USA Autumn Haul | Lifestyle

Can I just say I am actually so proud of the photos in this post and I am pretty sure that they are my favourite set that I've ever taken. It's October which to me as is basically all about Halloween, it is dark so much earlier, it is acceptable to crack out the pumpkins, and scary decor. With this is mind and with the help of Vyking Ship I was able to do a Halloween haul in the states (lets face it the USA do it better) and get it sent straight to my door! So for the haul I knew I wanted autumn/Halloween themed goodies, and I knew straight where to go to start, Bath and Body Works. When I was in the states back in August I missed the autumn/Halloween stuff by a few weeks so I knew I had to grab some of the gorgeous items they have to offer. Including 3 mini candles, 5 hand sanitizers and a body lotion. I wanted some of the bigger candles but was worried I wasn't going to like them and didn't want huge candles which I didn't enjoy. I am totally regretting this now as I actually love them and have nearly burnt them all out. I will probably place another order when the Christmas candles come out, as they're pretty much better than anything we have here, *sad times*. The hand sanitizers are always a win from Bath and Body works because even if they don't smell great in your opinion someone else will snap it up within seconds, I am constantly sharing them out! 

Bath and Body Works Halloween

Following this I was looking around all of the shops online for different Halloween themed sweets and finding the best offers, when browsing Walmart I found these yummy looking packs of Candy Corn and Autumn Mix, and I knew I had to pick them up. Along with a massive bag of sour patch kids (although these aren't being feature because they'd ruin the aesthetic #bloggerprobs! One of bags is just full of candy corn *dribbles* and the other contains a mix of candy corn, cola flavoured candy corn and pumpkins, I will probably use the mixed bag in another post with a pretzel idea I have seen online that I just HAVE to try! 

Now on to the way the shipping works, so what happens is when you're ordering something online instead of inputting your own address you input an American address which is provided to you by the shipping company, and then the mail gets forwarded to them, it is so much cheaper than getting it sent direct and also works well if the shop you want to order from doesn't ship to the UK. When the parcel arrives into the warehouse you will get a choice of what to do with it, as I was testing out the method of shipping I chose to see my items beforehand, as well as compressing the packages and getting a customs slip filled out beforehand. It is super useful to get the items photographed as you can check they're all good before getting them shipped out and also check they're not broken before transit etc. When I checked my items over I picked my shipping method which I went with USPS 3-5 day option which cost around $87, which isn't cheap at all but for the amount of time it took it is totally worth it. I would recommend if you want something for a particular time to prepare well in advance for cheaper shipping. I did not get charged any customs on my order which I was super happy about also.  I would totally recommend Vyking on the premise you get to pick what you want with your shipping extras and other places can add it in without your say. Use 7410 for your $5 off your first shipment also! 

USA haul halloween

Bath and body works

Bath and body works

Bath and body works

Bath and body works

Have you ever gotten any goodies from the States? 

*In Collaboration with Vyking Shipping.

My Pop! Vinyl Collection! | Lifestyle

Hi all, how are doing? I am super excited to bring you this post and I've wanted to share it with you all for so long, but I've just been mega busy plus I wanted to make my collection a little bigger first. At the start of this year I decided I would start collecting something alongside Tsum Tsums and I had heard a lot about Pop Vinyls in the past and when I was in Forbidden Planet I purchased my very first one, Sadness. I later found out that she is limited edition which made me even happier. I've not been as much of an avid collector as I would like to have been but I have recently treated myself to some so I thought I'd share them with you as well as the ones which I have previous gotten from Pop In A Box and also from Vanilla Underground

Amy Winehouse: 
I fell in love with this Pop instantly, everything about her in this figure rings true to me. From the hair to the fact she is holding a microphone. I fell in love with her music when she was alive and I think this is a perfect addition to my collection.  

Inside Out: 
I am so in love with the film Inside Out and I am constantly being compared to Sadness by my boyfriend, the film is great and I knew I had to get some of the Pops from the collection. I decided to get these three as they adorable and really show of their characters. I need to purchase Anger and Fear soon too. 

Mean Girls: 
When I heard about this collection coming out I knew I needed all four them. Although I wish there was a Damien one too. I first purchased Regina and Cady when in Forbidden planet and then Gretchen in Target when I was in the states. Ever since I've been looking for a Karen, and I finally found one and have completed my collection. There is something super satisfying about completing a set of something.

