11 June 2016

Fathers Day With Debenhams | Lifestyle

For those of you who have been putting off buying your fathers day gifts for some time now you are not alone! But with Fathers day a week on Sunday it's probably time you get your thinking cap on and purchase your dad a present! With the help of the lovely people at Debenhams I am bringing you the present perfect for any dads who are a bit of a big kid at heart, examples of those types of dads are the ones who love playing games and pranks and also love all things fun such as tech and other gadgets! The gift idea I am bringing you today is the Fitbit Blaze which is a fitness tracker, heart rate monitor and just all round good watch. The reason I've gone with the Blaze is because I feel it is the most high tech out of all of the Fitbit watches, with cool interchangeable straps in many colours and if that isn't enough it's actually touch screen too! 

Like all of the other Fitbit watches it's controlled by an app which is easier to control the data, find out how many calories are being burnt as well as keeping track of your calories and being able to change the background of the clock face at any time. With the Fitbit Blaze you can even get emails to your phone when the battery is running low. Although this may be a higher budget present for your dad as opposed to the usual I love you dad mug, I'd say it's a worthy investment. With my Dad having his birthday a week before Fathers Day I will usually buy a joint present and this makes a perfect example. If you dad is looking to loose weight or is an all around fitness buff this would make a fabulous and well appreciated present, as well as the best gym buddy around. If this particular Fitbit is out of your budget there are plenty of other choices such as the Charge HR and the Flex which both having amazing qualities for less. 

If you are looking for a Fathers Day gift for a 'big kid at heart' check out what other gifts Debenhams have to offer!

*In Collaboration with Debenhams 


  1. I wish my Dad hadn't bought himself one so I could have bought it. They are a perfect gift though, my Dad loves his! I still need to buy him something x

    Tamz | http://www.throughneweyesx.com

  2. I am quite intrigued by this, such a great idea and so wearable!

  3. Great idea! Sophie x


  4. Been keeping an eye on a few different FitBits, Ive never considered the Blaze model but you've twisted my arm slightly