Staying Healthy In The Winter Months | Lifestyle

Winter can often be a time where our motivation levels are at their lowest, and the temptation to indulge is often at its highest. This can often be caused by the darker nights and colder weather. However, it's vital that you keep your exercise regime on track during the winter. Otherwise, you risk undoing all of the progress that you made in the early parts of the year. If your motivation to stay healthy is falling, make sure you follow these tips to help you get through it.

Look at YouTube videos
If the dark nights and poor weather are putting you off going outside, then why not look at some video workouts on YouTube? You don't even need to leave the house for this, and you can often use items you have lying around to complement your routine. There are millions of workout videos on YouTube, and some even come from the finest personal trainers in the industry, meaning that you're sure to find an exercise style that suits your fitness level.
Go ice skating
This is a great way of embracing everything that winter has to offer. You can also bring the kids along. It's estimated that ice skating burns as much as 387 calories per hour for an average-sized woman who is travelling at normal speed. This is an incredibly high amount, and you'll have a lot of fun doing it, too. What's more, with Christmas not too far away, you can expect to see ice rinks popping up all over the country so you won't have to travel too far to get your fix.
Enjoy a luxury boot camp
What better way to escape the cold weather than by jetting off to some of the finest locations in Spain and Portugal and taking part in a fitness and nutrition boot camp that's lead by some of the finest trainers in the industry?  Not only will you take part in inspiring, fun and challenging exercises, but you will also have access to a vibrant, healthy menu that is sure to get your taste buds tingling. All of these activities are set against some of the most stunning coastlines these countries have to offer. Keeping fit in the winter can often be a chore, but this will not be the case if you book one of these retreats through Prestige Boot Camp.
Change your clothes

If you're still using the same shorts and t-shirt combination in the winter that you used for jogging in the summer, then it's no wonder your motivation levels are dipping. Your summer clothes are not designed to handle the harsh winter elements, so make sure you buy some clothes that are. Under Armour is a great base layer to fit underneath a fleece, so why not add to your look with a pair of sports leggings with some shorts on top of that? Finish the whole thing off with a good pair of gloves and a hat. If you're well prepared to handle anything that winter throws at you, outdoor activities like jogging will seem less daunting.

Last Minute Christmas Gift Guide For Students | Seasonal

Happy Friday all, I am back from my blogging break and I am finally able to bring you a gift guide! I've been wanting to bring you a whole variety of gift guides but with some circumstances, it has not gone my way. Today I am bringing you a last minute Christmas gift guide or students and all of the gifts that I am featuring in this gift guide can be ordered up until the 20th if not longer dependant on the site. These gifts are perfect for any students that you have in your life, whether that be your friends or a family member there is something for every student!

Unicorn Tears Gin:
Okay so we are talking about students and alcohol, it's pretty much a given right? Although this has a little bit of a twist on it, it's 'actually' unicorn tears, and tastes pretty good too! This amazing gift comes in a gorgeous bottle and is available from Firebox for £39.99

Drinking Games: 
Firebox offer an amazing range of drinking games perfect for any student including the student fave, Never Have I Ever and also F**K the game! Both games are a party starter and great for getting of any awkward tension.

Cards Against Humanity:
Similar to the drinking games above, but this is on a whole new level of card game. Cards against humanity is offensive and not for the light-hearted. It's rude, amazing and slightly horrific at the same time. It's known as the party game for horrible people. It is available to purchase on Amazon and there is also now many expansion packs.

Travel Mug: 
Going to uni in the mornings is something most students dread, and to make matters worse when you're in a rush and haven't had time to grab a morning coffee, it can't get much worse! Sass and Belle have a range of gorgeous travel mugs, perfect for making a coffee in and taking with you on the go! My favourite is their 'time to go' mug for £11.00

Master Pan:
I've been eyeing up this pan for such a long time because it's so genius. Saves on washing up and allows you to cook up to 5 things at once. It's really that simple. Perfect after a night out for cooking a full English, then easy to wash and saves on washing up. Purchase from Men Kind for £59.99.

I found this awesome website called Skate Hut who offer so many amazing things and is the perfect website for some last minute ideas for students, including gorgeous back packs, clothing, skateboards and even pogo sticks *throw back much*. I am so in love with their amazing range of Hype bags perfect for carrying those books around the campus.

*Post contains press samples

Taking A Break With Chicago Town

Being the spotlight all of the time is hard work, celebrities know this better than any of us. Your every move is scrutinised and you're expected to be perfect all of the time. Recently I've heard of a few 'celebrities' having a chill night in with Chicago Town, and I thought you guys might like to hear all about it. Chicago Town are massive fans of having a good time and especially with it being so close to Christmas and the fact they've just released a NEW chocolate pizza. Oh and the fact they still have an amazing competition running for you to win some awesome shades and other cool prizes! (I wrote a post about it here).