I am super sad to say I only have one Disney princess, the best one in my opinion though. I totally want to get collecting all of the Disney Pops although it may take a LONG time. I think Belle or Snow White should be next.

So Ron actually came into my collection accidentally, when I first started up my Pop In A Box collection I ended up leaving Ron on by accident (not a massive Harry Potter fan, soz guys) but he is pretty adorable and I wouldn't mind getting Harry too!

Batman originally started out being Lukes pop but he couldn't be bothered to collect them anymore so he ended up being part of my collection. I think he looks super bad ass though.

I am going to start collecting the friends ones next, which Pops! are your favourite? 

6 Things About Moving Into Your Own Home | Lifestyle

A bit of a different post today, I thought I'd break up all of the Halloween stuff which has been going down on Dungarees & Donuts and feature something a little bit different. Most of you are probably aware if you follow me on Twitter, in July I moved into my own house and it is one of the best feelings in world. I thought I'd share some of my first thoughts, feelings and other stuff which you will go through when moving into your own house! P.S. it's okay to need help or feel like you're never going to be unpacked for a while. Just take a breath, you've got this!

1. Ikea will become your new best friend, I don't even say this lightly. Moving into a house is expensive especially when you have no furniture, can life be like The Sims please? Wouldn't mind a games machine and a new bed.

2. You will be unpacking for the next ten years, *ok more like 3 months* basically the same right?

3. You're gonna be so skint for a while, moving into your own house is the best feeling and also the worst. Waiting for the wages to come in each month seem to be further and further apart. It's okay to get some additional help for a while. Vivus are a short term lending solution and perfect for those who need to borrow a little bit of extra money until Payday (Only take what you can afford to pay back, of course!)

4. You'll develop your own ways. You know how when you live at home and your parents have their systems and ways of doing things? When you're younger you think they're just doing it to be annoying but you soon realise it's actually for a reason.

5. You can do what YOU want. A bath at 3am? Why the heck not. A whole room for your shoes, you can so do that. You can design your kitchen how you want it, you can make your house look and feel amazing.

6. Bills are crazy expensive! After living in a student house to moving into your own house which involves lots of bills including council tax *ouch* it sure does take some getting used to that's for sure.

What are your tips for people moving into their first home? 

*Collaborative Post

How To Throw A Spook-Tastic Halloween Party #2 | Halloween

Happy Wednesday lovers, how are we? You may have noticed if you are a regular reader of my blog that it isn't my usual lets talk post, it is infact a Halloween themed post. I have over scheduled the Halloween content to the point where I ran out of days before Halloween so I decided to share another Halloween themed post today. I did part of one of how to throw a spook-tastic Halloween party yesterday but as it was going to be SUCH a long post I decided to split it into two. If you missed part one, feel free to check it out here. Yesterday was food and make-up today is going to be costumes and mocktails  I hope you enjoy this post as much as the first and let me know what you are going as for Halloween in the comments. 

I decided I would put together my 5 favourite Halloween costumes with a twist for this section, when looking for these costumes I decided I wanted things which I haven't seen done lots of times over. If you want to get any of these costumes they are from Smiffys and still able to be purchased in time for Halloween! 

Zombie Alice:
I love Alice in Wonderland as a character and I love that there is now a haunted twist on her, the make-up would be simple to do alongside the outfit, it would just involve a lot of blood and eyeliner!

Zombie Bride:
After Mean Girls this totally rings a bell with me, I loved Cady's Ex Wife costume and I think this a fun twist on your typical bride. 

Cereal Killer:
I would say I am amused fairly easily, especially when it comes to puns. Who doesn't want to be a cereal killer this Halloween? 

Seven Deadly Sins- Lust:
I love all of the seven deadly sins costumes and Smiffys have had a good play on them. My favourite out of the bunch is the lust one.

Bride of Chucky:
I think this is by far one of the coolest costumes on the website, you can make it more Halloween styled by adding some fake blood.   


Sweet Flash Mocktail.
For this you will need:
- Appletiser (apple flavour)
- Mint Leaves
- Cloudy Apple Juice
- Black food colouring
Cocktail Shaker
- Something to serve drink in. (I went for test tubes) 

1. Pop 50ml of cloudy apple juice into a cocktail shaker along with 50ml of Appletiser and a couple of drops of black food colouring. Shake together well. 
2. Rip up some mint leaves into small pieces until they will fit into the test tube. 
3. Add the mint to the rest of the drink and shake again.
4. Tip into the test tubes. 

