11 January 2017

What I've Been Loving Lately #2 | Lifestyle

Hi lovelies, happy Wednesday how are you all doing? I hope you're well. I am so snowed under with my university work and social life, I've been lacking a little bit on the blog posts but I promised you guys I would attempt two a week, and this week I am having this one up today and then one on Friday too! I am excited for it to be Friday as it is my birthday, yay! I will be 22. I plan on playing the Taylor Swift song 22 for the most of the day too. I decided I would create another what I've been loving post as you lot seem to love them. If you missed my first one it is is here for you to catch up on.

Rejuvenating Frankincense Face Wash:
I'm so in love with this product at the moment, it is improving my acne by like 90% and makes my face feel fresh and clean in the morning. I couldn't imagine kick starting my day without it anymore. I also use it when I am using my Foreo as it gives the skin a deeper clean.

Sass and Belle Stackable Mugs:
Honestly the CUTEST set of mugs I have ever seen, and even better that they stack. Perfect for any kitchen. I love the little faces, they're so adorable! I would love to add these to my quirky kitchen stuff.

This is a long time favourite of mine, but I thought it's worth a mention as you are able to now buy it in the UK from Debenhams. It's the best pen liner around and it'll give you the most 'fleeky' liner around. It's easy to use and comes out really black which is amazing. 

I honestly have not spent as much time in any pair of shoes as I do in my Dr Martens, and it is about time I invested in another pair, I love the colour of these boots and they look like they'd be a gorgeous pair to wear. Mine are a little worn now, as I bought them two years ago, although I will still be wearing my current pair I would love to invest in another pair. 

I often share with you that one of my favourite places to shop all things weird and wonderfull is Dollskill, they have the BEST bags by a mile and they're always super quirky and fun. I love this bag because it's a perfect everyday bag. I plan on getting it with my birthday money. Yay! 

What have you been loving recently? 

*Collaborative Post


  1. I love Doc Martens still got a bright pink pair :) Have a lovely birthday :)

  2. Those mugs are absolutely adorable (: I'm in love!


  3. Happy birthday for Friday lovely! I remember singing the Taylor Swift song a LOT on my 22nd Birthday haha. Those stackable mugs are just the cutest, great for space saving too xx