13 July 2016

Why I Will NEVER Understand Discrimination | Lets Talk

I am sat in front of my computer writing this post after reading about two more innocent people being shot by the police in America, those two people were black. All of the world are outraged and shocked by these shootings and although those involved claim it is nothing to do with their colour, it seems to be a very different story for those involved. Two young men lost their lives, two families are without their son, and it also leaves the children behind who will never get to know their dad. Every year a number of shootings happen in America and they always seem to get more shocking everytime you hear about another. Last month brought the truly awful shootings at Pulse night club during Pride month, if you don't know what Pulse is, it is a gay nightclub and a popular one at that. Hearing about so many people dying whilst celebrating their love makes me feel sick to the pit of my stomach as well as sad that things like this happen in 2016, although the reason has not actually reveled as to why the shootings took place it is likely to be with their sexuality. That is 49 innocent lives that were took for NO REASON.

 I look into the world and feel sad for so many people, I will never understand why anyone thinks it is ok to discriminate against another human to be honest. Whether it is to do with the colour of their skin, their weight, or even against their illnesses, it does not make sense. A lot of the time people are discriminated against for the things they can't help, take being gay for an example. Do you think that person woke up one day and thought you know what today I'll be gay, upset all of my family, deal with all of the bullying and torment I'll get with it and probably not be accepted for who I am, I highly doubt that. I find things that us a human race discriminate against are actually things to be celebrated and be proud of. Not two people on this planet are the same so why does anybody think they are worth more than somebody else I'll never be okay with that. I feel sad for those of my friends who STILL in 2016 get looks from walking down the street holding hands with their other half just because they are the same gender, big woop.

I wrote this post because I am sick of hearing people judge others for things that are out of their control and for being who they are. Whether people are skinny, black, white, from a poor family, gay, bisexual or straight, disabled or not these things should not matter! People are people and this world needs some more damn love sharing around, this world is an awful enough place without your disgusting comments and your grim outdated views. Be happy with who you are, and remember it says more about the people passing the comments than the people who are being told them. Remember Dungarees & Donuts supports everyone and loves you for being you!


  1. I know what you mean! I am so tired of it x

  2. I feel the same - we are all human beings! Simple as that, doesn't matter what your skin, sexual orientation or how much you earn, we are all the same! I really hope 2016 gets better from here

    Laura x

  3. ahhh yes I totally agree, the police shootings and videos that came out recently really disturbed me as you have to hope the police have moved on from that sort of discrimination and brutality but obviously not! lovely post. k x

  4. This year has seen so many saddening news, I think we can officially call it a day with 2016. Coming back to your title question I think in every person lies a hidden sense of nastiness and feeling of superiority. Some make use more of it than others. It's a power thing I guess.

    Caz | Style Lingua