Top 10 Fashion Tips For Festival Season | Fashion

Festival season is almost here so we will share our fashion tips and sunglasses recommendations!

Music festivals are the newest hot trend among celebrities and it-girls. These festivals have become a sort of impromptu fashion showcase, where attendees show off the best, most buzz-worthy festival outfits they can put together. If you're at a loss as to what to wear to a festival, you can just keep a few basic things in mind and build your entire look off of those.

Also, since most daytime music festivals are held under the sun, you can surely benefit from a pair of stylish sunglasses that add even more flair to your look.

Incorporate a lot of florals

Music festivals are trying to recapture the magic of Woodstock, the iconic flower child music festival. With this in mind, attendees today incorporate a lot of flowers in their look. You can have a cotton floral dress that can go with a denim or brown leather vest. Your shoes can have flower detailing. Also, you can cop a pair of cat-eye Dolce & Gabbana sunglasses that have a delicate flower detailing on the frames.

Get comfortable in loud patterns

Music festivals see a lot of bold colors and loud patterns in attendees' outfits. You can put on a patterned crop top or a pair of leopard print shorts. You can wear a flowy tunic sporting tribal patterns. You can also opt for a long, lacy shift dress. Your clothes can either fit you snugly or flow out from your body. The trick here is to determine what works best for your body type. Smaller frames can do best in shorts and short dresses, as well as well-fitting tops. Meanwhile, taller girls can get away with wearing long, flowy clothes.

You can find sunglasses with frames that match the color and pattern of your clothes. Banton Frameworks has a collection of handmade frames for men and woman that will go down a treat at any of this this year’s festivals.

Wear comfortable but stylish shoes

Going to a music festival entails standing for long periods of time or walking on uneven or dusty turf. Even though a pair of thin heels can work best with the outfit you chose, odds are that you'll have to endure hours of pain and discomfort for the sake of style. If you want to wear heels, you would do well with shorter, chunkier heels. You can also wear tasseled ankle boots that can protect your feet from accumulating too much dirt or dust. You can also wear strappy leather sandals or gladiator shoes.

The thing to consider when picking your shoes for a festival is the combination of style and comfort.

Dress for the weather

Music festivals get crowded and hot. Some festivals are held in a humid desert, under the hot sun. This means that you need to pick an outfit that won't give you heat stroke. You therefore need to be careful with the material of your clothes. You need to avoid polyester, which is a material best suited for cold weather. You also need to avoid rayon and silk, since they are water resistant and will cause sweat to build up. White tops or dresses will also be great, since they can hide sweat stains very well.

Love layers and tassels

Layering can pack an extra punch in your outfits. For example, you can wear a light cotton shirt over a patterned crop top. You can also incorporate tassels by carrying tasseled leather bags or wearing tasseled earrings. You can wear a tasseled west over a tank top and shorts. If you're concerned about the heat, you can wear a sheer lace top over a bikini top. You can also layer your necklaces by wearing chains or beads in varying lengths.

Put on metal and beaded jewelry

Another striking trend in festival fashion is the prominence of shiny, metallic jewelry. A lot of people are wearing studded sandals, heavy silver rings, and chokers with shiny metal pendants. If you're feeling a little edgy, you can wear a pure metal choker and layer a few necklaces to complete your look.

You can also get your sunglasses to match your jewelry by getting a glittering pair or frames that have metallic studs.

Modernize vintage looks

Since music festival looks pay tribute to hippie chic fashion, you can take cues from pictures of Woodstock and musicians from the sixties or early seventies. Janet Joplin, for example, sported flowy robes with loud patterns and round sunglasses. Jimi Hendrix was often seen with wide, trumpet-like sleeves and scarves tied around his head. You can update these looks to make them look less dated by streamlining the silhouettes or toning the patterns down.

Work with your skin tone

People with warm skin tones have a golden, yellowish, or bronze tint to their skin. People with cool skin tones have a pinkish, bluish undertone to their complexion. A warm skin tone can look sickly with the wrong color, while some colors can wash out cool skin tones. People with warm skin tones look better in gold and earth tones. People with cool skin tones look better in blues, pinks, purples, and shades of gray and black.

Adopt a boho hairstyle

If you've seen Gossip Girl, then you've admired Blake Lively's long, beachy locks at least once. Festival goers usually sport the same flowing, wavy hair with strategic highlights. You can achieve this look and maintain it by moisturizing and conditioning your hair properly. You can also accessorize your hair with a headband, or even tie it up in a ponytail to avoid tangles. Of course, you can also just let your hair flow by leaving it down.

Bare your legs or midriff

Or both! If you're attending a festival in warmer climes, this look is for you. Patterned or embroidered crop tops can keep you cool while making you look stylish. You can wear short shorts or short dresses with hems that stop mid-thigh. You can accentuate your legs with strappy gladiator sandals or accessorize with an eye-catching bellybutton ring.

