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It's been a while since I've featured an awesome haul on my blog so I thought I'd change that today with a few bits with Rooi kindly sent me. Since I've moved into my own house my spending has become a little bit out of control so hopefully you enjoy this haul and I will bring you even more in the future. So let me tell you a little bit about Rooi, they are a luxury and designer website selling the perfect additions to any home, the website is full to brim with beautiful bedding, lovely candles and also some stationery which is to die for; including Kate Spade notebooks! *Squeals*. 

I went on the Rooi site and was pleasantly surprised with all of the amazing brands which they stock as I hadn't heard of them before I didn't know what to expect but there are so many beautiful pieces and I was given so much choice I didn't know where to start. I saw that there was a brands section and saw Kate Spade and went straight for that, where I was greeted with many different notebooks and stationery pieces, I saw a beautiful notebook with the quote "I would always rather be happy than dignified" which suited me to a T and I knew I needed to have it. Next I went on a search for a new candle, I am a huge fan of candles and can never have enough. I saw a pretty Durance candle which I knew I needed in my collection. The packaging won me over before I even knew what the candle was all about. I was super happy when the candle arrived and it smelt so gorgeous and clean. My final pick from Rooi was a super cool cat cushion with pink glasses on and I knew it would be a perfect piece to go in my office/chill room. The cushion is from Malini and they offer a huge range of cool and fun cushions great for brightening up any room! 

Rooi Haul

Kate Spade Notebook

Durance Candle

Cat Cushion

Would you shop on Rooi? 

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  1. Can I have everything you have here??! SO CUTE! I've never actually heard of Rooi before..... I don't know whether that's a good or bad thing! Definitely going a look at their website! (ok so I had a look at the website before pressing publish on the comment..... So many things I want to buy omggg! Em xx


  2. Ha that cushion is adorbs! x

  3. I love haul posts, and these bits are lovely! I will definitely check them out.