Vampire Blood Surprise: 
-Craft Syringes 
-Raspberry Puree
*To make it not a mocktail just mix vodka in with the lemonade 

Added extra: Buy some plastic spiders and then freeze them, this will create an extra spooky effect. 

1. Put half a tube/packet of raspberry puree into a pan along with two spoonfuls of sugar, and stir until it creates a thick paste. Then take off the heat and let it cool down.
2. Pour lemonade into the glasses which you intend to use for this drink. 
3. Add the spider ice / put the paste into the syringes. Then pop them into the glasses. 
4. When going to drink you can squirt the 'blood' into the drink for an extra shot of flavour. 

What is your favourite part about Halloween? 

How To Have A Spook-Tastic Halloween Party! #1 | Halloween

It's been a bit of a Halloween themed month here on Dungarees & Donuts, and I've featured everything from different recipes to the most amazing fashion finds that I've found along with my advertisers having their own Halloween themed buttons. Today I am bringing you one of my final few Halloween posts, this one being how to host your very own Halloween spectacular party, sharing everything from food to cocktails and even some simple make-up looks. I will be splitting this post into two halves, so the other half will be live tomorrow. I hope you enjoy this post and let me know if you would like to see similar done at Christmas time, because lets face it, who doesn't love Christmas! 

Halloween Make-Up:
I decided for this I would feature two super easy looks which give an awesome effect all round, I went for the easy ones as it is perfect to do it on those who don't bother to dress up. Both looks were creating with a palette from Amazon. At the time it was more expensive but came with Prime and came the next day. The only additional things I would suggest are cheap white face paint for the face, sponges, black liner and dependant on the colours you use, lipstick works well too. If possible before these looks I would recommend some sort of lighting as it gives the white a more even coverage, Pebble Grey have some fabulous ones. For both looks you need to start with a white base, if you want a REALLY white base then just keep applying layers of white one on top of each other. 

For the Zombie:
Once your face is covered in white go for the eyes, do around the eyes and on the eyelids black and then smudge it a little, following this I would recommend doing the outer circle in red. The way to make this work is to either use a red eyeshadow or some red face paint. Once you've drawn the circles fill them in with the red. Next using a smaller brush to draw some 'veins' hanging down for the eyes, if you don't like this then using fake blood and just drag it down your face, this also looks cool. Next is the lips, I used the face paint to do this but you can use a red lipstick. I wanted to make the lipstick not perfect so I drew some little lines outside of the lips. Other ways to make this more gruesome is to drag red across your face and down your neck. Even working with liquid latex to make the wounds look real (but that takes away the simplicity from this look).

For the Sugar Skull:
The sugar skull is slightly easier than the zombie as it takes less time BUT it takes more perfectionism, as it involves lots of smaller lines. For this look I only used face paint but again eyeliner can be used to create the lines. I first covered my face lightly in white face paint, although you can go as light as you want. Following this I did my eyes, using pink face paint and drawing a large circle around them. I already had eye makeup on during this look which I think makes the eyes pop during this look so would totally recommend. Once I had drawn and filled in the eye circles I did my lips pink with the same paint. Then I filled in my nose with black face paint, although mine is rather large you can do any size which you think will suit (I have a massive nose ya see!) Then I went around my eyes with half circles and then did a black line around the pink circle to make it stand out. Following this I went and did lines across my lips, the only thing I would say is to do longer lines as they look less wobbly. Draw the line across your cheek also. Then to finish it off I saw lots of designs online which had something on the forehead so I went for two swirls. When I created the look on my friend he had a smaller head so it was harder to do anything on his forehead, and that is the finished look. The good thing about the sugar skull is any colours apply basically and it will always look semi good. 

Halloween Food:
During the run up to the Halloween period this year I have featured three simple and fun Halloween recipes which are easy to create. I thought I'd just do a little bit of a roundup of these and how you can make them your own if you don't fancy creating the same ones as me. 

For this recipe you need lots of candy melts in various colours as well as a variety of Halloween based sprinkles, edible pieces to finish off. This recipe can be made really easily and perfect for those who aren't born with the ability to be detailed (me). You can turn this into anything you like with any colours, I like the idea of a red and black one also. I went with orange and green as I struggled to get my hands on any black candy melts although I could of dyed the white. I purchased all of the stuff for this in Hobbycraft although if you're in america you are SO lucky as I know there is so much more choice. 

