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Hey loves, how are we all? I am so excited to be bringing you this next post all about one of my fave places in the UK, as some of you may know I recently visited Brighton again (as my uncle and auntie live here, I like to come every year) and last year when we came we visited a lovely cake shop in the Laines called Cloud 9 and I was besotted with their wonderful selection of bright and fun cakes as well as their huge milkshake and ice cream offering which all are made inside of the shop. So I was more than happy to return once again this year and I was super happy to discover that nothing had really changed and the walls were still covered in colour and their cake offering was just as good as before if not even better. When we were walking past I saw their beautiful window display and couldn't help but take photos! Last year when I went I had a lovely piece of rainbow cake and it was the best cake I've EVER tasted (if you know me you'll know I eat a LOT of cake!) and I would of happily of eaten the entire thing then and there, of course if my stomach didn't get full and all that. So this year I decided I would have the same cake again as this year it looked even more amazing with the extra addition of smarties. Luke ordered a giant milkshake which I am super surprised he finished as I wouldn't of been able to in a million years. I think it is so amazing that everything in store is made out the back including their huge collection of ice cream flavours! As well as this they create gorgeous bespoke cakes for all occasions and I saw some adorable ones they had created in the past for clients. If you love cake/ice cream/milkshake or even just adorable places with cute decor Cloud 9 is for you. Now let the dribbling commence with some beautiful pics!

Cloud 9 CupcakesCloud 9 cupcakes

Cloud 9 cake

Cloud 9 milkshake

Cloud 9 rainbow cake

What is your favourite type of cake? 


  1. Oh wow I need to go there when I go back to Brighton :D *tries to eat cake of the screen*


  2. OMG I need cake, all the cake!! Looks ahhhmazing.


  3. oh wow! That sounds like such a great place to have a treat. All the cupcakes and that rainbow cake looks fabulous!

  4. Wow. I'm actually salivating. That rainbow cake loos fabulous!

  5. Oh wow this definitely looks like my kind of place!

  6. Ok! this place is going on my list of places to visit when I am next back to Brighton! Everything looks uh-mazing - no wonder you went back!!!

    Thanks for sharing!

    Leigh at Fashion Du Jour LDN x

  7. Those cakes look so amazing, this has made me want to go to Brighton even more!

  8. Those cakes look so amazing, this has made me want to go to Brighton even more!

  9. These cakes look incredible! So beautiful and colourful. I love the photos!

  10. Oh wow I would love to go there! So colourful, So tasty :D Looks Brilliant

  11. I'm hoping to visit Brighton at some point, I will be sure to checkout Cloud 9, the cakes look amazing! I wish I was that talented! xx