 So how to take a break from the stress which is surrounding life in the run to Christmas? First things first, head to your local Supermarket and pick up a range of the Chicago Town pizzas, they have everything from deep dish to mini microwave pizzas, which are cooked in a matter of minutes at home and taste just like takeaway pizzas, also grab yourself a range of drinks, popcorn and then invite your friends over. Next get yourself on Netflix, and find an awesome series to watch, I totally recommend Black Mirror or Ru Pauls Drag Race, dependant on what you enjoy. Then get cooking up those tasty treats, as well as pouring yourself a drink or ten. Finally, take some awesome selfies in your new shades which you can win instantly with special packs of Chicago Town. Also post the selfies online to win more prizes or even go old school and take them with a Polaroid-like I did here.

 Now for the thing you've all been waiting for I assume, those celebrities with enjoying some chill time with Chicago Town. Sorry to break it to you, they are actually lookalikes, but awesome ones at that, and the videos are so funny and worth a watch if you fancy it, check out 'Simon Cowell' and 'Rhianna' below.

*Post in collaboration with Chicago Town, but all words my own as I adore their pizzas and their always fun marketing campaigns.

Colleague Gift Guide | Seasonal

Hi all, how are we? Big apologies for the lack of posts in the last few weeks. It has been a mix of a dissertation writing, being super busy and just lacking motivation to post at all. I have had a variety of gift guides half finished in my drafts for a few weeks so I decided to publish some of them before it is too late. Starting with a colleague gift guide, I feel like a relationship with a colleague is a bit of a strange one, although you are friends and spend a lot of time together; often you don't really know that person well. Most workplaces often will host a secret Santa which is great for getting a gift for those who you don't know too well and saves you having to buy everyone gifts. I decided to put together some ideas of where to get your presents for your colleagues.

L'occtaine has some amazing ideas from skin care, soaps and even gifts for him including fragrance. Another fabulous thing about L'occtaine is their gorgeous gift sets, and you always know they're gonna be great quality. Their gift sets start from £5.00.

One of my favourite websites for quirky gifts and also on a budget too. Iwoot have an offer on stocking fillers at the moment which is 3 for £15 and 6 £25 which is perfect for anyone looking to buy stocking fillers, or gifts on a budget.

I love Firebox for shopping for gifts because they just have everything; and it's all so random! They even sell an already wrapped present for your secret Santa, which I think is genius. The only decision you have to make is box 1, 2 or 3.

8 Reasons Winter Beats Summer | Lifestyle

I'm pretty sure it's not even officially winter for a while yet, but I decided to write this post anyways. I am a huge fan of winter for many reasons, I considered doing this post for autumn but I saw so many around I decided to hold off for a while and then write a post. So I am actually a huge fan of Autumn/Winter for many reasons so I decided to share 8 of them with you today, hopefully some of you can relate to these and those of you who prefer summer I'd love to hear some of your reasons below in the comments! I hope you enjoy this post, Happy reading.

1. I can cover up! 
I love wearing leggings and lots of layers so this is the perfect time of year to do so. During the summer you cannot wear layers without looking odd and having to show your body is a no in my books. 

2. Sweat 
As a person who pretty much sweats constantly summer is a no go for me, I pretty much have to wear a pair of shorts and tee or a dress not to sweat. 

3. British Weather
In summer we never know what we can wear as it is sometimes boiling and other days still freezing, we can't do the whole summer wardrobe as it gets used like 5 times a year and it's totally not worth it.

4. Holidays
I am a winter person for the fact that the BEST holidays are in Winter, hello Halloween and Christmas! 

5. My Birthday
My birthday is in the winter, so that always makes me a huge fan of the winter. Although sometimes I do wish I had a summer birthday. 

6. Jumpers
Who doesn't adorable buying lots of fluffy and oversized jumpers? I know I do! I love to be able to wear lots of simple outfits and wearing jeans or leggings with them and still looking adorable. 

7. Boots 
My favourite type of shoe is a boot, and I cannot stand the summer months where I am unable to wear Dr Martens without my feet smelling gross and being far too hot. Plus boots are so much more comfy than sandals right? 

8. Starbucks
This is by far the most 'basic' reason on this list, but by far the most important. Starbucks release the best autumn/winter menu and it is always full of gorgeous flavours like cinnamon, apple and pumpkin. So much more appealing.