I am so in love with baking shortbread as it is the easiest thing ever and you can pretty much do whatever you want to it and it'll still taste fab. For this recipe I decided to make some little cute orange pumpkin biscuits. Although these taste like plain shortbread there are SO many cool things you could do with them, including making them taste like Pumpkin. Other ideas similar include bat cookies. 

As far as these Marshmallows go they're quite fiddly but fun to make all the same. I decided to take a recipe I've seen before and make it my own, including using LARGE Marshmallows as well as using stick on eyes. I decided to use an edible pen do to some of the features but it was not having it. I've seen some adorable ghost ones which look like they'd be easier to create.

What is your favourite thing about Halloween? 

*Collaborative Post

Halloween Bark | Food

Halloween is coming and I cannot wait for it to arrive! So today I am bringing you a super fun and yummy Halloween food tutorial on how to make gruesome bark! I first out what bark was after seeing a super lovely unicorn version on Facebook and it inspired me to make my own version. It's a super simple recipe and lots of fun to make and perfect to serve at any party or to just enjoy as a treat on Halloween for yourself! To make this recipe you will need: 

- Green, orange and white Candy Melts which you can purchase here
-A variety of toppings (I got most of mine from Hobbycraft but you can get them in most places) 
-A baking tray

How to make the bark: 
-Separate about half a bag of melts in each colour into microwavable pots, in turns put each colour in for around 2 minutes (this is based on an 800w microwave) 
-Once you've melted a colour spread it out onto to a baking tray as you feel, I spread mine quite thickly in three different places around the tray and then built it up with each other. 
-When all three colours are melted and on the baking tray, mix them around and make it look even more. Then following this, add lots of fun stuff on top. I used eyes, a pack of 3D halloween items, sprinkles and mini ghosts. Set in the fridge for 30 minutes.
-The bark should now be set and to make it into bark it is really simple, just snap it into pieces. 

If you feel like experimenting with the colours I think red and white would also look really cool, especially if you put lots of white down first and then drip the red on to the base. 

 I hope you enjoyed this tutorial! 

Shop My Style *Halloween Inspo* Edition | Fashion

Hi all, how are you doing? As you know if you are a regular reader of my blog I often do shop my style posts, the most recent one being a gym based one. This time I decided as it is soon to be Halloween I would take my inspiration from Halloween themes, e.g. the colours and styles, it makes sense in my head! Although this isn't like a costume post or anything like that, stay tuned as I may also put up some costume ideas before Halloween as well as some cocktail ideas and some make-up tutorials! I hope you enjoy this post, and let me know which look you prefer down below!

Look one:

Dress is from Pulp
Shoes are from Iron Fist
Choker is from Forever 21
Bag is from Forever 21   

Look two:
Shoes are from Dr Martens
Tee is from Grindstore 
Skirt is from Pulp
Headband is from Forever 21  

Which was your favourite look? 

I Have Relapsed *TW* | Lets Talk

For someone who suffers with an addiction relapsing can be detrimental to your health as well as those around you. Whether the relapse is with food, drink, drugs or even something like self harm it is such a difficult thing to deal with. You've gone through the stages of coming to terms with the addiction to only fall back into old habits, it's such a disappointing and scary feeling. As someone who suffers with what can only be described as a need to hurt myself, it feels wrong when I've spent so long dealing with my demons and falling back into that habit that consumed your life once before. I used to self harm daily, I would take a blade to my wrist until it bled over and over. This was a dark period of my life, I felt very alone. It took many years but it got to the point where when I was upset the last thing I would think to do is self harm and I felt like I was finding more positive ways to deal with it.

Earlier this year, I found myself slowing falling back into that cycle and like quicksand it was impossible to get out, it started with the thoughts and slowly turned into making up any excuse I could to be alone and to take it out myself. For those of you who have never self harmed, please do anything but; because it may seem harmless at the time but it becomes something you use to cope. I was 14 years old when I first decided to self harm, my best friend at the time told me it was a way he used to cope and I thought it sounded like a simple way out, one time turned into something I did daily. I would take to Tumblr and search for self harm, depressing quotes, suicide and other things that I really should of realised would make it worse. It was addictive to search, seeing what others were going through, I wasn't alone. I would learn new techniques and different ways of hiding my self harm. It was my secret and that's what I wanted it to stay as. I would wear massive jumpers in the middle of summer, I would sleep in them, I would freak out in P.E when I was told we would need to wear polo shirts. My self harm became less of a secret and more of something people just thought I was a crazy person for. In 2014, I gave up self harm and I promised myself if I managed a whole year without self harm I could get a tattoo, a tattoo on my wrist which I used to draw blood from. The wrist is covered in scars, but I knew it felt right to get my tattoo. I felt so good that I was able to get this tattoo, I was sure I wouldn't need to self harm again.

