Valentines Day On A Budget.

Hi all, how are we doing? It's almost Valentines Day and for those of you who are loved up that means a day full of romance, love and being spoilt rotten by your other half. For those of us who are single it can be a tough day to get through, however I have you covered as I wrote a post all about Valentines Day when you're single. Today I am bringing you a post about Valentines Day on a budget, I did a similar post last year and it went down really well, so I thought I'd bring you a newer updated version of it with even more tips on how to enjoy Valentines Day on a budget!

Don't go out on Valentines Day. 
I found this tip on Inclusive Families and it is a great one at that. Going out on Valentines day itself for a meal is usually more expensive as most places put up the prices, because they can on Valentines Day. Honestly going out a few days before or after can save you a lot of money. Plus everywhere is RAMMED on Valentines Day so not even worth it.

Think outside of the box. 
On Valentines Day instead of buying presents for each other, think outside the box for something you can do together and have a fabulous time as well as saving money. My Voucher Codes has some amazing discount codes to use to save even more money, including Virgin Experience Days and Buy A Gift. Both perfect for having the best day out on a budget.

Make your presents! 
Not only is making your presents so much more fun, it's also cost effective and saves you a lot of money in the long run. Buying Valentines Day gifts can often come with a hefty price tag. There are so many cool gift ideas that you can make and Buzzfeed has collated 40 of the best ones to inspire you here.

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  1. My mums birthday is on valentines and I agree- everything is more expensive!!

  2. Love this! I'm on a budget this year for Valentine's so this is great <3 Thankyou for the tips! x