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As you probably know from reading the tittle my new post today will be all about one of my favourite subjects, CATS! If you don't know me or my blog very well you may not know that I am a huge cat lover and try to post about them as much as I can on my blog (check out this post on my cats) today with the help of Whiskas I am bringing you a quick guide on reasons why you NEED kittens in your life. Whiskas will finish off this post with a video all about getting your cat neutered, don't worry the video is super cute and fun so perfect to share with your little ones too.

4 reasons why you NEED a kitten in your life:

  • Kittens are adorable! 

I thought I'd start by stating the obvious and by saying kittens are simply adorable, who doesn't want lovely fluff balls running around at your feet, meowing and all being all cute and stuff! 

  • They boost happiness.

Having a pet in your life is known to make you happier, and in my opinion as I love cats and kittens the most having them around and making you smile and laugh with the great things they do is perfect for making you feel better.

  • They make great friends

Dogs are a mans best friend, this means cats are a womans right? I totally feel like cats and kittens make greater friends than any humans, as they sit with you for hours upon end and watch tv with you, most of the time don't try to steal your food and always give you attention, sounds good to me.

  • They make you feel less lonely

When you live alone or you are with somebody who works away a lot it can be lonely, with cats and kittens you have constant attention and love from another source, and they need your love and you need theirs! 

P.s. If you choose to get a kitten remember they are for live and not just for a little bit and they will grow up but cats are just as cute as kittens so its totally fine. 

Final part of the post is the video which I mentioned at the start all about neutering your kittens, I hope you've enjoyed this post and if you would like to see more cat related posts in the future let me know in the comments! 

*In Collaboration With Whiskars! 


  1. I got my first kitten a few months ago, and I'm so in love with her. She's the best little girl, and I have since adopted another cat. Next I'll get a couple more kittens, I think!

  2. Those photos are all so adorable!! I don't think I'll ever have a cat, but I do enjoy playing with other people's :)

  3. Love me a kitten or a cat - our three are treasures!