Kat Von D Serpentina Palette Review | Beauty

Hi all how are we doing? Today I am going to be talking to you about a super exciting purchase I recently made and it came all of way from Sephora. If you haven't already guessed by the title of this post it is the gorgeous Serpentina palette from Kat Von D! I was recently doing a post with GoSend and spending some money online when I came across this beauty and knew I had to have it. At $49 dollars its not the cheapest palette but it is well worth it. With a mix of striking matte and metallic shimmer shadows it is seriously is the palette of my dreams! The palette is limited edition and inspired by the beauty of Egypt. It also comes with a loose jar of beautiful gold pigment to really create something amazing. Before I get on to talking about the gorgeous shades I have to mention the packaging of this product is INSANE and has had so much thought go into it, I was drawn in as soon as I saw the box before I even saw the shades to be honest.

Bloodmilk is a beautiful matte deep red and very pigmented as well as being super easy to build on top of and blend. I love the colour because it is so different to anything I've ever seen in another palette and it is not often red makes an appearance although I feel like it should. I think it will be easier to work with in the winter as you can create a deep smoky look with it; not really a summer shade but perfect none the less.

Medusa is a deep olive shade with beautiful glittery tones running through, I was expecting this to be a lot less harsh than what it is and more for an added glitter touch but it's actually a really strong deep shade and would look insanely good with Bloodmilk. It is long lasting and is blend able although it takes a bit of work. 

A dark espresso colour with specks of beautiful gold glitter, amazing for building a smoky eye and creating the wow factor. 

One of my faves in this palette, beautiful maroon shade with a silky finish which also features some beautiful glitter throughout. I love this shade as it is beautiful with just about every other shade in this palette. 

A unique shade which I haven't seen before and have fallen head over heels in love with a light orange shade perfect for the crease and for building the fun factor into any look. I am totally in love with how this looks on the eye! 

Honestly the best blue colour I have seen in any palette looks fabulous on, super vibrant and perfect for those who love to experiment or create an out there eye look! I would love to create a fun look with this on my blog, let me know what you think? 

Not a massive fan of anything green so more unlikely to use this shade but it is a lovely emerald shade with a shimmer finish, perfect match for Ankh in the winter months. Would create a beautiful look together. 

Another beautiful matte in the palette just like Bloodmilk, it is an easy blendable shade and will look amazing as a base for any of the shimmer shades. 

I am super in love with the fun shades in this palette and I feel like they give me some goth meets scene kid vibes and would make some really cool looks. I love Bloodmilk, Queen and Nile the most from this palette and would happily use them as part of many looks. I found the shadows long lasting and good to work with. 

Would you purchase this palette? 


  1. I love the colours in this palette, they look so rich and pigmented. I'm really looking forward to the UK KVD launch, hopefully it isn't too harsh on the bank balance!


  2. I can't wait for the launch of Kat Von D in the UK, I am dying to try some of her products. This palette is lovely but I wouldn't get much wear out of it as I stick to neutral shades, I have just started branching out though and using warmer toned shadows which I always thought wouldn't suit me so you never know. It is beautiful though and the shades are striking xx

    Zoe ♥ MammafulZo