10 June 2016

Lets go glamping! | Lifestyle

As I am not a fan of camping I am so excited to say Glamping is now coming more into fashion, if you are unaware of glamping the definition of it is camping with an element of glamour (e.g. phones, beds and other things you wouldn't usually get whilst camping) most of the things which put me off camping in the first place are fixed with Glamping. Today I thought I'd bring you a guide of the essentials to take when you go Glamping (they can also used when you go camping or any on any holiday or festival!) I am not going to include the obvious which is clothes and personal hygiene items, just little extras to make your camping experience a little more luxurious! 

Must have items: 
  • A Speaker:
Whilst a speaker and my music I think I would be totally lost, I have come across this amazing no wires and no blue tooth speaker, it's amazing for listening to music when you're outside, I think it's the perfect festival buddy to have also! The sound isn't too tinny which is what I was expected, it sounds loud and perfectly amplified. 
  • Credit Card Charger: 

Perfect for when you don't have electricity but need your phone or want to charge it, I have decided this credit card charger is the perfect solution as it's purse/wallet friendly so you'll never go without it! Great solution for festivals too for an extra boost of power!

  • Hand Wipes & Sanitizer: 
Whether you are glamping, camping or going to a festival you NEED these Carex wipes in your life, they're amazing for everything from spillages, to freshening to cleaning up spills; without these in general I'd be lost! 

Other Items: 

I'd totally recommend taking these camping, glamping and to festivals but the choice is yours; some of these are more appropriate when you're going away with friends but totally fun and worth while all the same!

  • Selfie Remote:
Want to take photos with your friends but don't have someone to take them with? This is 100% the solution, put your camera on something and step back and have fun and take photos just by pressing one button! Cool right?

  • Wine Tumbler 
Perfect for any type of drink not just wine, it stops the liquid leaking out of the glass, as it's a wine glass shape I am assuming it is intended for that but feel free to fill it up with anything which takes you fancy! 

  • Light Up Bunting
This beauty is perfect for everywhere and anywhere; whether you fancy decorating your tent or your front room I love the way this looks; it's totally summery and fun for anywhere you fancy. It's the perfect way to find your tent even when it's not turned on! 

I just wanted to point out the light box at the start is from Design 55 and perfect for making a cute sign and can be used indoors or outdoors. I love it for leaving adorable messages!  

*Contains PR samples.  


  1. Love this post! Totally agree that you need good speakers and certainly some hand wipes while camping.

    Anika | anikamay.co.uk

  2. I love this, I've never been glamping before but sounds like a lot of fun. I also love the light box. Sophie x


  3. "Glamping", haha what a brilliant term! Sounds like something I'd love because just like you, I hate actual camping! It gives me massive anxiety. Also, the credit card charger sounds genius!

    www.saarasofia.com | Bloglovin’ 

  4. My partner wants us to go camping, I might suggest glamping instead x

  5. I've been seeing glamping around lately too and to be honest it is interesting despite I am not much of a camper. Thank you for sharing ... I totally love everything.