Top 3 Best And Worst Hair Dyes For Bright Colours | Hair

I've been meaning to write this post for a while now, but I wanted to try a HUGE variety of hair dyes so I can fairly talk about my experience with the different dyes and share which I feel are the best dyes and also the worst. Since last summer I have been dip dying the ends of my hair, I have bleached it a few times during this period but I try to avoid bleaching it unless I have to. I've tried different colours and ranges from everywhere and taken up pretty much every single recommendation I've had. I have to say I have been trying this dye on bleached tips, and I have not been doing it on completely blonde hair so you may have a different experience to me. I have based the ranges on the lasting of the dye as well as the colour because obviously with me not having the lightest hair in the first place it would be unfair to judge it just on how it looked. The ones under the worst category aren't bad brands or anything like that I just found their colour to not last at all.


1. Crazy Colour:
I honestly found this one of the worst for everything, I would apply it and within a few days it would completely have washed out, although I only wash my hair every other day within 3-4 washes it would all be gone, I found the worst colours for this orange and pink.

2. Directions: 
I've heard people have good experiences with Directions but for me it was all bad, similar to the first dye but it hardly took at all, on freshly bleached hair I had to dye it three times for it work at all. Which isn't great for a dye, I have used them in the past and found similar problems then as well. For the price of one pot I expect a LOT better.

3. XXL Schwarzkopf: 
I love their reds and they always take really well but any of their semi permanent dyes in fun colours I find wash out quickly and don't take to bleach well at all. Compared to the other two I liked them, and for the price I don't mind them, but they're not the best for getting those bright colours.


3. Manic Panic:
Manic Panic have one of the prettiest colour ranges around, and although they come in little pots you don't need a lot to create a stir when it comes to beautiful fun colours. I love them for the variety of beautiful pinks and they tend to last fairly long and are cruelty free, win win.

2. Stargazer: 
So Stargazer are hands down one of the best brands around, I have tried so many of their colours and they don't fade quickly and are long lasting, I love the purples which stargazer offer as even when they fade they turn into beautiful blues rather than gross green colours. For £5 honestly worth every penny.

1. Colour Freedom:
I am head over heels in love with this brand, for £6.99 you get the biggest bottle of colour and it's the best and long lasting one around. I love the fact that for £6.99 you get over 5 applications for dip dye and probably one or two full heads, you don't need a lot to cover a section and it looks bright and fun, even on darker hair. I love the fact it even when it fades it still looks fabulous.


  1. I hate crazy colour, it really knackers my hair and like you say it fades out so quickly! I'm a big fan of the bleach london colours, when I used them my hair had minimum damage :)


  2. I haven't had many different crazy hair colours :/ I think i'm a bit of a wimp! Haha.
    I've had brown, black, blonde and blue. I got sent home from school the day I dyed my hair blue.
    Haha. Manic Panic and Colour Freedom sound really good! I may check them out xx

  3. I've always loved Schwarzkopf but you're right, Manic Panic are the best!

  4. Everyone recommended directions to me but I found it washed out sooo quickly. I loved the schwarzkopf one though. That was the main one I used and it lasted for ages in my hair.
    Beth x
    Mermaid in Disguise

  5. I actually really like Directions, though I've only used the blues, but I found the blue didn't fade to green as quick as other dyes I'd used (I think the Schwarzkopf one). Manic Panic are great though!!

    Hannah xx