Lets Go For A Swim! | Fashion

Does anybody else find themselves lusting over a crazy amount of swimwear as soon as summer hits? Also, does anybody else dream about wearing swimwear which is a totally different shape to what they are? I am forever dreaming of wearing a beautiful bikini which holds my boobs in place and makes me feel fabulous. But with MASSIIIIVE boobs which need a huge bikini top and a slightly smaller bum, it makes shopping with swimwear a nightmare. I am not surprised to say I am most definitely NOT alone in this. George at Asda conducted a survey which showed some interesting results, including 48% of Brits would buy a full bathing suit, which is totally me! As well as the fact that most people need different sized tops to their bottoms where bikinis are concerned. Aren't bodies a weird thing? I am currently in the need of some new swimwear so I decided I would take this opportunity to create a lovely wishlist of swimwear and hopefully you lot find something which you'd wear also. Dungarees & Donuts stand by you in this difficult time of finding the best swimwear for your shape!

All swimwear picture is from George

I love all of the choices I featured as I feel they are perfect for a lady with a bigger bust, I love the dresses as they look like they would be less tight on my belly. The red bikini looks like the straps contain a lot of support like a bra. I am in love with the vintage style swimsuit in the top pic as I feel it would fit my body perfectly. I had to include the beautiful bikini on the left as that would be my dream bikini as it is so pretty and delicate.

What would your dream swimwear look like? 

*In Collaboration With George 

Dealing With Stress | Lets Talk

Happy Wednesday, how are we all doing? As it is Wednesday you should know by now that I take this day to talk about issues and things which are important to me, I feel like these posts are rewarding and I will never stop talking about things which need talking about. Today's topic is all about stress. Stress is triggered by many different things, some people are great with dealing with being under pressure others find it a lot harder and feel very stressed and upset. To me I deal with stress when I feel like I am under pressure to do something which I feel unsure about, it can often happen to me at work when I am given a lot of tasks in a short space of time or after speaking to somebody who is getting mad at me for something which is out of my control.

So many people are affected by stress on a daily basis but what about those who can't handle it, it can be a lot more serious than feeling under pressure. Some people use smoking and drinking to cope with their stress because it helps to calm them down and feel more together, I know that a lot of people smoke when they feel like they're under an immense amount of pressure or are dealing with something which is out of their control. Some people cannot cope with the stress at all and their body shuts down, some examples of this are chest pain, pulling out your hair and increased levels of anger. if you feel like you are suffering from stress it is important that you go to see your doctor, it may not seem like a big deal but more people suffer than you realise and it will be taken seriously. For those who are suffering from hair loss, there are ways to fix it and give you confidence back such as FUE hair transplants which is something to be considered if you are suffering from a lot of hair loss or it is damaging your confidence. Although taking some chill time may not be the answer to your stress it is important to take some time for yourself from time to time, and just take a breather, even though it may not fix the problem overall it gives you fresh eyes to start again when you are ready and it gives your body time to relax and get to grips with what is going.

If you feel like you are struggling or need somebody to talk to there are so many people willing to help and lines you can call to get help such as Mind and Samaritans, please don't suffer alone.

*In Collaboration With Harley Street Clinic

Urban Decay Vice Lipsticks | Beauty

A few weeks ago I noticed Urban Decay were having a fabulous sale on their lipsticks and it wasn't until I heard about their new collection I realised why. Urban Decay decided to completely rebrand all of the lipsticks and bring out a whole new fabulous collection, new shapes and colours as well as the most lovely new packaging. When I had an unexpected package at my doorstep I was very excited to find out what was inside, only be greeted with 5 of the new vice lipstick shades all of them I can happily say are very me. I couldn't wait to try them out and feedback to you what I thought of them all. 

Urban Decay Vice Lipsticks

Urban Decay Vice Lipsticks

Big Bang:
A pretty pink shade which has beautiful specs of glitter running through the lipstick, any different to any existing pink I own. The glitter aspect and the metallic finish give this lipstick an edge on your typical pink lipstick. The Metallic finish is described by Urban Decay as cream with a high level of pearl. The lipstick itself has a great staying power although I found it to be a little bit sticky and not as pigmented as the others, still a gorgeous lovely shade. 