*Guest Post

Numbers don't define me | Lets Talk

In my life at the moment especially with Summer arriving I am hearing a lot about weight, dress sizes and other things which relate to appearance. Being someone who has for the last five years struggled with the problems which weight offers, I will be the first to say if you are happy with your size, do not let anybody else tell you any differently. When shopping for clothes I've always noticed the crazy changes from sizes from shop to shop and to be honest why are we defined by a totally random number? In my opinion I've been as small as a 10 in one shop and a 16 in another. At least mens sizes are measured in inches, which makes a bit more sense compared to women's. I am quite honestly bored of being that number, my size is my size and I am happy with that. Whether you're a size 6 or a 26 there is no reason you shouldn't LOVE your body and if you are happy with who you are; then keep being happy, I am sure you look amazing! I hate that trying on a larger size in the clothes shop when something doesn't fit can often seem embarrassing but why should it? At the end of the day something as trivial as a number shouldn't let you feel down or sad about yourself.

It makes me mad and even sad that something as trivial as a clothing size or a number on a scale has such a big impact on our lives, you are you and you are not that number. Seeing the scales showing my biggest weight in my entire life did panic me and I felt disgusting for a while but to be honest why? Why does something like that ruin everything I have worked so hard on, trying to get my mental health back in order I don't see why I should even care. I also feel it is important to say when I was my lowest weight back in 2009 that was also seen as a problem so I can't really win. YOU are not your size and you look beautiful whatever size you are and however you feel comfortable you should accept yourself for that. I hate the idea of the media telling us how we should look, feel and act. We are humans at the end of the day and most humans gain and loose weight it is just natural. Different circumstances in your life lead to different weights, sizes and attitudes.

Being somebody has been a size 6, 8, 10, 12, 14 and now a 16 I can honestly say if you don't love yourself on the inside no matter how small you are you won't love yourself on the outside. On the other side of things if you ENJOY losing weight and that makes you happy that is what you should do, but if you don't want to and you don't care about it, don't let anybody ever tell you what to do, you be you and that's great. What this post has been about is me telling you, be happy with who you are and don't let something like a number inside of a dress define your mood, you are perfect the way you are.

My Skincare Routine | Beauty

Up until around three months ago my skin care routine was none existent, I would cleanse my face in the shower with my magnitone but that was about it. I have always taken off my makeup properly and my acne was still always prominent. When I was with the lovely Hannah back in February we went for a skin consultation at Murad when I was shocked with my results as my skin looked damaged and aged and as well as my dire acne. Whilst visiting Murad the lovely Jemma advised me on which products to try for my acne prone skin, and despite it being £80 for three products and my bank balance crying at the time, I am so happy I invested in the skin care which I did. Plus Jemma threw in a ton of samples. For the first month of using Murad my skin was getting worse, and I was nervous I was allergic to it or it just wasn't working, but as a few friends said your skin needs to get all of the bad stuff out before it can recover and become healthy again. Sure enough they were right two months after starting using the products I noticed my skin was the best it had ever been. 

So what is my current skin care routine? I am currently using a blemish clearing solution and a hydrating moisturiser two times a day and every other day I will use my exfoliate and cleanser in the shower along with my newest addiction to my skincare routine is my Foreo which I'll get to in a second. So with the exfoliater all you need to do is tip some of the crystals into your hands and rub together with water which makes a paste which you rub all over your face. Recently since I've added my Foreo into my routine I've found it super easy to cleanse once I've rubbed the cleanser on my face I'll use the Foreo for 15 seconds on both sides to get deeper into the skin and pull out all of the dirt. I've found my skin is even better than it was before with pretty much zero spots for the majority of the month. 

As somebody who has tried so many different creams it's crazy that something as creating a skin care routine for myself and drinking more water has made such a massive difference to my skin. My skin feels healthier and looks less red and dry which is something I've suffered with in the past. I've always been pretty wary of the redness of my cheeks so this has made a massive impact on my confidence if nothing else. I just wanted to say before I go that this has not been sponsored or anything like that, this is my own views.    

Too Faced Chocolate Bon Bons Palette | Beauty

Too Faced is the latest beauty brand to leave a stamp on my face, I heard of them as being a brand in the States and it wasn't until recently I noticed them in a local Debenhams that I realized they're now available in the UK. From their stand out eyeshadow palettes to their unforgettable foundation, Too Faced are a new staple brand in my eyes and perfect for all of your beauty needs. Their chocolate palettes took off, with the actual palette smelling like chocolate and having a variety of chocolate based shades. The newest palette in the collection is the super girly, pink and lovely Bon Bons palette, so I decided to treat myself to this and I thought I'd love you the low down in this review and I hope you enjoy.

