Colleague Gift Guide | Seasonal

Hi all, how are we? Big apologies for the lack of posts in the last few weeks. It has been a mix of a dissertation writing, being super busy and just lacking motivation to post at all. I have had a variety of gift guides half finished in my drafts for a few weeks so I decided to publish some of them before it is too late. Starting with a colleague gift guide, I feel like a relationship with a colleague is a bit of a strange one, although you are friends and spend a lot of time together; often you don't really know that person well. Most workplaces often will host a secret Santa which is great for getting a gift for those who you don't know too well and saves you having to buy everyone gifts. I decided to put together some ideas of where to get your presents for your colleagues.

L'occtaine has some amazing ideas from skin care, soaps and even gifts for him including fragrance. Another fabulous thing about L'occtaine is their gorgeous gift sets, and you always know they're gonna be great quality. Their gift sets start from £5.00.

One of my favourite websites for quirky gifts and also on a budget too. Iwoot have an offer on stocking fillers at the moment which is 3 for £15 and 6 £25 which is perfect for anyone looking to buy stocking fillers, or gifts on a budget.

I love Firebox for shopping for gifts because they just have everything; and it's all so random! They even sell an already wrapped present for your secret Santa, which I think is genius. The only decision you have to make is box 1, 2 or 3.

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