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Before I start this post, I want to state YES I have unholy amount of phone cases, I spend far too much money on them but I had such a bad phone for so long that when I got an Iphone the addiction started and now it won't stop. I love my phone cases and will keep collecting them all and I surprisingly use them all a lot more than you'd think. I hope you enjoy this post and I will try to remember where they all came from!

For those of you who haven't guessed from this blog and my style in generally, I like to be quite out there. Which includes my taste in phone cases, the brighter the better. I tend to go for stand out phone cases as I find them the most fun and they also protect your phone *bonus*. Even the smaller hard cases are fun and out there, it's just who I am. Now on to where you can buy the cases:

The chocolate cake, fries, pizza and burger cases are all from Claires and as far as I am aware they are still available to purchase. The hot dog one is from Paperchase but I did buy it many months ago so I am not sure it will still be around.
Next on the list are the cute phone cases, random and not really categorised but I thought they had to be shown anyways. The Minnie Mouse case is from Ali Express, and still available to purchase. The seal and cactus phone cases are from Claires, again. Basically if you are looking for a cute case go to Claires. Not very similar but equally as cute, a cactus phone case is available here. The seal is no longer available.

On to the plastic ones, I am in love with these cases so much. The first one in the picture is from Skinny Dip and it is so amazing and colourful. When I looked on their website I could only find it in an Iphone 5c, but if you fancy it the link is here. Next up is the unicorn case and I have no idea where I purchased it from but I know you can buy similar here. Next is the Sushi case which I think is super adorable and a total steal in the Topshop sale, it cost me £2.00! Was tempted to buy a back up too because it is SO cheap. Moving on to the unicorn which is throwing up a rainbow, this one was from Ebay and I just searched cute cases. Next this case was from ASOS in their sale many many months ago so I can't actually find it, *sad face* but I love this one for when I fancy a more chill simple phone day. Finally on the plastic cases is this super fun Snow White case, as you can probably tell where her hands are would be where the apple logo would be. You can get these in all different phone sizes as well as a variety of characters from here *pssstt they're all under £3*

The final three cases are all drinks cases, I love all three of these a lot and they're the most used in my collection. The first phone case I bought for my Iphone 6 was this Starbucks styled case and I believe it was from Ebay, although you can purchase them anywhere. Next is the boys tears case, which I honestly cannot remember for the life of me where it came from. It is likely it came from Ali Express but you can search on there and the results are endless so I am sure you'll find one you love. Finally is the lovely Brain Freeze case from Claires again from the Katy Perry collection. I am in love with this case and it is so fab and colourful!

Where do you buy your phone cases from?


  1. Anonymous12/9/16

    Wow! I have one....like literally one and it needs replacing because it's cracked haha!! Love your collection :-)


  2. Aah I'm an iPhone case hoarder too! I still have loads from my precious phones, I just can't seem to let go haha. I also have that cat-unicorn case!

    Lizzie Bee // mysticthorn.com

  3. OMG these are all so cute! I love the silicone ones so much, I never thought I'd own them myself honestly until Valfre came out with their Mermaid ones and I was sold! Mega cute cases girl, now I wish we had a Claires in Aus. We're clearly missing out.