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Hello all, how are you doing? I am bringing you a post inspired by my recent move. If you don't follow me on Twitter or haven't been reading my blogs you may not be aware but I have recently just moved into a new house. I am literally house decor crazy now and have been spending so much money on creating the perfect house environment, which inspired today's post. Creating the perfect kitchen. I decided I would feature cute bits and pieces as well as furniture I would include in my very own dream kitchen. Let me know what you think of my pieces and what you'd include in yours.

Breakfast Bar: 
In my dream kitchen, I would love to have a breakfast bar in the middle of the kitchen, I feel like they inspire all types of creativity and look really good too. I would love to have a white bar along with white stools as I think they look best! Fishpools filled me with lots of inspiration for getting my kitchen ready and looking fabulous.

Hanging Jars:
I love all things colourful and quirky and when I saw these hanging mason jars from Sass and Belle I knew I had to have them. They'd be perfect for storing kitchen utensils in or just to look fancy.

Egg N Toaster: 
This is probably me being incredibly lazy but I think this is an AMAZING invention, it cooks eggs and toast at the same time in one simple machine. No more pans and no separate toaster!

Disney Mugs: 
Honestly I am soooo in love with all of the Disney Mugs and I want to fill all of my shelves with them, there are no other mugs which are remotely as cool as these. Especially the Alice In Wonderland one which is pictured!

A Crepe Maker: 
Finally on my list is a lovely crepe maker! No need for pans or messing around, making a crepe on this involves tipping mixture on to the board and the spreading it out and flipping it over. Plus it is guaranteed to make the perfect pancake EVERYTIME.

*In Collaboration with Fishpools. 


  1. That all in one egg and toaster would save me SO much time in a morning!
    ♥ Fran - www.frannymac.com xx

  2. The egg and toaster looks cool and those disney mugs are very unique! :)

  3. I would LOVE a crepe maker - I would have crepes every day I think.

  4. The hanging jars are so pretty! And I love the Alice in Wonderland mug. I have a matching set of mugs but I wish I'd picked up odd ones so I would have an awesome mismatched collection :) xx

    Effi | www.sparkleberryblog.com

  5. Oh the disney mugs are really interesting. I may have to get some for gifts for..dare I say it...Christmas x