20 January 2017

Shop My Style #7 | Fashion

Happy Friday all, I can't believe it's the weekend again already, for the most of you the weekend is the best part of the week but as I work the weekends I prefer the week! I always find it funny when everyone is super excited for the weekend except me and my best mates who work the weekend. For some reason I am really into my fashion posts at the moment, and I don't know why. I am loving making shop my style posts and you guys seem to love them just as much as I enjoy creating them. I don't think of myself as a stylish person but I love making these posts as it shows off my alternative style. I will be creating a Valentines Day themed one in a couple of weeks so keep your eyes pealed for that one. I hope you enjoy this post and as always, let me know your thoughts on the outfits I've created in the comments/on Twitter!

Dress is from Topshop
Watch is from F Hinds
Shoes are from Dr Martens
The bag is from Blue Banana  

Dress is from Topshop
Bag is from Blue Banana 
Shoes are from Office.  
Would also pair with black leggings.