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 A few weeks ago something exciting happened in Stafford, and if you're not aware of Stafford it's a small (ish) town in the Midlands, with hardly any shops and about five restaurants; bit boring as you can guess. I heard about Revolution opening in Stafford and at the time I knew nothing about the company themselves or the fact it is a chain which sells food as well as AMAZING cocktails. One afternoon me and Luke decided to pop in and see what Revolution is all about!

I am quite a fussy eater and also a vegetarian so the fact that they have plenty of vegetarian options and not just a burger meant a big thumbs up from myself! Me and Luke spent a fairly long time looking at the menu as we were spoilt for choice; Revs offer everything from sandwiches to main meals and of course the best part of the menu DESSERT. I decided to go for the Halloumi and chips *was swayed by the mushy peas* and Luke went for the chicken burrito. Within 15 minutes the food arrived (as promised by their 15 minute or free guarantee) and we were totally overwhelmed with the amount of yummy food which was upon us. My Halloumi meal was similar to fish and chips but with the vegetarian alternative, although I got very full very quickly as I decided to order a side of beer battered onion rings along with the beer battered Halloumi, but no worries as I had human dustbin Luke with me who helped me to finish off the lot. Luke thoroughly enjoyed his chicken wrap and is planning to have to again soon. When looking through the menu we did actually notice that some of the burgers have crisps in which we found unusual but super quirky.

For dessert I ordered a salted caramel fondue and Luke ordered a Nutella fluffwich, although the desserts took a lot longer to come than the mains which was a bit of a downfall as it wasn't really busy at this point at all. When they arrived though it made it all worthwhile, I ended up demolishing some gorgeous dough sticks along with plenty of marshmallows heavily dunked in salted caramel while Luke loved his Nutella Fluffwich which I have to admit tastes like pancakes *yummy*. Overall we had a fabulous experience at Revolution and I am super happy it has happened 15 minutes away from my house!! The d├ęcor is super rustic and fun and I will be back to try some of their fabulous cocktails!

Revolution Menu

Revolution Cocktail Menu

Revolution Halloumi and chips


Revolution Bars

Revolution Salted Caramel Fondue

Fluffwich Revolution

 Have you been to Revolution?
Olivia Jade


  1. I have yet to get there. Based on the dishes you enjoyed, it needs to be sooner rather than later. Delicious!

  2. This looks so good! I just googled it and turns out we have one in Sheffield, I'd never even realised! I'll definitely be going for a visit some time soon. Thanks for sharing!

    Maddie x |

  3. I have never been to Revolution, but the food looks awesome. I need to find out if there is one in London.

  4. Aw thats so cool that Revolution has opened next to you! I have been to revolution lots of times and always had a lovely time. The food is delicious and the cocktails are even better! xxx

  5. This looks delicious, I wonder if the have one near me.

  6. Mmm looks like some great eats! How great to have that many restaurants to choose from too!

  7. What a food paradise. I would love to try the salted caramel fondue as well.

  8. What a food paradise. I would love to try the salted caramel fondue as well.

  9. Mmm, the thought of beer battered onion rings and halloumi is having me drooling here! The food looks and sounds amazing.
    With a vegetarian husband, he'd love it here too.

  10. We are only in Shropshire so this is a viable option for us. Man those desserts look just amazing too!!!

  11. I'm just down the road from Stafford in Newport, so I reckon we'll be paying this a visit soon!

  12. It looks lovely! I've been meaning to go to the one nearby me but keep forgetting all about it. We used to go during dinner time at uni and theg often had great deals on during the week. Your desserts look amazing! x