22 June 2016

Be The Change | Lets Talk

As you probably know by now, Wednesday is lets talk day on my blog (most of the time) as I love to talk about issues which I feel are important and be the change and end the stigma. Today is a little different as it's not mental health based, I am talking about breaking the barriers and changing lives for the better. This post is mainly focusing on the stigma which older people face on a daily basis and they totally shouldn't have to. I recently saw an amazing post called Breaking Barriers and it is about teaching older people new skills and changing their lives for the better. Some people assume that because people are 'old' they are pretty much worthless.

Working with all types of people at work, I know that because a person has reached a certain age it does not make them any less capable of achieving things and having a good life. The campaign Breaking Barriers is all about the older generation able to live older lives now because of better care and medication and why not have them learn new skills instead of stopping them living their lives? I personally think an age is just a number when it comes to life and somebody who is 35 is as capable as somebody who is 75. My Grandma is 70 and you'd never think it from the life she lives, she goes to work, she goes shopping with me and to the pub. I think being part of the older generation is making them more determined to live a fuller and fun life. I love the idea of helping people and that is what I will continue to do and I will help everyone that I can!

Remember we can all be the change. 

*In Collaboration With Seconds Matter & Breaking Barriers. 


  1. Yea we can all be the change. Every one of us has the responsibility to be the change we all want to see in the world.

  2. What a lovely post! X
    Love Vicki | victoriajanex

  3. What a beautiful post, it is great that you're raising awareness. And it breaks my heart when old people are considered worthless as we wouldn't even exist without them - and I love my grandparents and would never want them to be treated badly because of their age. Age really is just a number. xx


  4. This is lovely and I totally agree. Through my work I see a lot of older people taking music lessons and it's awesome to see. It really helps them continue learning and challenges themselves :) xx

    Effi | www.sparkleberryblog.com