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I polled the idea for this post on Twitter and I got 50% for yes and 50% for no, so when I re-polled it I was surprised at the different results for over 75% wanted to see this post I knew it was a no brainer plus it's been a post I've wanted to do for ages. I just wanted to state first off, I have had each of piercings done twice so the pain can't be THAT bad but some it may vary to some, a few of my piercings I have taken out now so I don't have any photos but I have shared the photos which I do have. I will talk about all of the piercings I've had done and also how much they hurt for me! I hope you enjoy this sort of post, if not sorry!

Nose Piercing: 
I thought I'd start with the easiest piercing to get, I am going to share with you lot that I've had my nose pierced around about 8 times. Yep that's right. At first it kept falling out then there was times I had to take out for work so each time I've had it pierced I've changed sides. The one I have in the photo is the one I have in currently and I love it.

Pain: I'd give the pain a 2/10 it's a really easy to deal with as it's basically a little bit of a shock as it goes through your nose and that's it, my nose hurt for around an hour and then that was it. Only thing I found was getting used to it being in my nose, but other than that I loved it!

I had my firsts done when I was younger and my seconds done around the age of 16 but after college I let them both heal up because I couldn't be bothered to have them in anymore, *no idea why* and then around a month ago I decided I wanted them back and so far I've had my firsts and seconds done but I know I want my thirds doing.

Pain: I'd give the pain a 4/10 it hurts at first but similar to the nose it's more the shock than the pain itself, both seemed to heal really quickly and I was able to change the studs pretty quickly.

Industrial Piercing: 
Just like rest, I've had this done twice but this time it wasn't my fault! At the age of 17 I got it done and I loved it, but it wouldn't heal and it kept bleeding and causing immense pain so I went to a different shop who said it was embedding into my ear and it wouldn't even stop so I had to take it out. Last year I went and got it done again and it was so much better, but when I went through a phase last year of hating all of my piercings I took it out again and I totally regret it, I may get it a done again though.

Pain: The most painful out of the piercings which I have, it hurt for a while after too and knocking it was the worst pain. I am glad I got it done again though as it's so much better and less painful when you've had it done properly. I'd give this pain a 6/10 but I'd totally go back and get it again.

Helix piercings: 
So unlike the rest I haven't had the same place done twice, but I have had three of this done in different places but sadly only one remains but I am hoping to get more. The pain of this was similar to the pain of the industrial but didn't last as long after, I am happy with this one and I think it looks great still.

Pain: Similar to the industrial but as it's only one rather two holes being made I'd only give this one a 5/10, but I am sure I am going to experience more painful piercings.

What piercings do you want? Next I want my Daith doing! 
Olivia Jade


  1. I got a dermal piercing in my hand when I was 17 which I loved but I had to get it taken out as it wasn't healing properly. Sophie x

  2. I love piercings but the older I've got the more of mine I've taken out. My most painful was probably my forward helix, but that's cos the thing they use to thread the jewellery through got stuck and the piercer couldn't get it out - OUCH is not the word.


  3. I only got my nose an my first an seconds on my lobes. But I really want a helix as well, although I am not the best with pain and didn't find the courage yet. ;)
    Patti Shifting Tales

  4. I only have my lobes pierced just two earings, my Daughter has been talking about a second piercing and I am not saying no to her having it done. I don't mind piercings tbh, I just don't like those stretch ones x

  5. I had my nose done at Oasis when I was 15. I went deaf and blind for about half an hour, no joke. I took it out 6 weeks later because I didn't like it! My daughter loves piercings, she has the helix and the daith is her latest - which has seemed to have cured her migraines, result!

  6. I went for Tattoo's instead of Piercings. For what ever reason, i just don't like them. After 25 since I got my tattoos, I wish I hadn't had them. ;)

    Thanks for Sharing

    John M.

  7. I only have my ears done - how boring is that!

  8. I'm really normal with my piercings I have 2 in one ear and 3 in the other, I used to think about getting more, but now I just feel to old lol x

  9. I only did my ear piercings a couple of years back and swore never to go back again lol. I have a low pain threshold.

  10. I'm sat here imagining the pain of some of them! You're braver than me, I think i'd just about handle the nose one

  11. I have my ears peirced 3 times in each ear and my belly button. Tempted to get my ears done for a fourth time!