18 August 2016

Haulin' With GoSend | Lifestyle

Recently I was contacted by the lovely Mellisa from GoSend asking if I wanted to try out their service and I obviously agreed! She told me Go Send wanted my honest opinion of their service and to share it with my readers; I couldn't wait to go online and get shopping. The first shop I went to was Sephora of course; I knew there was a new Kat Von D palette out and I had to get it so I spent $49 doing so. Following this, I went on Bath and Body works which is one of my favourite shops in the States and I decided I would pick up some hand sanitizers to push me on until I go. I was tempted by the candles but I didn't want to risk something I hadn't smelt so I thought I best wait. Next, I knew I had to go visit Yankee Candle, as they have the BIGGEST ranges and they always look really cool, I picked up a few bits from there which I am super happy with. Then off to Target I went, this is my go-to place for sweets and gum; I went for a large packet of my favourite gum as well as LOADS of Airheads and some skittles. Finally, I went to Ulta and bought a couple of NYX items as well as my favourite foundation. 

Using Go Send: 
I've used other shipping services in the past and they are all pretty similar except GoSend has a really cool element where you copy and paste the links of what you want into the ShopAssist feature, as well as typing in any codes and colour/flavour requests you have along with your size if it is clothing and also the price. Once you've finished adding the items you click submit order; if your card details are already on the system you're good to go! Then is the waiting game, dependant on the time of year and also how many retailers you've ordered from depends on the time it'll take to get to the warehouse. I ordered from FIVE so it took over a week but it depends on the place as I said, as the items arrive at the warehouse they take pics and put them in the locker for you which I think is a super cool added feature and it made me even more excited for my items as well as realising how many Airheads I'd actually bought. Once all of the items are there you click release locker and it will send all of your items to be shipped, you pick the shipping which you want it to arrive via also. I went for a quick one and mine arrived within 3 days with NO customs fees. But that changes in order to order so I couldn't say if you were going to get hit with customs or not. 

GoSend is a super fun and awesome shopping website which makes you feel like you really are shopping from the comfort of your home. As GoSend is based in Delaware which is a tax-free state all of the prices are cheaper than other places too as you don't get added fees on from that, win-win. 

Bath and Body works hand sanitizers


Kat Von D Serpentina

NYX makeup from Ulta

Target Candy

Yankee Candle

Yankee Candle Wax Melts

To get VIP membership for 3 months on GoSend use the code 'OLIVIAJADE' where you get a discount on shipping as well as access to ShopAssist and 60 days locker storage! Can't say fairer than that right?

What do you think of my haul?

*Collaborative Post 


  1. Ooh this is such a good idea! I'm addicted to those little anti-bacs too. Last time I went to NYC I bought about 60 of them - oops.

  2. This sounds like such a cool idea. I have never heard of anything like that x

  3. I love this idea, I wouldn't have been able to resist the bath and body works candles though ;-)...I've never had an air head before are they sweets?