Urban Decay Vice Lipsticks

A similar look to Big Bang with an amazing amount of pigment but still has that beautiful glittery finish, with a slightly more out there look to it, Firebird is totally amazing for anybody looking to push the boundries when it comes to your typical pink lips. 

714 is unlike any lipstick you have ever owned before, a striking red with a complete matte finish without the drying element. Makes lips look fabulous and stand out and the totally perfect companion to anybody who loves the red look. I love the long lasting staying power of this gorgeous red and I love that I don't feel it is too out there to pull off on a day to day basis. 

Urban Decay Vice Lipsticks

Up there with one of the best lipsticks I've EVER tried, *shock* Pandemonium gives me a whole new level of confidence with beautiful purple lips, bringing purple back even more glamorous than ever. The longest staying power of a lipstick ever, so much so after a night out I am still wearing it in the morning, a gorgeous shade for those dare devils out there. 

Urban Decay Vice Lipsticks

A beautiful nude shade for those who aren't feeling the reds, pinks and purples. A totally glamorous shade in a different way, gives your lips a pop of colour without being too over the top and the finish of this lipstick is out of this world. This shade is a comfort matte which still gives you the overall look of a matte lipstick but a lot easier to pull off. You totally need to get nude with backtalk this summer!

Urban Decay Vice Lipsticks

 *Contains PR samples 

World Duty Free Exclusives | Beauty

I am super excited about today's post as it is all about beauty and exclusive beauty at that, today I shall be sharing with you some of the gorgeous pieces you can pick up during your next trip to Duty Free before you jet off abroad! When I have time to kill in an airport I usually only have a couple of things on my mind, first is usually where is the food around here? Then secondly where is the beauty products I need to get shopping and with duty free having plenty of bargains as well as exclusives it's totally a must for any beauty lover. I was kindly sent some samples from World Duty Free for this post so I hope you enjoy this as much as I did writing it! So without further ado lets dig in. 

The first thing I noticed when I opened the box was four mini Chloe perfumes and with this being a brand I have wanted to try for ages I was quite over the moon with this. Each of the perfumes comes in an adorable little dainty bottle perfect for those who like to try before they buy or to take on holiday with them instead of carrying a massive perfume. I love the idea of this set as you can try a good amount of the Chloe perfumes and really get a feel for the scent which you like the most. The one I fell in love with instantly was Love Story, with such a clean fragrance and has a little bit of a floral kick to it. The fragrance is fun, loving and long lasting the perfect scent for any Summer holiday. 

World Duty Free Chloe

World Duty Free Chloe
How adorable are these bottles? 

Next on the list at duty free is a product I have never heard of before but as soon as I saw the brand I knew it was going to be a good un. This product is Butter Drench Restorative Rich Cream from bareMinerals. If you haven't heard of bareMinerals they are a massive brand in the States which started in San Francisco and has now spread across the world. All of their products are loving to the skin and still give a fabulous edge. The butter drench is a cream which is perfect for just about anything as it is full of Shea butter. Perfect for anywhere on the body, I love it because I can apply it my face as well as my body and saves me taking loads of different products when I travel.  

World Duty Free Baremineals

Following this is another product I am so excited to share with you and that is a gorgeous dark blue nail varnish from YSL, before this I hadn't actually tried any of the amazing nail varnishes from YSL only their lipsticks. When I saw this colour I was so happy as it was something I would of picked out for myself, being super edgy and eye catching. Sometimes although they are expensive I find some nail varnish a bit of a let down but this is actually amazing, I feel it would last at least 5 days whilst you're on holiday so it saves you having to keep repainting your nails. Only downside is I found it a little hard to get off when I was ready to take it off. But other than that I give a huge thumbs up to YSL for yet another amazing product. 

World Duty Free YSL nail varnish

The final product which I found in the box of goodies was this beautiful set of Elizabeth Arden lip protectant sticks, which are essentially beautiful tinted lip balms but they have an added extra of SPF 15 which I find to be amazing as not a lot of people consider the damage of sun to your lips. The colour of these lip protectants is actually a lot more pigmented than I thought in the red and pink which I actually really enjoy as you can still look amazing whilst giving your lips the protection they need during the heat. The packaging of the product is luxurious and with this set you get 3 for the price of 2 *win* 

World Duty Free Elizabeth Arden

If you are jetting off on holiday soon remember to check out World Duty Free. 

