The Struggles Of Having Big Boobs | Lets Talk

A little bit of a different take on Lets Talk this week, I feel it is still an issue which needs talking about but not in the same ways in which I usually talk about important issues. This post may not be for everyone especially not the male readers of my blog, but I thought it was time to share this for those who are struggling alongside myself, and can I just big boobs are even worse in the summer because jeez it is impossible to fit them into anything tight plus bikinis are a bit of a nightmare aren't they? I hope you enjoy this more light hearted lets talk Wednesday and lets crack on!

Bra is from is from Wonderbra in size 34G 

Struggle One: Anything with buttons on is a no go.
Now this is something that has actually happened to me, when wearing a shirt with buttons on I've been out and one has popped off right in the middle and I had to be told by a random stranger that I was missing a button and you could pretty much see everything... I was impressed it actually went over them in the first place, should of known.

Struggle Two: Bikinis!
Do I even need to say more? Well if you have big boobs finding a bikini is hard enough, but then when you find one it is hard to conceal everything. Rach summed it up perfectly "trying to find the perfect bikini without looking like a porn star" I feel those struggles so much. The more I try to hide them the more they want to come out.

Struggle Three: Price of bras.
Honestly finding bras which fit is bad enough, but when you find them they cost an arm and a leg or a similar price to a small house as Soph pointed out (you should follow her, she's hilar). Going into Primark and picking up a bra for a few quid is not option. Even Primark can't make them cheap as you need a ton of support and that doesn't come cheap.

Struggle Four:  The colour of bras.
I am seriously unsure of who decided because you have big boobs you deserve to wear the most hideous coloured bras in the world. OH you have big boobs, you can look gross with that. Ami made the best point of saying it looks like something her nan wore in the 50's. I totally have to agree on that one.

Struggle Five: Trying to run/move/do anything!
A lot of the ladies who I spoke to on Twitter about big boobs stated this problem. Running with big boobs no matter what bra you have on is a joke, and Lisa made the most valid point of saying you pretty much knock yourself out, which is so true. I feel when I am jumping I will knock myself out.

Struggle Six: Boob sweat.
Pretty much everybody who commented on my tweet mentioned the boob sweat thing, and it is so true. It is such a nightmare especially in summer. It feels SO gross.

I hope you enjoyed this post, and thank you to everyone who joined in on Twitter. 


  1. Loved this, I have big boobs too it's a pain, I agree with you so much, especially the price of bra's, it's so bad isn't it? I have tried the Asda £4 ones and they are ok but don't last too well but for a t shirt bra they're not too bad but I do prefer other brands and to be fitted if possible, it's not always possible for me to get out so it's a pain but check Asda out if they do your size they're not too bad. My youngest unfortunately takes after me too but she is tiny in build with a tiny back of 28/30 so it's a real nightmare for her bless her xx

    Zoe ♥ MammafulZo

  2. I don't have overly big boobs but I can definitely relate to boob sweat, it's easily one of the grossest feelings in the world haha!

    Anika | anikamay.co.uk

  3. I can really relate to this post! I have quite big boobs and although they have their perks you still have to deal with annoying stuff like expensive bras and boob sweat haha!

    Ali | Ali Caitrin

  4. I am 'blessed' as they say and buying clothes is an absolute nightmare.. either it fits and you look fabulous or its too big and you look pregnant. Good times.