30 January 2017

Guide For Surviving Student Life! | Lifestyle

It's official, I have submitted my dissertation which means I am finished with university, after 3 and a half gruelling years of assignments, presentations and reports. I am done with university. Although because of my course length being super weird, I do not officially graduate until the summer. With this is in mind I thought I'd share with you somethings which I've learnt whilst being a student, hopefully those of you who are currently students or going to be in the near future find this post somewhat helpful. Obviously these are just my own opinions and tips on how to make university life that little bit easier.

Shop online: 
Of course I would start this post with something food related, it's me! I noticed when I first moved into my own place I was spending a lot of money just buying random bits of food from Asda as it was down the road. Or I'd spontaneously buy random bits and never check what I had in to start with. When I started to shop online and the minimum spend was £40 it was a lot easier to keep track of what I was buying as well as plan meals whilst I was doing it. Although I also realised buying fresh stuff didn't really work for me and I would often find it went out of date, freezer stuff like vegetables, pizzas and then cupboard stuff like soup and pasta sauces worked well for me.

It Is OK to borrow money sometimes
When you're a university student getting a job is always a plus, being a student is super expensive and there is a reason why students have the broke title because we basically always are. Sometimes even with a part time job, living can get in the way. I remember in my old house massive electric bills would come out at the worst time. When you really need to money for a bill or something urgent and you know you are getting money relatively soon, it is ok to borrow money from places like Quick Loans or Auto Advance. Borrowing money from short term lenders is something that can actually help when you're in a sticky situation. Obviously you have to have some kind of earnings in the first place to be accepted. But having a part time job and being student isn't always enough to cover the bills especially when it is an excepted one and you know it's a few days until your student loans/pay. Check out The Money Advice Service for more info on Payday loans.

Assignments first, fun later:
This is a big one for most university students, and I am one of the worst for doing this, but as great as having a social life is, it is important to get your deadlines done first. I am honestly one of those people who would go out have a good time before my deadlines were handed in and then would spend the next few days in proper panic mode and although my work did well, it was still an extra stress I could of avoided by taking more time to focus on my work in the first place!

Living with people is hard: 
Honestly being a student has put me off ever living with my friends again, living with my housemates last year there was 5 of us, in a house not big enough for 3 of us. We got on each others nerves like no tomorrow even to the point where I don't speak to one of my housemates at all anymore. Although I nearly lost my best friend at the time it has made us stronger than ever before but living in that house made us all a bit crazy. Although it can be done, it is important to remember personal space is key and make sure the house is big enough for all of your needs.

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  1. Congratulations on submitting your dissertation and finishing university! You shared some great tips here and there are certainly challenges that are very unique to this time in one's life. Being constantly broke and having to live with other people are probably some of the top challenges. Oh, and balancing school work with your social life, that's always a tough one when it is so much more fun to go out and have a good time!

  2. Congrats on coming to the end of your course!I agree uni is super hard and especially when it comes to prioritizing your time. Definitely important to put your assignments first!

  3. Well done on submitting your dissertation, my eldest has to do hers by early April. She is in her third and final year of Uni. Great tips - it is such an exciting but tricky time. Kaz x

  4. I remember when i was in uni. I spent most of my time in the student union bar x

  5. Congratulations on submitting your dissertation and finishing uni :) best of luck for your results! Enjoy the time off til graduation, it's an amazing feeling when everything is finished and you can just completely relax :D I loved reading through these tips :) I don't think I could have lived with people outside family, especially if they couldn't pull their weight, I'd have lost my sanity by the end of it hahaha


  6. Oh yes, this is a student life in all its glory! Undoubtedly party and money isn't the limit of what happened to me in college. I was very lazy and unsocial type, really among the coevals, I wasn't comfortable. As well as learning itself, it upset me seriously. Then I decided to find more info subject and began to upgrade my skills. It's really now I miss that time!

  7. Haha some awesome tips here! :)

    xx Sofia | SOFIAADOT