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Good morning all, how are we? Today I am bringing you food based post which includes Crepes! A while back I made a post about creating a pancake stack and it is still one of my most popular posts, I am a huge fan of pancakes so I decided to treat myself to a Crepe maker from Amazon (*its this one if you're interested) although I've heard that they're quite hard to get used I thought I'd write a little bit of a post about how I got on with mine and how to create your own crepes, without further ado I hope you enjoy this post!

First things first, the ingredients! For 4 crepes you will need the following:
- 125g of plain flour
- 120ml of water
- 120ml of milk
- 2 tablespoons of butter (melted) 
- Olive oil to grease the pan! 

Step one: 
Put the Crepe maker on and turn it up to max and wait for it to heat up, whilst it is heating up I would recommend measure out your ingredients. 

Step two: 
Mix together the eggs and the flour followed by slowly adding the water and milk bit by bit. Whilst you are doing this pop the butter in the microwave (it should only need about 15 seconds max) and once it is melted add it into the mixture.

Step three:
Cover the hot plate in olive oil. Jamie's Italian created an awesome infographic to show you the best oils to use for what. (If you don't have olive oil available use some light cooking spray.) 

Step four: 
Ladle some of the mixture in the middle of the plate and then use the wooden tool provided to spread the mixture. *Top Tip* Spread in circular motions.

Step five: 
Leave 2 minutes and then flip over using the wooden spatula and leave for a further two minutes. Just to make sure both sides are done flip back again. Once fully done place on a plate and roll up. Repeat until all 4 are made. Then pop the plate into the microwave and blast for a few seconds to heat up again.

And that is it, perfectly made crepes for any occasion! 

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  1. I love a good crepe, preferably covered in Nutella. The ones from the Christmas market in Brum are great.

  2. Ive never made crepes before but they do sound nice, I would have to put nutella on them

  3. I love crepes so I will have to make them soon! X

  4. Oh yes please love crepes with nutella or golden syrup, yum!!!