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If you know me at all you'll know my favourite food in the entire world is pizza! I can pretty much enjoy any pizza which is put in front of me (apart from the one dodgy takeaway by me which had a toenail in it ... that's a story for another day). As I am sure you'll of heard of the brand Chicago Town who offer an amazing range of frozen pizzas which taste a lot like takeaway pizzas for a fraction of the price #win. As I love pizza so much and takeaway can be quite expensive I've recently started eating some of their takeaways styled pizzas and also the ones you can cook in the microwave, how cool is that? (totally not a student here!) It 100% gets the Liv seal of approval and there's no time waiting around for pizza to arrive, especially during the game.

To celebrate the Euros Chicago Town has launched an awesome and slightly addictive game where you can win prizes on the spot on their website which you can access here. The aim of the game is to hit the pizza with a dough ball (another thing that Chicago town now sell) and then you win points for your shots and how many pizzas you hit. There are SO many prizes to be won, including a massive TV and a year supply of pizza and there is also a big grand prize at the end up for grabs. So get your pizza on, play the game and have a load of fun!

Let me know your high score on the game! 

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