First things first, how adorable is both sets of packaging? The outer box is almost as lovely as the palette within, with pretty font and colours tying in with the actual palette it had me drawn to it. I didn't even want to open the palette itself as the box looked too sweet. When I opened the palette itself I was drawn to the variety of gorgeous pinks and browns and also the adorable smell of the chocolate once again. The palette is made up of 12 new shades and 2 staple ones to start you off, with these gorgeous shades including deep browns, a bright pink and a beautiful deep grey the eye looks you can create are endless, and it's such a fun palette to play with.

With a variety of glitter shades and matte ones their is choice for everyone whether you prefer glitter or something a bit more matte you can create some eye looks suited to you. The palette is filled with little delights which are pops of colour to the original chocolate palette which is mainly all browns. I love the names all of all of the shadows as it makes them even more indulgent and relates me back to some sort of sweet/chocolate from cotton candy to dark truffle the choices are yours to make. The shadows themselves are long lasting and easy to apply and I find them a great staple with some of my Urban Decay palettes to mix and match or make perfect looks on their own.

Too Faced Chocolate Bon Bons Palette Box

Too Faced Chocolate Bon Bons Palette

Too Faced Chocolate Bon Bons Palette Shadows

What do you think of this palette? 

The Bakehouse Review | Lifestyle

I was recently in my town, walking around town I can't even remember what reason for and I came across this adorable little cake shop with a huge bear wearing an apron outside and as our town is so small and things like this NEVER appear, I knew I had to go in and at least taste their cupcakes! When I went inside I was told I could sit anywhere which took my fancy and they popped a menu in front of me and said they would be back to take my order whenever I was ready, which I found totally cute. I wasn't feeling super hungry so I decided to go for a cupcake and some fresh lemonade although in future I will totally be trying one of their fresh soups as they sound tasty or maybe even an afternoon tea, it's times like this I wish I liked actual tea as the tea menu looked so cool! 

When the cupcake arrived to my table it was on a cute plate with a mini fork and looked so tasty and I couldn't help but take many pictures of it before tucking it. The cake actually had jam in the middle which was a surprise to me as I've never known cupcakes to have something in the middle but I loved it none the less and found myself eating it super quickly *oops*. I washed it down with some lovely lemonade and then stayed sat for a few minutes pondering whether I should have soup before deciding I shouldn't and paying the bill. I can't wait to go with some friends/my mum and have a proper meal or afternoon tea and enjoy even more of what the Bakehouse to offer! 

The Bakehouse

The Bakehouse

The Bakehouse

The Bakehouse

The Bakehouse

How cute is the Bakehouse? Do you have somewhere similar near you? 

Would You Take A Digital Detox? | Lets Talk

In 2016 we are more dependant on our digital devices than ever, we are a generation of social media users, and with even our younger family members having phones and our grandparents logging in online its time to look at our addiction to social media. At the age of 21 myself, I have had a phone since the age of 14 (nowhere near as good as the phones we have now mind.) I didn't have internet on my phone and it was actually used to call and text. At home I've always had my own PC and that to me felt like my own space and I spent a lot of time online. As I got older my connection to digital devices got stronger now I own my own phone, laptop and PC as well as a smart watch and a television. The way in which we use social media is changing with myself like many others using it to connect with others online as well as for business purposes.

 I was recently introduced to the Digital Detox and their movement is all about getting people to put down their devices and fall back in love with the real world. When I discovered them and what they were about I took found a page on their website about the facts of detoxing from the digital side of life. These facts shocked me and I thought I'd share some of them with you:
  • Average adults spend an average of 8 hours 41 minutes a day on screens (more time than they are asleep).
  • 80% of smartphone users say checking their phone is the first thing they do in the morning.
  • The act of just receiving a notification, even if you don’t reply to it, is enough to severely distract you.
  • Social media makes 7 million Brits ‘depressed’ looking at friends’ perfect lives
I don't know about you but those facts make me seriously concerned but I know myself I couldn't live without my phone and my online social media fix. I feel like it's a way to stay connected with my friends who live far away (at university) as well as talk to my online friends. As well as creating content for my blog and chatting to my friends on social media. I myself have noticed the addiction to my phone, with it being the first thing in the morning and the last thing at night I look at and I am constantly checking my notifications. I am starting to wonder when enough is enough and when it is time for me disconnect from digital devices. When looking at the Digiral Detox website I did find an idea which maybe even I could implement into my life. If you've heard of the 5:2 diet this one will make sense to you, try to disconnect from your digital devices for two days a week and cut down on the rest. The weekend is usually the easiest days to do this as you are usually distracted by something else and your online presence can be less without the guilt of not doing work.

