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Recently I visited Brighton, I tend to visit once a year to see my Auntie and Uncle and go exploring whilst they're at work. I feel seriously blessed to be able to have somewhere down there to stay and enjoy myself when I need a break from life. Before my visit I was struggling seriously bad with my mental health and I felt super down on myself, but I noticed whilst I was in Brighton something changed in my mind and things seemed to be less bleak and I had regained some love for my life. This has inspired me to share a 10 reasons why you need to visit Brighton post with you all, whether you live in the UK and are looking for somewhere to visit or you're visiting the UK soon, it is totally a worth while place to go. I hope you enjoy this post, and I thought I would add a few pictures I took whilst I was down there to add some colour to the post.


1. There's so much colour!
Everywhere you look in Brighton there is colour, from the shops to the food so much stuff is bright coloured and fun, my brain reacts well to colour so it made me smile a lot.

2. People are nicer.
It sounds weird to say but I honestly believe this is true, in every shop I went I spoke to nice people who made me feel welcome and were so happy to chat to me, they were all so helpful and a lot of the time when you go into a shop you can feel like you're a burden but everyone was lovely and made you feel welcome. As well as that people around were just nicer, holding doors, smiling and just saying hello. These things we take for granted sometimes.

3. So much choice of food to eat!
Now this one may be because I am from Stafford which is a small town outside of Birmingham where there is NOTHING, so when I go to places where there are so many cafes, pubs and restaurants with fun food, bright cocktails and cake, it always appeals to me.

4. There's a beach.
Another one where I don't get this on a daily basis so it seems like a massive luxury to me, from my auntie and uncles house you can hear the sound of sea in the morning, the air is fresher and it feels like a better place to be. If you're bored you can walk down the sea front and just chill out or just enjoy the surroundings.

5. The street art is amazing
When walking around the streets of Brighton you notice a lot of graffiti and not the usual swear words and rude pictures, it is actual art. The streets are full of bright colours and awesome and unique art, it's a lovely thing to look at when walking around. It also makes the streets look happier and gives people something to look at.

6. The piers!
If you know Brighton you'll know that there is two piers, one that is partly burnt down and a new one which is full of food, arcades and pretty views. The burnt down one is great to look at and photograph although it is falling into the sea so I hope it stays there for a while as it is history. The new pier is full of fun and includes some great rides and lots of unhealthy food.

Have you visited Brighton before?  


  1. Brighton is my favourite place in the whole of the UK! I want to move to there asap!!


  2. definitely want to visit Brighton! Would LOVE to see more pics :)
    Shannon || bubblesandfresh.blogspot.ie

  3. I have never been but have read so many great things about it that i hope to visit one day!


  4. My eldest daughter's boyfriend is from Brighton and she has spent a lot of the summer there. She LOVES it - I have never been and am aching to go! Kaz x

  5. For some reason I've always wanted to visit Brighton.

  6. I am hoping Brighton will be my next place to live!
    Ive lived in some lovely places but its the place id love to settle down in.

    Wonderful post poppet!

    Lots of love


    The littlest one

  7. I've always wanted to visit Brighton! Seems like the perfect place for me as like a home from home, somewhere I'd definitely consider trying to move to one day!

  8. I absolutely love Brighton - it has such a good vibe to it and is so family friendly as well

    Laura x