How To Throw A Spook-Tastic Halloween Party #2 | Halloween

Happy Wednesday lovers, how are we? You may have noticed if you are a regular reader of my blog that it isn't my usual lets talk post, it is infact a Halloween themed post. I have over scheduled the Halloween content to the point where I ran out of days before Halloween so I decided to share another Halloween themed post today. I did part of one of how to throw a spook-tastic Halloween party yesterday but as it was going to be SUCH a long post I decided to split it into two. If you missed part one, feel free to check it out here. Yesterday was food and make-up today is going to be costumes and mocktails  I hope you enjoy this post as much as the first and let me know what you are going as for Halloween in the comments. 

I decided I would put together my 5 favourite Halloween costumes with a twist for this section, when looking for these costumes I decided I wanted things which I haven't seen done lots of times over. If you want to get any of these costumes they are from Smiffys and still able to be purchased in time for Halloween! 

Zombie Alice:
I love Alice in Wonderland as a character and I love that there is now a haunted twist on her, the make-up would be simple to do alongside the outfit, it would just involve a lot of blood and eyeliner!

Zombie Bride:
After Mean Girls this totally rings a bell with me, I loved Cady's Ex Wife costume and I think this a fun twist on your typical bride. 

Cereal Killer:
I would say I am amused fairly easily, especially when it comes to puns. Who doesn't want to be a cereal killer this Halloween? 

Seven Deadly Sins- Lust:
I love all of the seven deadly sins costumes and Smiffys have had a good play on them. My favourite out of the bunch is the lust one.

Bride of Chucky:
I think this is by far one of the coolest costumes on the website, you can make it more Halloween styled by adding some fake blood.   


Sweet Flash Mocktail.
For this you will need:
- Appletiser (apple flavour)
- Mint Leaves
- Cloudy Apple Juice
- Black food colouring
Cocktail Shaker
- Something to serve drink in. (I went for test tubes) 

1. Pop 50ml of cloudy apple juice into a cocktail shaker along with 50ml of Appletiser and a couple of drops of black food colouring. Shake together well. 
2. Rip up some mint leaves into small pieces until they will fit into the test tube. 
3. Add the mint to the rest of the drink and shake again.
4. Tip into the test tubes. 

Vampire Blood Surprise: 
-Craft Syringes 
-Raspberry Puree
*To make it not a mocktail just mix vodka in with the lemonade 

Added extra: Buy some plastic spiders and then freeze them, this will create an extra spooky effect. 

1. Put half a tube/packet of raspberry puree into a pan along with two spoonfuls of sugar, and stir until it creates a thick paste. Then take off the heat and let it cool down.
2. Pour lemonade into the glasses which you intend to use for this drink. 
3. Add the spider ice / put the paste into the syringes. Then pop them into the glasses. 
4. When going to drink you can squirt the 'blood' into the drink for an extra shot of flavour. 

What is your favourite part about Halloween? 


  1. Fab post, I love dressing up for Halloween. I have a great zombie convict costume for this year x

  2. I love the cereal killer one - that made me laugh!