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Happy Friday all, how are we doing? When you're reading this post I shall be having a lovely time in Brighton and I'll finally be stress-free from moving. Today I thought I'd bring you a little bit of a different post, all about how to host your own pizza party. Yep, that is totally a thing (according to me anyway) I feel like it's similar to a picnic but with pizza instead! If you're a pizza lover then this post is totally for you, if you're not then you may want to skip this post as it's all about pizzaaaaaaa. 

The BBQ chicken melt. 

You will need:
Cute Glasses 
A Portable Speaker
Pizza Themed Clothing. (More fun for sure)

To start off planning the perfect pizza party you need to start by inviting some awesome pizza lovers like yourself, or if you fancy just having it at home with your family/housemates then you're already sorted. Next, you need to stop up on pizzas, I'd recommend Chicago Town for this, as they have SO many to choose from. Including some new flavours such as the Takeaway Four Cheese and the Deep Dish Meatball Melt! It's worth getting plenty of pizzas as well as this if you have little ones attending Chicago Town offer some super tasty mini pizzas (perfect for a snack also) and they come in loads of cool flavours. Once you're stocked up on those pizzas, you need to get a theme going. In my opinion, it is totally fun to have a pizza theme and that includes pizza clothing, I have seen so many amazing pieces including a pizza jumper, pizza costume and a pizza tee. Following this it is totally worth stocking up on some paper plates, cute glasses to have some drinks out of and some decorations. Some super cool examples of decorations include bunting and pictures. On the day of the party cover your house in pizza items or if you fancy having it outside a picnic blanket will work well for this. Set up your music and create an awesome playlist. Finally, start cooking the pizzas, the amazing thing about the Chicago Town ones are that they cook so fast and always taste SO good. If you feel like going all out you could totally create pizza cakes and think of some pizza related games. I hope you enjoyed this idea and host your own pizza party soon.

What is your favourite flavour of pizza? 

*In Collaboration With Chicago Town. 


  1. I will be hosting a mini girls night in pizza party thingy tomorrow! I'll just be using the alfredo pizzas from lidl! They are actually really nice and I have some extra pepperoni just in case :D

  2. I love pizza! I might have my very own pizza party but forget to invite anyone else to eat it - oops! 😂😂😂

  3. I love pizza, what a cute post, it makes my want to organise a pizza party tonight R

  4. We all love pizza - but have never actually taken it on a picnic! Love this post. Kaz x

  5. I love Philly Cheese steak from Pizza Hut, or a spicy veggie on thin crust. Love Pizza.

  6. Anonymous11/7/16

    Who doesn't pizza? Haha. I will he hosting my friends this weekend and Pizza party will be good idea.

  7. Ooh I'd love to host my own pizza party. Me and my friends LOVE pizza! xxx

  8. A pizza party sounds fab! I like Takeaway Four Cheese, it's delicious, that would definitely be on the menu.

  9. Oh my kind of pizza party would involve pizza, a couple of beers, dips and a good movie :D