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As you're more than likely aware by now if you are a regular reader of Dungarees & Donuts, Wednesday is my lets talk day, where I share my thought and feelings with you guys. I always promised myself no matter how long I blogged for or what I blogged about I'd always make space for those issues which I find need talking about on my blog. If you haven't read one of my lets talk posts before some examples of the topics I've spoken about before are: Being on medication, self harm and changing my name. This week I am bringing you something a little different from the usual mental health and I will be talking about the importance of how every second matters and sharing some information about amazing charity campaign run by Premier Care called Seconds Matter.

The idea behind the campaign is about sharing how important every second is in your life and how quickly everything can change. Making the most of every second means something different to everyone. The campaign focuses mainly on people with Arthritis sharing how something which could take somebody like you and I a second to complete can take minutes or even hours for somebody who suffers with Arthritis. As part of an awareness campaign Premier Care challenged two brothers to  part in an experiment to show what people with Arthritis go through on a daily basis. The idea was that one of the brothers Nick wore a simulation suit which made him feel similar to somebody with Arthritis whereas the other brother John carried on his daily tasks as usual. The idea was to demonstrate how it can happen to anybody and how hard of an illness it really is to cope with. 10 million people in the UK affected by Arthritis and it is important to remember it is not just a disease which effects the elderly and it can hit anybody. It is important to educate yourself on the symptoms and to show those around you who suffer with it the compassion they deserve as well just giving them time to do things on their own, often people don't like being fussed over so it is sometimes easier to let them get on with things their way.

If you want to donate to the National Rheumatoid Arthritis Society you can do here.   

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  1. Hi Olivia, this is such a thoughtful post, I feel like arthritis doesn't get as much attention as it should considering how many people suffer from it and a lot of us don't know much about it at all!

  2. Really thoughtful post. I totally agree about arthritis. Many people still believe it only affects 'old people' which isn't true at all.

  3. My Dad suddenly went from running marathons to his legs going funny and not being able to walk. He hates it as it changed his life so much. Luckily he was positive, kept walking and is so much better now and can walk far again. Huge relief. He does still suffer from some arthritis in the knee's but for the moment he is keeping going and it doesn't effect him. It sounds like a great charity as I can now understand how hard it must be for people.

  4. My mum has arthritis in her neck, which causes headaches that really ruin her day. When I was younger, I thought that arthritis was just minor pain- how wrong was I!

    I really respect you using 'Let's Talk' time to include bigger issues and charities like this, it's definitely something that I would like to see more of.


  5. Anonymous17/7/16

    Definitely a great campaign and worth so support. Time is even diamond to missed a second.