19 August 2016

The Summer Edit #1 | Fashion

Hey you lovely lot, how are we all? Something a bit different on the blog today, a post that actually includes snippets of my own face! When it comes to featuring myself on my blog I am very self conscious and don't tend to do it often but today I fancied featuring a bit of myself including my face, in this awesome post about two things I wouldn't been without this summer. I hope you enjoy this post and let me know if you want more posts featuring me. 

My summer style isn't the typical shorts and a tee, I am always in a dress, it has to be a dress. Without a dress, I feel lost. Primark has some fabulous dresses and when in Brighton I completely rinsed my bank balance with by purchasing some gorgeous pieces. I am mostly a backpack kinda person, I find them so much easier to cart around, especially on long days I was kindly sent this Love Moschino one from Tessuti* who have a massive range of designer pieces, including brands like Hunter and Vivienne Westwood. When I saw this gorgeous backpack I knew it was meant to be, it is in at the moment with this patch styled bag. The bag retails at £170.00, and feels amazing to wear, its lightweight, looks fun and is generally a fabulous bag made by one of my favourite designers. I think it is a great summer staple as it is easy to carry things and also can hold a lot without feeling like there is pressure on the bag (hellooo high street bags!) 

My next staple is these gorgeous sunglasses from Ralph Lauren which came from Sunglasses Shop* who if you haven't heard of before are a fabulous stockist for many brands including Gucci and Tom Ford. I fell in love with these Ralph Lauren frames and they were able to put prescription lenses in them, perfect for me as I don't wear contacts (I really need to start doing) they also provided the original lenses which are fabulous as when I start wearing contacts I can still wear them! The sunglasses were £116 which is pretty good for a pair of designer glasses with prescription lenses. Buying sunglasses online usually freaks me out as I have such a weird face shape hardly anything suits me, but I fell in love with these online and decided I would wear them regardless (luckily it paid off for me) I am so in love with them and for a while when I had them it wasn't sunny and I was so annoyed as I just wanted to wear them! But now the sun has finally arrived (well it was sunny when I was writing this!) I am able to wear them woo. 

 I hope you enjoyed this fashion styled post! 

*Contains samples.