*Contains Press Samples

Learning to drive | Lifestyle

It happened, I finally took the step of getting back into driving. If you know me well you'll know I started driving lessons for my 18th birthday (I am now 21, in my defence I took a masssiiiive break) and back in May I decided I would start to learn again which of course involved me retaking my theory as I passed it back in November 2013 and it only lasts two years so boo. I spent days revising my theory, I pretty much practised every single day and often for up to 4 hours a day, I wasn't taking any risks with passing again. Back in 2014 I took three driving tests which all sent my anxiety through the roof, and on my last test I was so sure I was going to pass as I did nothing wrong as far as as I was aware but I failed by having ONE too many minors, gutted. This made me want to give up driving so I took a break for a whole year and a half and now I am ready to get going again. I've had a few lessons so far but with being SO busy with moving and going to Brighton I haven't been able to have many lessons *sad face* but whilst I have been unable to drive I've been using this amazing site called Book Learn Pass which has a huge amount of resources which help for you to pass your test, whether it is learning theory, tips on passing your test or even finding an instructor to learn with it is an awesome place to start! 

This year I want to pass my test and I am hopeful I will, I just need to have a bit more practise and get better at my manoeuvres (pesky left hand reverse) and gain a MASSIVE amount of confidence and I am sure I can smash it this time. Now it's time to text my driving instructor and get another lesson booked in! 

How long did it take you to pass? 

Creating The Perfect Kitchen | Home

Hello all, how are you doing? I am bringing you a post inspired by my recent move. If you don't follow me on Twitter or haven't been reading my blogs you may not be aware but I have recently just moved into a new house. I am literally house decor crazy now and have been spending so much money on creating the perfect house environment, which inspired today's post. Creating the perfect kitchen. I decided I would feature cute bits and pieces as well as furniture I would include in my very own dream kitchen. Let me know what you think of my pieces and what you'd include in yours.

Breakfast Bar: 
In my dream kitchen, I would love to have a breakfast bar in the middle of the kitchen, I feel like they inspire all types of creativity and look really good too. I would love to have a white bar along with white stools as I think they look best! Fishpools filled me with lots of inspiration for getting my kitchen ready and looking fabulous.

Hanging Jars:
I love all things colourful and quirky and when I saw these hanging mason jars from Sass and Belle I knew I had to have them. They'd be perfect for storing kitchen utensils in or just to look fancy.

Egg N Toaster: 
This is probably me being incredibly lazy but I think this is an AMAZING invention, it cooks eggs and toast at the same time in one simple machine. No more pans and no separate toaster!

Disney Mugs: 
Honestly I am soooo in love with all of the Disney Mugs and I want to fill all of my shelves with them, there are no other mugs which are remotely as cool as these. Especially the Alice In Wonderland one which is pictured!

A Crepe Maker: 
Finally on my list is a lovely crepe maker! No need for pans or messing around, making a crepe on this involves tipping mixture on to the board and the spreading it out and flipping it over. Plus it is guaranteed to make the perfect pancake EVERYTIME.

*In Collaboration with Fishpools. 

Why you NEED kittens in your life. | Lifestyle

As you probably know from reading the tittle my new post today will be all about one of my favourite subjects, CATS! If you don't know me or my blog very well you may not know that I am a huge cat lover and try to post about them as much as I can on my blog (check out this post on my cats) today with the help of Whiskas I am bringing you a quick guide on reasons why you NEED kittens in your life. Whiskas will finish off this post with a video all about getting your cat neutered, don't worry the video is super cute and fun so perfect to share with your little ones too.

4 reasons why you NEED a kitten in your life:

  • Kittens are adorable! 

I thought I'd start by stating the obvious and by saying kittens are simply adorable, who doesn't want lovely fluff balls running around at your feet, meowing and all being all cute and stuff! 

  • They boost happiness.

Having a pet in your life is known to make you happier, and in my opinion as I love cats and kittens the most having them around and making you smile and laugh with the great things they do is perfect for making you feel better.

