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Hi all, how are doing? I am super excited to bring you this post and I've wanted to share it with you all for so long, but I've just been mega busy plus I wanted to make my collection a little bigger first. At the start of this year I decided I would start collecting something alongside Tsum Tsums and I had heard a lot about Pop Vinyls in the past and when I was in Forbidden Planet I purchased my very first one, Sadness. I later found out that she is limited edition which made me even happier. I've not been as much of an avid collector as I would like to have been but I have recently treated myself to some so I thought I'd share them with you as well as the ones which I have previous gotten from Pop In A Box and also from Vanilla Underground

Amy Winehouse: 
I fell in love with this Pop instantly, everything about her in this figure rings true to me. From the hair to the fact she is holding a microphone. I fell in love with her music when she was alive and I think this is a perfect addition to my collection.  

Inside Out: 
I am so in love with the film Inside Out and I am constantly being compared to Sadness by my boyfriend, the film is great and I knew I had to get some of the Pops from the collection. I decided to get these three as they adorable and really show of their characters. I need to purchase Anger and Fear soon too. 

Mean Girls: 
When I heard about this collection coming out I knew I needed all four them. Although I wish there was a Damien one too. I first purchased Regina and Cady when in Forbidden planet and then Gretchen in Target when I was in the states. Ever since I've been looking for a Karen, and I finally found one and have completed my collection. There is something super satisfying about completing a set of something.

I am super sad to say I only have one Disney princess, the best one in my opinion though. I totally want to get collecting all of the Disney Pops although it may take a LONG time. I think Belle or Snow White should be next.

So Ron actually came into my collection accidentally, when I first started up my Pop In A Box collection I ended up leaving Ron on by accident (not a massive Harry Potter fan, soz guys) but he is pretty adorable and I wouldn't mind getting Harry too!

Batman originally started out being Lukes pop but he couldn't be bothered to collect them anymore so he ended up being part of my collection. I think he looks super bad ass though.

I am going to start collecting the friends ones next, which Pops! are your favourite? 

Olivia Jade


  1. Pop Vinyl's get so addictive. I have 16 of them now and I still have loads that I want to collect. I love the look of the Mean Girls ones so I might need to seek them out next time I'm in Forbidden Planet x

  2. How cute are these. I haven't seen them before, but it looks like a fun thing to collect.

  3. Honestly I didn't know what pop vinyl was until reading this post. I am not much of a collector but loving the mean girls one lol

  4. Omg how cute is this! Literally, I need your entire collection <3

  5. We have Ariel too - I didn't realise you could get so many! Our collection is only 5 so far.

  6. These are way too cute! I really want the Inside Out ones and Ariel!

  7. I don't own any pops, as at 42 yrs old I think my husband would divorce me! I love them though, especially the Harry Potter collections. My favourite out of your pops is definitely the Amy Winehouse one x

  8. I am kind of in love with these, I have actually asked for some Harry Potter ones for xmas for my bookshelf x

  9. These are so cute, I've not seen them before but they look like fun to collect!

  10. I love Pop Funkos! My collection is a bit smaller than yours, but I'm working on it! We don't have any of the same pop funkos, but I love that Amy Winehouse one!
    ... I haven't actually taken mine out of the boxes, is that weird? 😂
    - Emily from ♡

  11. I adore funkos! I have a collection series on the blog. I'm only up to part 2 ahaha, I have the special big ones too. I think in total I have around 20 - 30 Funkos.

    And those mean girl pops are adorable!

    Jessica from