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If you follow my Twitter/Instagram you'll probably be aware that I've recently been to Brighton for a few days. During my stay in Brighton I visited some lovely breakfast places, on the first day I was in Brighton I went for breakfast at a place called the Verano Lounge. We had no idea what to expect from the outside but their menu drew is in with the gorgeous food offerings, plus a fabulous sounding vegetarian breakfast and possibly the fact that a free coffee was on offer alongside all of this. When we walked in we knew we had made an awesome choice, the decor around the downstairs was colourful, fun and creative.

We decided to sit upstairs so we had a better view of outside, when we upstairs we were even more impressed. The walls covered in pictures and painting, lots more odd chairs which look so cool together. Lots of tablets of all sizes and the best part was an amazing window which you can look down and see the city. I already knew what I was having as soon as I arrived as I was fancying a vegetarian breakfast, baked beans, hash browns and toast had to happen. Luke went for the traditional breakfast in the end after struggling to decide for some time. Whilst we were waiting for breakfast I was snapping away at the decor as it was too lovely not to and that is when I noticed a book swap, I love the idea of this because it is a great way to do lots of reading without purchasing lots of books and also people can enjoy something you've read.

We were brought our coffees before breakfast and they were a great start to the day and to say they came free they were massive coffees and super yum too. Our breakfast arrived shortly after and mine was full of colour and on a beautiful plate, I was almost dribbling. I loved the added touches which went into the vegetarian breakfast, I am so glad I wasn't facing yet another disgusting vegetarian sausage but actually a courgette and sweetcorn fritter as well as some fried peppers and a side of spinach. Along with the usual beans, hash browns, toast, eggs and mushrooms. When I bit into the toast I was super impressed as it was thick and yummy bread which was dripping with butter (wish I had more than one piece). We left the Verano lounge full and feeling impressed with the offerings for breakfast in Brighton. If you live in Brighton or visiting anytime soon it is totally worth checking out, they offer so many different dishes to suit every palette and it isn't just the usual full English you can get SO many other choices.

Verano Lounge Vegetarian Breakfast

Verano Lounge

Verano Lounge menu

Verano Lounge art

Verano Lounge chair

Have you visited the Verano Lounge before? 


  1. Delicious looking breakfast! And a very colourful interior. We recently visited Brighton just for 2 nights, and hope to be back, such a lovely place.

  2. Ahhh tis place looks amazing!! I love the brightness an vibrancy of it all and all the art work! plus putting your beans in a cute little cup dish is the cutest!!!

  3. It looks fab - I love the vibe of the place, kind of reminds me of an American summer house in the Hamptons (or at least what I expect that would look like) x

  4. that looks like an amazng place to stay. The food looks delicious

  5. Oh you had me with the picture of breakfast - its one of the things I'm looking forward to the most at the airport - BREAKFAST!! H x

  6. Well you've sold it to me. I'm going to have to go to Brighton just for the interior, the breakfast is just an added bonus

  7. I love kitschy looking decors like this and DAMN that food looks good! x

  8. While far too far for me to travel to, this place looks great for brekkie. I've always wanted to go to Brighton so if i do then I'll go here! xxx

  9. That's the best looking breakfast I've seen in a long time. My gosh it looks good!

  10. Aww! This place looks so cosy & sweet. The breakfast looked so yummy too! If I'm ever in Brighton I know where to go X

  11. This look really cute and cosy. I should look out for this place next time I'm in Brighton. xx


  12. Looks so nice and colourful, love places like this they are a real change to the normal scene. I haven't been before but it looks lovely, I know a couple of friends who would love it

  13. This looks fabulous for a breakfast setting and even the breakfast looks amazing x

  14. Anonymous16/8/16

    What a colourful eating space! We love visiting Brighton! It's so quirky, we'll be hunting this place down!

  15. Wow the interior is breathtaking. Love the look of the breakfast too.

  16. I LOVE Brighton so much. I am looking to go back soon, thanks for this!

  17. Breakfast is my favourite meal of the day and that is a perfect looking egg.

  18. The place looks super comfy. I am loving the decor and all those colourful pieces of furniture.

  19. Reading this when I'm hungry was a mistake! Looks delicious xx

  20. This looks like my perfect kind of place for a lazy breakfast.

  21. Wow that looks like one amazing breakfast, it's good that their vegetarian option was so good, normally they're rubbish x

  22. I love finding a good breakfast place! This looks amazing. x

  23. Oh I do love eating breakfast out! I always have the veggie option. This place looks so fab - and the breakfast delicious :) Kaz x

  24. What bright and fun place to go for breakfast! I really like the look of the food too.

  25. What a cute and colorful location for such a yummy dish!

    xoxo, Candice

  26. What a lovely full breakfast - making me hungry right now.
    The interior is also very refreshing :)

  27. What a delicious looking breakfast in a lovely looking location ;-)

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