I can't tell you what happened this year to make me need to self harm again, but something changed. I felt lonely, sad and like self harm would once again be my only escape. Although it is something which is a lot different to me than what it used to be and I am more in control of my urges, I am still learning my triggers. I recently took to Tumblr and ended up in a bad way and although the guidelines are so much stricter than what they used to be I could still feel myself, feeling the way I used to feel. I am writing this post as an escape and to share with you that if you relapse there are ways forward, we can deal with this together. I am here for you.

Pumpkin Cookies | Food

Pumpkin Cookies

It's OCTOBER which only means one thing (it probably means more than one) But Halloween is coming and as you can probably tell I cannot wait. Last week I did some baking of some Frankenstein Marshmallows and this week I am baking pumpkin shortbread. These are SUPER easy to make and a lot less fiddly than last weeks. I hope you enjoy this post and next week I will be bringing another FUN baking session for you. 

You Will Need:
Caster Sugar 55g
Plain Flour 180g 
Butter 125g
Orange Food Colouring (add lots if you want BRIGHT cookies)
Pumpkin/Orange Flavouring (or not if you don't like it) 
Eyes (Can be bought here
Pumpkin Cutter 
Icing Sugar (Only a tiny bit) 

1. Preheat the oven to 190C ready to pop the cookies in, and also grease two baking trays. Either with butter or grease proof paper. 
2. Mix together the butter and the sugar (it works better by hand) 

3. Add the flour, bit by bit, and stir in until a paste is created. Then sprinkle the side in flour and then roll out the paste with a rolling pin. Make it about an 1 inch and a 1/2 thick.

4. Cut out the pumpkins and place on to the baking trays.

5. It should make around 8-12 pumpkins. Then pop them into the oven.

6. Dependant on the oven will depend on the time you put them in, mine only took 8 minutes so keep an eye on them all of the way through. 

7. Take them out before the sides start to burn (I left mine in a little bit too long)

8. Wait for them to cool!

9. Make up some icing with water to create a paste to stick on the eyes with. Then apply a tiny bit to each biscuit and then add the eyes on top.

Pumpkin Cookies

Pumpkin Cookies

Pumpkin Cookies

Yankee Candle Melts Collection | Lifestyle

This post has been a long time coming, I just wanted point out before I start this post; yes I am addicted to Yankee Candle wax melts and I think they're the best invention as far as candles go. As I am SO indecisive, they give me the freedom to try all of the Yankee Candles! Plus since this post has been written I've gotten at least another 20! *Whoops*  

Around two years ago Stafford finally got a Yankee Candle shop and I couldn't help but wander in there as I've wanted to go in a Yankee Candle shop for so long and that is where my addiction started. At first I would buy the small jar candles but that addiction became expensive and for a student I needed a cheaper way to to fund my addiction (we're still talking about candles here) and one of the ladies in the shop introduced me to the wax melts, which just made perfect sense get for someone who loves to constantly mix up their fragrances as well as have a lot of them. I am currently burning Forbidden Apple and it is insanely good and I need jar of it before Halloween is out! 

Yankee candle wax melts

Yankee candle wax melts

The last of the summer candles: 
Over the summer I stock up on so many candles as they are always sweet and fruity, and I have bought more than one of each of the ones featured. Summer scoop has been my scent all summer long, it's so beautiful and sweet. Citrus tango is a melt which I purchased in a haul from the states and Pink Sands and Turquoise Sky are firm favourites of mine.

Yankee candle wax melts

Autumn is here: 
I am super ashamed to say I only have three autumn/halloween candles currently, but this needs to change ASAP. I love the dark scents and the colours of the melts which are used around Autumn. Forbidden apple smells a lot stronger than I thought it would and ghostly treats is such a gorgeous and fun fragrance. I've seen one which smells like Candy Corn which is my next must before Halloween is out.

