2 September 2016

The Justice System Is A Joke: Brock Turner. *TW*

I am sat in front of my computer, it's a Friday afternoon and I have just come across Brock Turner trending once again, I honestly feel sick every single time I see his name. I knew as soon as I saw it trending that he had been let out of prison. He was sentenced to 6 months which is a pretty laughable sentence to start with, Brock got let out after 3 months on good behaviour.  Brock Turner was found guilty of three counts of sexual assault, when it came to sentencing his dad pointed out how it would ruin his sons life if he went to jail, I sat and laughed at this statement. Brock Turner who ruined another life in such a severe way that they will probably suffer some sort of trauma for the rest of their life is claiming that prison will ruin his life. I am writing this post because I am angry, I am upset and I feel like it undermines cases of sexual assault, not like they aren't already enough. Originally it was stated that he could face 14 years in prison for what he had done with a minimum of 2 years, down to 3 months. Something doesn't add up to me. Most sexual assault cases are NOT taken seriously, with only 6 in every 1000 actually ending up in jail.

The reason I have put this blank image in this post as is because I didn't want the stats triggering any of my readers and I could not think of anything worse than putting a picture of Brock Turner on my blog.

I feel sad and sick that a crime with such long lasting damage is taken so lightly. In the case of Brock Turner the fact of money and status within the community helped with his case and getting him off early, because usually the punishment would be served once it is sentenced. Although a lot of cases do not get that far. Some people go report to the police and can be often asked why it happened to them, what were they wearing, how drunk where they, what did they do to the person, did they lead them on? Which would never be asked for ANY other crime, imagine being assaulted in another way and being asked what you were wearing, the fact of the matter is that you would NEVER be asked that as it is so irrelevant yet it still gets asked in this case. Honestly why does it matter what somebody wears or how they act, it does NOT mean they want it anymore than anybody else. 

I am so sick and tired of it still being a valid excuse in 2016, being dressed in a short skirt, having drunk a little bit, walking home at night alone are NOT excuses for this to happen. In fact there is no reason for this to happen, the only reason crimes like this happen are because people have NO self control and think they can do what they want, which is never the case. The sad thing is when take it to the police often they don't have enough evidence to charge and unlike murder cases where there is usually a lot of evidence often than not there is not enough to charge, but I do feel like there should be a way in which evidence can be proved other than having to go through even more traumatic examinations which half of the time doesn't even make it to the court room.

I am here writing this post because I am mad, and I am furious in fact that Brock Turner got to walk away today after serving 3 months of a ridiculous sentence and start his life over again. What about the innocent victim in this who can never start over?   

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  1. I can't even read the articles about it anymore as I get so angry. 3 months is a ridiculous sentence and a kick to the teeth to the victim and all other victims of similar acts. No wonder sometimes people are too scared to come forward :(