24 June 2016

Would You Take A Digital Detox? | Lets Talk

In 2016 we are more dependant on our digital devices than ever, we are a generation of social media users, and with even our younger family members having phones and our grandparents logging in online its time to look at our addiction to social media. At the age of 21 myself, I have had a phone since the age of 14 (nowhere near as good as the phones we have now mind.) I didn't have internet on my phone and it was actually used to call and text. At home I've always had my own PC and that to me felt like my own space and I spent a lot of time online. As I got older my connection to digital devices got stronger now I own my own phone, laptop and PC as well as a smart watch and a television. The way in which we use social media is changing with myself like many others using it to connect with others online as well as for business purposes.

 I was recently introduced to the Digital Detox and their movement is all about getting people to put down their devices and fall back in love with the real world. When I discovered them and what they were about I took found a page on their website about the facts of detoxing from the digital side of life. These facts shocked me and I thought I'd share some of them with you:
  • Average adults spend an average of 8 hours 41 minutes a day on screens (more time than they are asleep).
  • 80% of smartphone users say checking their phone is the first thing they do in the morning.
  • The act of just receiving a notification, even if you don’t reply to it, is enough to severely distract you.
  • Social media makes 7 million Brits ‘depressed’ looking at friends’ perfect lives
I don't know about you but those facts make me seriously concerned but I know myself I couldn't live without my phone and my online social media fix. I feel like it's a way to stay connected with my friends who live far away (at university) as well as talk to my online friends. As well as creating content for my blog and chatting to my friends on social media. I myself have noticed the addiction to my phone, with it being the first thing in the morning and the last thing at night I look at and I am constantly checking my notifications. I am starting to wonder when enough is enough and when it is time for me disconnect from digital devices. When looking at the Digiral Detox website I did find an idea which maybe even I could implement into my life. If you've heard of the 5:2 diet this one will make sense to you, try to disconnect from your digital devices for two days a week and cut down on the rest. The weekend is usually the easiest days to do this as you are usually distracted by something else and your online presence can be less without the guilt of not doing work.

For now I plan on making some small changes into my life so that when I finally take the plunge and do the full detox I will be ready. Some of these changes will include not using my phone one hour before bed (this one will be hard!) and not using my phone around others and focussing on them instead which is something I already try to do.

Could you take the digital detox? 

*In Collaboration With Digital Detox 


  1. The only time that I take a digital detox is when I am on holiday. Because I am full-time self employed I need to use my phone a lot, however, I regularly leave it on silent to spend evenings or hours in the day with my family. It is so important to have a break!

  2. My work involves being online 8+ hours a day and then there is blogging ontop of that, I am guilty of checking my phone first thing or last thing before bed but I try to put it down when I am out with friends so I can focus on the real world.

  3. I think being a blogger I spend way much more time online than I ever used to. Trying to find time to get away from the digital world but it is much easier said than done.

    Hana | www.hanarosella.blogspot.co.uk ♥

  4. I work in Social Media and it is something about it that can be quite depressing as I literally can't get away. The day of the EU ref for example was so bloody depressing for me, not just personally as a remainer, but because it was all people were talking about online.


  5. It is so scary how much of our lives revolve around social media & technology! I love having a break from Twitter & Facebook etc, it is so addictive though! x


  6. i actually had a mini detox over the weekend as I was away and didnt have a signal and it was bliss! will be doing it again for defo!