  • They make great friends

Dogs are a mans best friend, this means cats are a womans right? I totally feel like cats and kittens make greater friends than any humans, as they sit with you for hours upon end and watch tv with you, most of the time don't try to steal your food and always give you attention, sounds good to me.

  • They make you feel less lonely

When you live alone or you are with somebody who works away a lot it can be lonely, with cats and kittens you have constant attention and love from another source, and they need your love and you need theirs! 

P.s. If you choose to get a kitten remember they are for live and not just for a little bit and they will grow up but cats are just as cute as kittens so its totally fine. 

Final part of the post is the video which I mentioned at the start all about neutering your kittens, I hope you've enjoyed this post and if you would like to see more cat related posts in the future let me know in the comments! 

*In Collaboration With Whiskars! 

Brand Focus: Urban Decay | Beauty

At the start of the year I decided I would do a brand focus on a brand each month, but apparently I totally forget to do that. BUT I did manage to post about one brand which was Soap And Glory and it is still one of my most popular posts of all time, so I decided I'd bring it back and focus on some more brands I've been loving lately. I hope to actually stick to the series this time, so please let me know if you enjoy this post in the comments as your feedback is super important to me.

Some of you may know that Urban Decay are one of my favourite brands and I have featured them on my blog previously, including the 'naked edit' I did which can view here. Urban Decay are known a lot for their fun and amazing palettes from their Naked palettes to their gorgeous bright palettes like their Vice 4. I decided as part of this feature I would share with you some of their other amazing products as these are too good to be missed! The five products which are featured in this edit are total must haves for any make-up kit. 

Although Urban Decay isn't a drug store brand, I wouldn't say they are too highly priced for their products either. The first product I ever tried from Urban Decay was their amazing setting spray, which I found in the states when I visited at a check out of Sephora, I can honestly say spraying this all over your make-up keeps it in place for hours, I would totally recommend this product if you are going on holiday or to a festival. Next is the gorgeous 24/7 glide on eye-liner, such a gorgeous product for giving you that perfect water line darkness, I always love having a dark under eye when I am completing a smoky eye and with the dark black liner it is easier to achieve that look and it is also super easy to smudge which is a great thing for creating a dark eye look.

Urban Decay  24/7 Glide on Liner
Urban Decay Lipstick
Next on my list is the amazing lipsticks from UD, they come in a variety of colours and I love the way the product it is in the packaging and different from your usual lipstick. I feel like it is as simple as applying a lip balm. If you like light pink colours I'd totally recommend Streak or Obsessed and if you are a bit more brave and looking for something darker I'd go for Shame or Speedball as they are beautiful dark shades. Urban Decay also have a matte collection of their lipsticks which I am yet to try but I imagine they will be as amazing the rest of the lipsticks in their collection. I am actually shocked I love the next product actually as I am not usually much of a blusher fan, but this blusher for me was my perfect entrance to blushers. I am always scared that they look too pink or like I have a rash. But this beautiful coral blush in the shade kinky is perfect for me to apply and looks great and gives me that perfect glow which I am looking for. I love the flecks of glitter which make your cheeks shimmer throughout the day. 

Urban Decay Afterglow Blush in Kinky

The final product on my list is the top notch mascara from Urban Decay which is the lovely Perversion, I tried this again whilst in America as I bought a set which had a mini version in. For ages I wanted to get the full sized version as it was the perfect mascara for creating big bold black lashes which is what I like. This mascara lasts for ages as you don't have to put as much on when applying because it creates a bold look after a few swipes. 

Urban Decay Perversion Mascara

 I would love to know what your favourite Urban Decay product is so I can add to my list! 

Would you use the morning after pill? | Lets Talk

When it comes to emergency contraception, it pays to know your options. One method that is available for you to use is the morning after pill. If you’ve heard conflicting information about this medicine that has put you off, or you’re simply not up to speed with what it is, here are some facts that could help you decide if this type of emergency contraception is right for you.

When can I use it?
Whether you’ve forgotten to take your contraceptive pill or a condom has split, this type of emergency contraception is designed to stop or delay ovulation, significantly reducing your chances of becoming pregnant. So if you’ve had unprotected sex and you do not want to fall pregnant, you could use the morning after pill.

