after and it was super popular so I decided to do a part two. If you missed part one, be sure to check it out.

Sour Candy Bag is from Dollskill
Secretly Smashed Bag is from Skinny Dip
Lobster Bag is from Skinny Dip
Peaches Bag is from Betsey Johnson
Doodle Notebook Bag is from Dollskill

Which bag is your favourite?