7 December 2016

8 Reasons Winter Beats Summer | Lifestyle

I'm pretty sure it's not even officially winter for a while yet, but I decided to write this post anyways. I am a huge fan of winter for many reasons, I considered doing this post for autumn but I saw so many around I decided to hold off for a while and then write a post. So I am actually a huge fan of Autumn/Winter for many reasons so I decided to share 8 of them with you today, hopefully some of you can relate to these and those of you who prefer summer I'd love to hear some of your reasons below in the comments! I hope you enjoy this post, Happy reading.

1. I can cover up! 
I love wearing leggings and lots of layers so this is the perfect time of year to do so. During the summer you cannot wear layers without looking odd and having to show your body is a no in my books. 

2. Sweat 
As a person who pretty much sweats constantly summer is a no go for me, I pretty much have to wear a pair of shorts and tee or a dress not to sweat. 

3. British Weather
In summer we never know what we can wear as it is sometimes boiling and other days still freezing, we can't do the whole summer wardrobe as it gets used like 5 times a year and it's totally not worth it.

4. Holidays
I am a winter person for the fact that the BEST holidays are in Winter, hello Halloween and Christmas! 

5. My Birthday
My birthday is in the winter, so that always makes me a huge fan of the winter. Although sometimes I do wish I had a summer birthday. 

6. Jumpers
Who doesn't adorable buying lots of fluffy and oversized jumpers? I know I do! I love to be able to wear lots of simple outfits and wearing jeans or leggings with them and still looking adorable. 

7. Boots 
My favourite type of shoe is a boot, and I cannot stand the summer months where I am unable to wear Dr Martens without my feet smelling gross and being far too hot. Plus boots are so much more comfy than sandals right? 

8. Starbucks
This is by far the most 'basic' reason on this list, but by far the most important. Starbucks release the best autumn/winter menu and it is always full of gorgeous flavours like cinnamon, apple and pumpkin. So much more appealing.  


  1. Jumpers are everything! I love them! Great post.

    Anika | anikamay.co.uk

  2. It's very easy to bemoan the colder weather come winter but each season has it's beauty and I loved this post! Being able to cosy up in warm jumpers come the chillier months is one of my favourite things and I love the way the weather changes as it gets colder; frost is so pretty to see in the morning and the prospect of snow always gets me excited too! And you're right, the best holidays are in the winter months! - Tasha

  3. It may not 'officially' be winter but it bloody feels like it, brrr.

    I do like it though: I love being able to wear ALL the comfy clothes and drink all the Christmassy drinks xx