#HairGoals with Colour Freedom

Back in February I decided to do something I've wanted to do for a long time but never had the guts do, dye all of my hair a bright colour! For around about 2 years now I've been bleaching the ends of my hair and going for the whole 'dip dye' effect, using a variety of bright colours for the ends but keeping the rest of it black. But I finally decided go the whole hog and dye my hair a bright colour. Firstly I went pink but quickly decided that wasn't the colour for me. It faded quickly and all of the different dyes I tried just washed out. I ended up putting dye on top of dye until it was a massive mess and I needed to strip my hair. 

When I stripped my hair I assumed it would go orange, so I bought red dyes and as a matter of fact it actually went green. I decided I had two choices, the first being black and the second being blue/green. I decided I would just take the plunge and go for blue. I've heard a lot of people on Twitter and my friends who dye their hair bright colours talk about the brand Colour Freedom so I decided to try them after having so many bad experiences with Live and also with Crazy Colour. The first application took REALLY well and considering I have thick long ish hair, one bottle almost covered the lot. I went back to Superdrug the following day and bought another bottle and the end result was mesmerising. When I first did my hair it was quite a bright blue but has faded into a fabulous turquoise, although the up keep of bright hair is hard work I've found with Colour Freedom that the colour actually stays put for ages and looks amazing even after 30 washes. For the colour featured in the pictures buy Tropical Aqua. 

What's the brightest colour you've ever dyed your hair? 

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