Yankee candle wax melts

The food ones: 
When trying to decide how to categorise these I decided to with food/drink as they all have that as a theme. I am seriously in love with Juicy Watermelon (another summer fave) and also Sea Salt and Sage (I have burnt through a large candle of this already this year). Jelly bean is a must have for anyone who loves the sweeter fragrances in life and Vanilla Bourbon is perfect for relaxing after a long day.

Yankee candle wax melts

What is your favourite Yankee Candle scent? 

Simple Ways To Feel Better! | Lets Talk

As a university student and also someone who suffers a lot from poor mental health, I am often on the lookout for little ways to make myself feel better. I am hoping a lot of you relate to this post in some way and find a way to feel better from it; as these are my own personal ways please feel free to share any that you yourself use to feel better.

Take some downtime: 
Sometimes when you're feeling down/tired the best thing to do is nothing. Spend the day in bed or the evening watching some rubbish TV (Honey boo boo or sex sent me to the ER are my faves) possibly have a shower and a face mask. Or even just read a book. When I'm feeling down I put on some good music, turn off my phone and just take some time away to think about things.

Drink more water: 
As random as it sounds like drinking more water seriously helps with your mood as you feel more refreshed and less tired. I love to start my day with an ice cold glass of lemon and lime water.

Look after your health: 
This is one for all of the university students out there, when you're at university your health comes last a lot of the time, lots of drinking, lack of sleep and spending a lot of time with other people you forget what it is important. Taking vitamins can help maintain your body as well as making sure you're on top of your sexual health, sometimes we do things we regret at university and it is important to stay on top of getting checked. There are so many free clinics around, it really does benefit you to get checked. It is also important to check yourself out, women can often suffer from cystitis from not drinking enough, having a lot of sex and many other reasons. It is not something to be embarrassed about if you are worried about anything it is always best to get checked by a professional.

Sleep so much more: 
It is so important to remember to sleep as much as you can at night, a lot of the time bad moods can come from being overtired. Even if you can't sleep at night make up for it in the mornings, it is ok to do this.

I hope this post helped in some way and I would love your tips for feeling better! 

*Collaborative Post 

Frankenstein Marshmallow Pops! | Food

It's October, which only means ONE thing to me; Halloween. Back in August I started to plan out my Halloween posts and I knew I wanted to feature lots of baking. I saw lots of recipes I thought would be fun to re-create so here we are; today I have decided to make my own Frankenstein Cake pops with a twist! They're made out of marshmallow. They're also super duper easy to make so yay! 

What you will need: 
-Marshmallows of any size (I prefer the big American styled ones) 
-Brown and green candy melts (you can buy them at Hobbycraft/Lakeland in the UK) 
-Edible Eyes
-Icing Sugar 
-An edible pen/icing 
-Pop sticks

  • Pop the green candy melts in the microwave for around a 1 minute 30 seconds; of course this depends on the microwave wattage. 
  • Start popping marshmallows on to the sticks, I would say one bag of candy melts will make around 10 large marshmallows.
TOP TIP: If you only want to make a few make sure you only use half a bag. 

  • Roll the marshmallows on sticks in the melted candy and then smooth off with a knife or leave as they are for them to look like mine. (I think they look better this way) 
  • Pop in the fridge for 15 minutes. 
  • When solid take out the fridge and then melt the brown candy melts, use even less of these than you did of the green as you only need a bit for the hair.
  • Either dip the 'head' in to the melts or again use a knife. Again I decided to do it like this as I prefer them a bit messy. 
  • Leave to set for another 15 minutes. 
  • Whilst they are setting, make up some icing by using icing sugar and water. This is to stick the eyes on. 
  • When they are set, pop a little bit of icing sugar on the back of each eye and then press into place. 
  • Then draw on the rest of the features with an icing pen or edible ink to give them an extra scary look. 

 I hope you enjoyed my first of many Halloween posts! 

