26 June 2016

My Skincare Routine | Beauty

Up until around three months ago my skin care routine was none existent, I would cleanse my face in the shower with my magnitone but that was about it. I have always taken off my makeup properly and my acne was still always prominent. When I was with the lovely Hannah back in February we went for a skin consultation at Murad when I was shocked with my results as my skin looked damaged and aged and as well as my dire acne. Whilst visiting Murad the lovely Jemma advised me on which products to try for my acne prone skin, and despite it being £80 for three products and my bank balance crying at the time, I am so happy I invested in the skin care which I did. Plus Jemma threw in a ton of samples. For the first month of using Murad my skin was getting worse, and I was nervous I was allergic to it or it just wasn't working, but as a few friends said your skin needs to get all of the bad stuff out before it can recover and become healthy again. Sure enough they were right two months after starting using the products I noticed my skin was the best it had ever been. 

So what is my current skin care routine? I am currently using a blemish clearing solution and a hydrating moisturiser two times a day and every other day I will use my exfoliate and cleanser in the shower along with my newest addiction to my skincare routine is my Foreo which I'll get to in a second. So with the exfoliater all you need to do is tip some of the crystals into your hands and rub together with water which makes a paste which you rub all over your face. Recently since I've added my Foreo into my routine I've found it super easy to cleanse once I've rubbed the cleanser on my face I'll use the Foreo for 15 seconds on both sides to get deeper into the skin and pull out all of the dirt. I've found my skin is even better than it was before with pretty much zero spots for the majority of the month. 

As somebody who has tried so many different creams it's crazy that something as creating a skin care routine for myself and drinking more water has made such a massive difference to my skin. My skin feels healthier and looks less red and dry which is something I've suffered with in the past. I've always been pretty wary of the redness of my cheeks so this has made a massive impact on my confidence if nothing else. I just wanted to say before I go that this has not been sponsored or anything like that, this is my own views.    


  1. Drinking water has certainly helped me a lot too and I do want to invest in a Foreo or a similar product for deeper cleansing! :) x

    Jadirah Sarmad at Jasmine Catches Butterflies ʚϊɞ

  2. ive never tried mural but have heard great things about it. ive got the foreo mini play and i love it. I'm definitely going to invest in the bigger version when it runs out

  3. FOREO looks great... i will check it.

  4. I really want to up my skincare this year, because I feel like I could use it. I've already seen a vast improvement since the beginning of January (I do one face mask a week, and a daily face cleanse) x