There are two types of the morning after pill available. These are Levonelle and ellaOne. While both versions work to prevent unwanted pregnancies, each one has a different timeframe in which it needs to be used in order for it to be effective. Levonelle can be taken up to 72 hours after unprotected sex, while ellaOne can be taken up to 120 hours after. However, it’s also important to note that the sooner either of them is taken, the more effective it will be.

What are the side effects? 
While the morning after pill is not known to cause any long-term health problems, you may experience some side effects. The most common ones include stomach pain, headaches, tiredness, nausea and spotting or heavy bleeding before your next period. Some of the less common symptoms are dizziness, breast tenderness and vomiting. If you’re sick within two hours of taking the morning after pill, you may be required to take another dose. In this instance, you should speak to a medical professional as soon as possible.

Will it prevent me from getting pregnant in the future? 
Although the morning after pill will temporarily prevent you from falling pregnant, there is no evidence to suggest that taking it can make you infertile. While it’s important to be aware that it shouldn’t be used on a long-term basis or as a replacement for your usual method of birth control, such as the combined pill, using it more than once should not cause you to have problems when you do decide to start a family.

If you’re still unsure whether the morning after pill is right for you, you can find out more information from your GP, your local pharmacist or you can refer to trusted online sources, such as the NHS website.

*Guest Post

Why I Will NEVER Understand Discrimination | Lets Talk

I am sat in front of my computer writing this post after reading about two more innocent people being shot by the police in America, those two people were black. All of the world are outraged and shocked by these shootings and although those involved claim it is nothing to do with their colour, it seems to be a very different story for those involved. Two young men lost their lives, two families are without their son, and it also leaves the children behind who will never get to know their dad. Every year a number of shootings happen in America and they always seem to get more shocking everytime you hear about another. Last month brought the truly awful shootings at Pulse night club during Pride month, if you don't know what Pulse is, it is a gay nightclub and a popular one at that. Hearing about so many people dying whilst celebrating their love makes me feel sick to the pit of my stomach as well as sad that things like this happen in 2016, although the reason has not actually reveled as to why the shootings took place it is likely to be with their sexuality. That is 49 innocent lives that were took for NO REASON.

 I look into the world and feel sad for so many people, I will never understand why anyone thinks it is ok to discriminate against another human to be honest. Whether it is to do with the colour of their skin, their weight, or even against their illnesses, it does not make sense. A lot of the time people are discriminated against for the things they can't help, take being gay for an example. Do you think that person woke up one day and thought you know what today I'll be gay, upset all of my family, deal with all of the bullying and torment I'll get with it and probably not be accepted for who I am, I highly doubt that. I find things that us a human race discriminate against are actually things to be celebrated and be proud of. Not two people on this planet are the same so why does anybody think they are worth more than somebody else I'll never be okay with that. I feel sad for those of my friends who STILL in 2016 get looks from walking down the street holding hands with their other half just because they are the same gender, big woop.

I wrote this post because I am sick of hearing people judge others for things that are out of their control and for being who they are. Whether people are skinny, black, white, from a poor family, gay, bisexual or straight, disabled or not these things should not matter! People are people and this world needs some more damn love sharing around, this world is an awful enough place without your disgusting comments and your grim outdated views. Be happy with who you are, and remember it says more about the people passing the comments than the people who are being told them. Remember Dungarees & Donuts supports everyone and loves you for being you!

Sass & Belle Haul | Lifestyle

If you haven't heard of the amazing company Sass & Belle you are missing out, the company came about in 2009 after Richard the director set it up and named it after his two daughters, the company has grown massively since then and now there are 4 stores across the UK as well as a massive fan base online. With the quirky and unique designs Sass and Belle are one of the most awesome companies on the internet in my opinion and I love going into their store in Brighton when I visit. I have recently been sent some gorgeous items from their PR team and I could not wait to show you guys as I know you will love them as much as I do. 