Welcome To The Alchemist, Birmingham | Food and Drink

The Alchemist has arrived in Birmingham and I was invited to a special evening for bloggers and press which is always super exciting! I took my friend Rob along for the ride because who doesn't love cocktails right? One of the many special things about The Alchemist is the things that the cocktails do; just imagine alcohol meets science. As well as serving food which from the pictures I've seen looks like a massive hit! When we arrived we were greeted at the front of house and taken through into a large bar area which had a fair few people in. We were told to help ourselves to a cocktail and shortly after we were greeted by the manager himself, who gave us a little bit of a run down of the new venue and how he can't wait for it to all kick in. Me and Rob took a booth at the back and looked at the HUGE cocktail menu which is in the style of a periodic table of elements; the science theme runs throughout! My first cocktail was the colour changer which was served to me with a huge ball of ice and the cocktail itself was in two flasks and it works by adding the two together very quickly and a big cloud of smoke appears and it's really interested and fun! Robs first cocktail was equally as interesting called Tickle Me Pink. This cocktail involved taking a shot which stings your mouth and then followed by the soothing liquid in the cocktail. During our drinks many lovely waitresses appeared and offered us appetisers as well as telling us their recommendations of cocktails. It was super interesting to hear their thoughts too. 

The Alchemist Birmingham

During the evening the lovely Oscar introduced himself and he was filming the event for one of his vlogs which you can watch here. Following this I got a second cocktail called the screwball which tastes EXACTLY like the childhood favourite from the ice cream van with a bit of alcohol in the mix. I am one for sweet drinks so this was the perfect one for me. Rob had a white cosmo which is the Alchemists funky version of a Cosmo. The ice even contained a flower! The whole aesthetic of The Alchemist is unique and fun as well the science concept giving it an extra edge. All of the staff were super duper lovely and on our way out the manager told us to go view the downstairs bar which is even more amazing and I can imagine will be a top hot spot in Birmingham. He also told us the staff had around two weeks training which me and Rob couldn't believe as they were SO good. I will definitely be returning soon to The Alchemist as their drinks are super budget friendly and the atmosphere is great. 

The Alchemist Birmingham Cocktail Menu

The Alchemist Birmingham Tickle Me Pink

The Colour Changer The Alchemist Birmingham

The Alchemist Birmingham

The Alchemist Birmingham Underground Bar

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The Alchemist Birmingham

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What I've Been Loving! | Lifestyle

Hi all how are we? A little bit of a bonus post for you all this week. I've been having a bit of a tough time for a few weeks and taken a bit of a break from blogging (although you wouldn't of noticed as I schedule for months in advance) and now I am back into it, I literally cannot stop writing for the life of me. I have done one of these posts in the past and I loved to write it and it is still a really popular post so I decided I would do one again. I think it works quite well to do a bit of a wishlist within these posts as well as some blogs/websites I've been loving too. I hope you enjoy reading this post as much as I enjoyed writing it.

Shaun The Sheep Tangle Teezer: 
When I saw this I knew I needed it my life, Tangle Teezer are a must have hair brush for anyone with thick hair, and I love that they now make compact ones which are lightweight and perfect for on the go. I am always using mine when I'm at work or in town, and I love the design as it is just so fun and nostalgic!

Yankee Candle: 
Since the Halloween candles have come out I cannot stop sneaking into Yankee Candle to purchase new melts and decide on which Halloween jar I need to buy. I have to been in there at least 5 times in the last two weeks. I am so indecisive and it smells so good in there!

Going Vintage: 
Since I went to America, I have gotten the thrifting bug! I went into some amazing shops out there and even found myself a J Crew hoody at a bargain $5! Although England is a bit rubbish for thrifting especially if you live in a town where style is not really a thing *soz Stafford* BUT I have found an alternative which is finding gorgeous vintage pieces on a website called Rokit which is where I found the gorgeous neon pink Moschino jumper dress.

Roller Skates: 
Since watching Whip It last week I've want to start roller skating, I would probably be terrible but I came across this site Proline Skates and they have the COOLEST skates, including pink and blue ombre ones! Does anyone else do Roller Derby or just skate for fun? I'd love to know more about it!

Sass and Belle Mugs: 
If you haven't heard of Sass and Belle, you are clearly missing out on all things cool! A website full of gorgeous goodies to make your house all pretty as well as your life. I recently went shopping on their website and bought some university house staples. Whilst I was on there I saw some gorgeous mugs and I knew I had to get them. 

I was recently introduced to these by my best friend Rob, we are huge fans of eating out and being unhealthy *oops* and he showed me this gorgeous place called The Bear Grill in Stafford which sell amazing milkshakes with a twist, they are super massive and covered in lush stuff. I usually go for a Mint Choc which is lots of cream, Aero bubbles and a cookie! 

*Collaborative Post