I've Finished Uni, Now What?

Good morning all, how are we? I've finally found some motivation from somewhere, not quite sure where it's come from but I'm happy! I've got some really awesome blog post ideas lined up, which I can't wait to share with you all. So on to todays post, most of you might not know that I recently finished my degree, and I bet you're thinking like most, what a weird time to finish uni. Which you're right it is. When I started university back in 2013, I didn't actually want to go to university; so my tutor told me about a foundation degree which was 2 years and then I could later top it up to a full BSc. I didn't know what else to do, so I decided to go for it. In the end I had to see it through to a full degree as that's just me as a person. I received my grade and I actually managed to achieve a 2:2 which I was over the moon with considering I really struggled with my degree. It wasn't what I wanted to do, but like I said above I felt the need to see it through. Although a lot you don't graduate for a while now, I decided I would share with you some tips/ideas of what you can do when you finish university to prepare you for when you do.

1. Travel 
A lot of people decide this is what they will do after they finish university, after spending the majority of your life in education, it's nice to be able to be free before getting straight into a full time job. Obviously not everyone has this as an option. But if you save whilst at university or have a part time job to fund it, it works well. It's a great way to have some fun before settling down into bills, working full time and your future.

2. Get experience in your field
When you first university and you've got your degree most people want to go straight to work in their field, but obviously there are a lot of students who are graduating in the same field as you. I would recommend getting some experience in that field as well as looking for jobs. With experience you are more desirable to the company and will be more suited to the role over other grads. Even if you take a whole year to get the experience it'll pay off. Most people get a part time job alongside doing experience or move back in with their family to be able to afford living whilst getting experience.

3. Get a full time job
Now this is the most obvious one out of lot. When you finish university, the most logical path for most is to jump straight into full time work. A lot of the time this isn't in the field of their degree but it's a job and gives you finical stability and something to do with your life. This is the one I am more than likely going to look down. I decided when I finished university I would keep working part time as well as doing freelance blogging whilst I looked for a job which I can handle with my mental health.

What did you do when you finished university? 

Olivia Jade


  1. Congrats!! That is a major milestone in your life you should be very proud of. I'm a freshman in college right now (USA) and it's been a life changing experience.

    New follow! Love your blog so much. :)

  2. This is amazing Olivia :') when I left uni I joined a temp agency and started working full time straight away (#brokegirlproblems) but I would have loved to travel a bit if I had the money!

    Juanita x

  3. Great news congratulations xxxx