My little haul from Sass & Belle included some adorable summer pieces as well as a few gorgeous notebooks, when I saw the lovely mini cases I was so happy as I have seen other bloggers with them and I am in love. When I move house (I probably already will have by the time this post is live) I can't wait to stack them in my office and keep things for reviewing in them! The case set is made up of three amazing cases. Next thing I saw was a set of adorable pot measuring cups in pretty pastel colours, I think these are perfect for following recipes online especially American ones as they usually measure in cups. I think they will go with the colour theme I will have going on in the kitchen. Next is two beautiful notebooks from Sass & Belle I literally own so many notebooks already but these two are soooo gorgeous and I felt the sweet thoughts definitely spoke out to me, I need notebooks for work so any excuse to get a new notebook. the final part of the haul is a beautiful mug which is very similar style to Cath Kidston I fell in love with this as soon as I saw the pretty floral pattern and the lovely colours which they are in. I want to buy my whole mug collection from Sass & Belle with a possible addition of some Disney mugs. 

Sass & Belle are offering the readers of Dungarees & Donuts £10 off your next order over £40 until the 31st of July 2016, using the code Dungarees. 

Sass & Belle Haul

Sass & Belle Haul

Sass & Belle Haul

Sass & Belle Haul

Sass & Belle Haul

Sass & Belle Haul

I hope you enjoyed my Sass & Belle haul! 

*Contains PR samples

How To Host A Pizza Party | Lifestyle

Happy Friday all, how are we doing? When you're reading this post I shall be having a lovely time in Brighton and I'll finally be stress-free from moving. Today I thought I'd bring you a little bit of a different post, all about how to host your own pizza party. Yep, that is totally a thing (according to me anyway) I feel like it's similar to a picnic but with pizza instead! If you're a pizza lover then this post is totally for you, if you're not then you may want to skip this post as it's all about pizzaaaaaaa. 

The BBQ chicken melt. 

You will need:
Cute Glasses 
A Portable Speaker
Pizza Themed Clothing. (More fun for sure)

To start off planning the perfect pizza party you need to start by inviting some awesome pizza lovers like yourself, or if you fancy just having it at home with your family/housemates then you're already sorted. Next, you need to stop up on pizzas, I'd recommend Chicago Town for this, as they have SO many to choose from. Including some new flavours such as the Takeaway Four Cheese and the Deep Dish Meatball Melt! It's worth getting plenty of pizzas as well as this if you have little ones attending Chicago Town offer some super tasty mini pizzas (perfect for a snack also) and they come in loads of cool flavours. Once you're stocked up on those pizzas, you need to get a theme going. In my opinion, it is totally fun to have a pizza theme and that includes pizza clothing, I have seen so many amazing pieces including a pizza jumper, pizza costume and a pizza tee. Following this it is totally worth stocking up on some paper plates, cute glasses to have some drinks out of and some decorations. Some super cool examples of decorations include bunting and pictures. On the day of the party cover your house in pizza items or if you fancy having it outside a picnic blanket will work well for this. Set up your music and create an awesome playlist. Finally, start cooking the pizzas, the amazing thing about the Chicago Town ones are that they cook so fast and always taste SO good. If you feel like going all out you could totally create pizza cakes and think of some pizza related games. I hope you enjoyed this idea and host your own pizza party soon.

What is your favourite flavour of pizza? 

*In Collaboration With Chicago Town. 

Seconds Matter | Lets Talk

As you're more than likely aware by now if you are a regular reader of Dungarees & Donuts, Wednesday is my lets talk day, where I share my thought and feelings with you guys. I always promised myself no matter how long I blogged for or what I blogged about I'd always make space for those issues which I find need talking about on my blog. If you haven't read one of my lets talk posts before some examples of the topics I've spoken about before are: Being on medication, self harm and changing my name. This week I am bringing you something a little different from the usual mental health and I will be talking about the importance of how every second matters and sharing some information about amazing charity campaign run by Premier Care called Seconds Matter.

The idea behind the campaign is about sharing how important every second is in your life and how quickly everything can change. Making the most of every second means something different to everyone. The campaign focuses mainly on people with Arthritis sharing how something which could take somebody like you and I a second to complete can take minutes or even hours for somebody who suffers with Arthritis. As part of an awareness campaign Premier Care challenged two brothers to  part in an experiment to show what people with Arthritis go through on a daily basis. The idea was that one of the brothers Nick wore a simulation suit which made him feel similar to somebody with Arthritis whereas the other brother John carried on his daily tasks as usual. The idea was to demonstrate how it can happen to anybody and how hard of an illness it really is to cope with. 10 million people in the UK affected by Arthritis and it is important to remember it is not just a disease which effects the elderly and it can hit anybody. It is important to educate yourself on the symptoms and to show those around you who suffer with it the compassion they deserve as well just giving them time to do things on their own, often people don't like being fussed over so it is sometimes easier to let them get on with things their way.

