17 June 2016

NEW from Tweezerman | Beauty

You may know from my previous post about Tweezerman that I am one of their ambassadors, they run an amazing programme for bloggers and Youtubers which is well worth getting involved with. They kindly send out some of their new launches to people who are apart of the programme and I was excited to see another package of their amazing goodies land on my door step a few weeks ago. Being Spring a lot of new launches occur in the run up to Summer, I was excited to dig and share with you the amazing lot of goodies I was sent. 

Curl & Go Eyelash Curler:
I am not usually one that curls their lashes as I don't tend to find anything that does much, when I first saw this gadget I was a little apprehensive about it and wondered how to use it. Turns out it's actually just an eyelasher curler in a compact storage unit, I love the fact that it is pink. I do enjoy the fact it is protected by a shell as it makes it more hygienic if you are putting it in your bag. Although it hasn't really changed my view on eyelash curling, for those of you who do I'd recommend spending a little extra to get this. 

Easy Finish Facial Hair Remover:
I can say I've used this a few times although the reason why is it a little grim, I had to use it on my mole *tmi, sorry* but it totally works, it's easy to use and a little bit less painless than using Tweezers.

The Tweezers the amazing quality which all of their previous ones are, but with some super cute designs on which I love. Anything pink sign me up!

Tweezerman Mini Makeup Brushes:
I honestly can say I had no idea that Tweezerman brushes even existed but upon Googling I found that they actually have a huge range. The two brushes came as a set and are perfect brushes which feel soft and are easy to apply make-up with. I'll be investing in some more of them soon!

Blending Sponge:
I've always had a love hate relationship with blending sponges, I found this one better than previous ones I've tried as it successfully blended in my make-up and it's amazing for concealer blending. Oh and again it's pink so win!

Tweezerman Eyelash Curler

Tweezerman tweezers

Tweezerman brushes

Tweezerman blending sponge


  1. I didnt know tweezerman did a facial hair remover! I need to get one of those! xxx

  2. Love the looks of the new Tweezerman products! I didn't know that they did brushes and sponges as well, but it looks like they have a good range. :)

    Olivia x

  3. This facial hair remover looks awesome, I would love to try it out. I have a few of their products but not the facial hair one.

  4. OK I totally need to look into these - I had no idea they did this sort of thing as well as the normal tweezers. x

  5. I love the tweezerman products for facial hair :) I like the look of the blending sponge too :)

  6. I've never tried their products but would love to give the tweezers a go.

  7. Can you believe I have never tried Tweezerman? I really need to!