Lets Go On Holiday (Budget Edition) | Travel

Hi all, how are we doing? In TWO weeks I will be jetting off to America and I cannot explain to you how I excited I am to be going. This has put me in such a holiday mood that I have decided to create a post for you lovelies on the best ways to go on holiday for your money; holidays can be really expensive so it is about making the most of what budget you have and making it go far. I thought I would share some tips and ways to go on holiday for less.

Go Last Minute: 
This isn't for everybody and I know I'd hate the stress which comes with it, but if you have some spare time off work or are looking to go on a family holiday, wait to book it. If you book only a week or two in advance the prices drop massively as they are looking for people to fill the spots. The only problem with this is you have to be open to going anywhere as your first choice may not be available. But if there is two of you and you just want to go away for the weekend this is the best way to do it. There are so many hotels and flights going spare especially out of season.   

Go All Inclusive: 
A bit more of a stable option for those who like to plan in advance and want to know what they are doing. Going on an all-inclusive holiday can take away a lot of the stress which often comes with a holiday. You book in advance and everything is included from drinks to activities and even food. You pick the location and it is sorted! Simple right? Going all inclusive may be more pricey up front but you save a LOT of money not having to buy food, I know when I am on holiday that is where most of my money ends up going. With all inclusive you only need to take spending money, always a good option with kids as you can spend a lot of money when going out with kids; all-inclusive has you covered.  

Go In The UK:  
If you are looking for a really good bargain holiday going in the UK can be the best option (if you are from the UK obvs), although you are not guaranteed the weather which is what most people are looking for. There are plenty of fun places to visit in the UK, whether that be a week away or a weekend visit to a city. The UK has lots of fun places to visit with kids including theme parks, totally dependant on what the key parts of a holiday are for you. 

Go Off Peak: 
This is not really an option if you have young kids but for those of you who don't this is one of the best ways to on holiday. Although it may not be the best weather in September/October, it is when everyone is back at school and works the prices drop massively during holidays. It is totally worth waiting to save money if you want to be super savvy. The weather is still better than England and the money you save makes it well worth it.