If you want to donate to the National Rheumatoid Arthritis Society you can do here.   

*Collaborative Post 

Finding Love With Rekorderlig | Lifestyle

Hey loves, I hope you are doing really well today! For my latest post I am bringing you something a little different but I am sure you'll love it all the same. Today I shall be sharing a post about a pop up dating event that is popping up over London this Summer and worth grabbing yourself a ticket for if you're unlucky in love or just fancy a change. The pop up festival is all about finding yourself love in a Swedish theme, featuring love, food and music (Perfect combo right?) As part of the event you can meet new people and if it isn't working for you, for the next course you can move on!

The event is based off of Midsummer which in Sweden is a big deal and involves single women popping flowers under their pillow and they will dream of their future husband! (How cute is this?) Even TV and Radio star Maya Jama got into Swedish spirit and took her own turn at sampling the dating event in the look out for love!

I would love to know your thoughts on this lovely event, would you attend? 

Top 3 Best And Worst Hair Dyes For Bright Colours | Hair

I've been meaning to write this post for a while now, but I wanted to try a HUGE variety of hair dyes so I can fairly talk about my experience with the different dyes and share which I feel are the best dyes and also the worst. Since last summer I have been dip dying the ends of my hair, I have bleached it a few times during this period but I try to avoid bleaching it unless I have to. I've tried different colours and ranges from everywhere and taken up pretty much every single recommendation I've had. I have to say I have been trying this dye on bleached tips, and I have not been doing it on completely blonde hair so you may have a different experience to me. I have based the ranges on the lasting of the dye as well as the colour because obviously with me not having the lightest hair in the first place it would be unfair to judge it just on how it looked. The ones under the worst category aren't bad brands or anything like that I just found their colour to not last at all.


1. Crazy Colour:
I honestly found this one of the worst for everything, I would apply it and within a few days it would completely have washed out, although I only wash my hair every other day within 3-4 washes it would all be gone, I found the worst colours for this orange and pink.

2. Directions: 
I've heard people have good experiences with Directions but for me it was all bad, similar to the first dye but it hardly took at all, on freshly bleached hair I had to dye it three times for it work at all. Which isn't great for a dye, I have used them in the past and found similar problems then as well. For the price of one pot I expect a LOT better.

3. XXL Schwarzkopf: 
I love their reds and they always take really well but any of their semi permanent dyes in fun colours I find wash out quickly and don't take to bleach well at all. Compared to the other two I liked them, and for the price I don't mind them, but they're not the best for getting those bright colours.


3. Manic Panic:
Manic Panic have one of the prettiest colour ranges around, and although they come in little pots you don't need a lot to create a stir when it comes to beautiful fun colours. I love them for the variety of beautiful pinks and they tend to last fairly long and are cruelty free, win win.

2. Stargazer: 
So Stargazer are hands down one of the best brands around, I have tried so many of their colours and they don't fade quickly and are long lasting, I love the purples which stargazer offer as even when they fade they turn into beautiful blues rather than gross green colours. For £5 honestly worth every penny.

1. Colour Freedom:
I am head over heels in love with this brand, for £6.99 you get the biggest bottle of colour and it's the best and long lasting one around. I love the fact that for £6.99 you get over 5 applications for dip dye and probably one or two full heads, you don't need a lot to cover a section and it looks bright and fun, even on darker hair. I love the fact it even when it fades it still looks fabulous.

Win With Chicago Town #DoughballChallenge | Lifestyle

If you know me at all you'll know my favourite food in the entire world is pizza! I can pretty much enjoy any pizza which is put in front of me (apart from the one dodgy takeaway by me which had a toenail in it ... that's a story for another day). As I am sure you'll of heard of the brand Chicago Town who offer an amazing range of frozen pizzas which taste a lot like takeaway pizzas for a fraction of the price #win. As I love pizza so much and takeaway can be quite expensive I've recently started eating some of their takeaways styled pizzas and also the ones you can cook in the microwave, how cool is that? (totally not a student here!) It 100% gets the Liv seal of approval and there's no time waiting around for pizza to arrive, especially during the game.

