15 June 2016

Lets talk personal trainers | Lifestyle

Since the year new I've been attempting to loose weight, I joined the gym and for a while was eating better. But if you know me you'll know I am awful at sticking to anything especially when it comes to diets and regimes unless somebody is constantly on my back. For a while now I've been considering joining slimming world as well as getting my own personal trainer, and I've seen many people during their sessions in the gym and although it seems intense, I know they are getting the best work out as they are being told what to do by a professional. The idea of a personal workout which is tailored to your needs and goals seems a lot better than working on it by yourself (unless you know what you are doing, unlike me who does not). I have recently been speaking to a personal trainer called Keith who is the owner of Right Path Fitness about what a personal trainer does and what the benefits are having a PT instead of going it alone. Keith states that having a personal trainer is beneficial for many reasons including learning new exercises and skills, extra motivation (yep, I need that.) As well as quicker access to reaching your goals as you have someone tracking your progress and keeping you going.

Whilst looking into the idea of getting my own personal trainer I found that you can also get them online, which I suppose would make sense in a day and age where you can just about get everything online. I love the idea of having that support and still having the independence to go it alone whilst at the gym and not having that extra pressure on your back, although I am sure that is the point right? I love the idea of having someone monitoring my progress and keeping me on track when I want to give up. BUT as being someone who lacks motivation I am wondering if I need a personal trainer to keep going with my fitness journey? The only thing stopping me at the moment is the money side of things because as a student it can be hard to find the money for things like gym memberships and personal trainers, but maybe one day it will happen.

 I would love to know your opinions on personal trainers and whether you've had one before or if you currently do. 

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  1. I am actually training to be a personal trainer myself at the moment. I think working with a personal trainer can be great to give you a tailored workout.

  2. A friend of mine uses a personal trainer and I know she wouldn't be without him now. At one point she was using him three times a week and the results were incredible. She's dropped that down to once a week now just due to the cost.

  3. I really want to get a personal trainer, but until the summer time slows down a little I don't think I can commit the time. Once mid July hits I am certainly going to be looking into this x

  4. A PT sounds amazing to be honest, to have a constant motivator while you exercise can only be a good thing. I know it'd be hard but anyone could do with that huge boost in their fitness
    Love Vicki | victoriajanex.co.uk

  5. I used to have trainers working for me at a gym, they can be very good at getting results.

  6. I've started to consider a personal trainer. I know they will work me hard in the gym but i also know they wont be happy with my diet choices!

  7. I have a PT and have had two previous ones before this one. If you do lack a bit of motivation or you hate the idea of a packed gym then PT's can be amazing. I know that the gym is not for me, I don't enjoy it and I never have and I have tried many. But I do enjoy training and now I am working on getting back to fitness again after a long time off I started looking for a new trainer and thankfully I found my current one.

    His name is Chris and he's brilliant, I have always had male trainers that's a personal preference as I find I generally get on better with men than women but I know some amazing female trainers.
    One thing I would advise is to take advantage of the first free session most trainers offer, you will not get on with every trainer in exactly the same way as you would not want to be friends with every person you meet. To me my relationship with my trainer is as important as a close friend, we've only trained together for six weeks but he has worked hard on getting to know how I work as a person and what works for me as a client and that's important that you gel together.

    I am intrigued to know if you decide to go with Keith and give PT a go. I highly recommend it and for me the money is worth it but that was definitely the biggest issue I had when deciding on whether to have a trainer again, so I completely understand the finance issue.

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  9. I've had personal training before, even if you just take it up for a few months and learn how to use the gym in a way which will best suit you, I'm sure you'll be fine. You could always ask for advice on exercises or classes and I'm sure most gyms have student discount! x