To celebrate the Euros Chicago Town has launched an awesome and slightly addictive game where you can win prizes on the spot on their website which you can access here. The aim of the game is to hit the pizza with a dough ball (another thing that Chicago town now sell) and then you win points for your shots and how many pizzas you hit. There are SO many prizes to be won, including a massive TV and a year supply of pizza and there is also a big grand prize at the end up for grabs. So get your pizza on, play the game and have a load of fun!

Let me know your high score on the game! 

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Ed's Easy Diner Grand Central Review | Food

If you haven't been to Ed's Easy Diner you are seriously missing out, the amazing diner feel which you receive all across America is now the UK in the form of Ed's Easy Diner. If you haven't heard of them before I shall explain a little more about them and what they have to offer. Replicating a 1950's diner in the comfort of cities around the country, with the booths, Jukeboxes filled to the brim with songs from the 50's including Elvis. The diner also offers a range of classics such as burgers, fries and hotdogs along with some newer additions to the menu such as cheese fries. Ed's are well known for their gorgeous extra thick milkshakes as well as their yummy pancakes. I love Ed's and have visited many times for a range of different meals from dessert to breakfast and have left satisfied everytime.  

I was recently offered the chance to review Ed's Easy Diner in Grand Central Birmingham to highlight the amazing 15 minute food offerings the city has to offer. Although I sat in Ed's and was there for a while I saw the timer on the speed of the food and it was super impressive in the time which it goes from being prepped being in front of you. I thought you lot may enjoy my experience in Ed's along with some super yummy pics, yay! 

Ed's Easy Diner menu

Ed's Easy Diner Shakes

When Me and Luke arrived we were greeted by the lovely GM Comrie who was actually our server during our time at Ed's. When we were taken to our booth Comrie pointed us in the direct of the Ed's shakes and told us they were out of this world and totally worth trying! As someone who has already tried them I can totally agree with this and have tried many flavours. I went for a Mint Choc Chip shake and Luke had a Biscoff one. Whilst our milkshakes were being made we were having a browse of the menu, I knew straight away that I wanted a chickpea and quinoa burger and Luke was undecided until Comrie came over and told him about the current promotion with Tabasco, and Luke is the type of person who loves anything spicy so went for the Smoky Joes burger.  We both had them as plates which come with fries, onion rings and coleslaw (my fave). When we were ordering we were both asked if we wanted to upgrade our fries and of course I went for cheesy fries and Luke went for the limited edition Buffalo fries. Shortly after we had ordered our gorgeous shakes were brought out and I have to say the mint choc chip is my favourite out of all of the ones I've tried, I think it was because it was refreshing as opposed to sickly. 

Within 10 minutes our mains were brought out, and I immediately noticed the yummy cheese which was dripping off my fries and I was in love. The portion sizes are HUGE and I was full half way through my fries so Luke had to finish them off for me (which of course he had no problem with, although I did his coleslaw in an exchange because he doesn't like it!) The food itself is amazing and the quick turn around is even better. The restaurant in Grand Central is in the middle of the shopping bit with some other restaurants and it is a little strange that people are walking right by where you are eating but it doesn't take away from the Ed's experience. When we had our mains taken away we were offered dessert and as I know how fabulous Ed's pancakes are I had to have some. I was later informed that the pancakes weren't available as they were having problems with the supplier, but Comrie said they can make some of the smaller ones they have so I decided to go for that. Luke went for the Banofee pie. There was a little wait for the dessert but I assume that was because the restaurant picked up. Both deserts were insane and I couldn't even finish mine, but again Luke helped with that. I had an amazing time at Ed's Easy Diner and will continue to go back and try some more of the delicious food. 

Ed's Easy Diner Cheesy Fries

Ed's Easy Diner burgers

Ed's Easy Diner burgers

Ed's Easy Diner pancakes

Ed's Easy Diner Banofee pie