For now I plan on making some small changes into my life so that when I finally take the plunge and do the full detox I will be ready. Some of these changes will include not using my phone one hour before bed (this one will be hard!) and not using my phone around others and focussing on them instead which is something I already try to do.

Could you take the digital detox? 

*In Collaboration With Digital Detox 

Be The Change | Lets Talk

As you probably know by now, Wednesday is lets talk day on my blog (most of the time) as I love to talk about issues which I feel are important and be the change and end the stigma. Today is a little different as it's not mental health based, I am talking about breaking the barriers and changing lives for the better. This post is mainly focusing on the stigma which older people face on a daily basis and they totally shouldn't have to. I recently saw an amazing post called Breaking Barriers and it is about teaching older people new skills and changing their lives for the better. Some people assume that because people are 'old' they are pretty much worthless.

Working with all types of people at work, I know that because a person has reached a certain age it does not make them any less capable of achieving things and having a good life. The campaign Breaking Barriers is all about the older generation able to live older lives now because of better care and medication and why not have them learn new skills instead of stopping them living their lives? I personally think an age is just a number when it comes to life and somebody who is 35 is as capable as somebody who is 75. My Grandma is 70 and you'd never think it from the life she lives, she goes to work, she goes shopping with me and to the pub. I think being part of the older generation is making them more determined to live a fuller and fun life. I love the idea of helping people and that is what I will continue to do and I will help everyone that I can!

Remember we can all be the change. 

*In Collaboration With Seconds Matter & Breaking Barriers. 

Documentaries Everyone SHOULD Watch | Lifestyle

I love documentaries, I always have. I enjoy to learn new things as well as watch programmes on interesting topics. I have previous done a post on documentaries I love so if you don't enjoy any of the suggestions from this list there's always plenty more to view. I am going to share my list of documentaries everyone should watch at least once, I found these particular documentaries to taught me something interesting and hopefully will do the same for you.

Making A Murderer: 
This documentary shocked me so much I wrote a blog post on it, most of you have properly already seen it but for those of who you haven't it's a shocking look into the justice system which is in place in America in some states. It shows a man who has spent over 30 years of his life in jail for crimes he didn't commit. Totally anger provoking documentary. 

Murdered By My Father:
I watched this documentary unaware of what was about to come in this drama (based on real stories), I was hooked from 2 minutes in until the very last second and couldn't help but cry most of the way through, a very sad but real drama. Although not a documentary as such it features something that lots of women have to go through on a daily basis and shows the real side of arranged marriage.  

Worlds Worst Place To Be A Woman? 
I found it hard to pin point just one documentary that Stacey Dooley has done as she has done SO many amazing ones, but I felt myself particularly drawn to this one as I feel it could of been me. The documentary shows the scary things that women have to go through in Honduras and how many women get murdered there on a daily basis. It's truly eyeopening and makes you want to help them so bad. 

Professor Green: Hidden And Homeless: 
I cannot thank the BBC enough for making this documentary, it's such an eye opening piece on modern day homelessness and the struggles that people go through on the streets. Something can happen which changes your life and leaves you homeless and you end up getting addicted to drugs to help you face the cold, scary reality of being homeless. It is not all what meets the eye when it comes to these people and it's totally made me feel even more strongly about helping the homeless. 

Unhung Hero: 
This was a documentary I watched a long time along but it's stuck with me, it's a weird one as it doesn't affect me directly but it shows what one man will go through to get a larger penis, I think it's a totally eye opening documentary about the struggles men have with their bodies as much as women. 

Meet The Devotees: 
This documentary sent me into a massive rage whilst watching it, I felt disgusted and sad for the people affected. The documentary shares the stories of people who suffer with physical disabilities and people that get off on that. It's awful to see the people who struggle with these disabilities on a daily, be made into porn and their struggles turned into enjoyment.  

Would you like to see a part three to this? 

NEW from Tweezerman | Beauty

You may know from my previous post about Tweezerman that I am one of their ambassadors, they run an amazing programme for bloggers and Youtubers which is well worth getting involved with. They kindly send out some of their new launches to people who are apart of the programme and I was excited to see another package of their amazing goodies land on my door step a few weeks ago. Being Spring a lot of new launches occur in the run up to Summer, I was excited to dig and share with you the amazing lot of goodies I was sent. 

Curl & Go Eyelash Curler:
I am not usually one that curls their lashes as I don't tend to find anything that does much, when I first saw this gadget I was a little apprehensive about it and wondered how to use it. Turns out it's actually just an eyelasher curler in a compact storage unit, I love the fact that it is pink. I do enjoy the fact it is protected by a shell as it makes it more hygienic if you are putting it in your bag. Although it hasn't really changed my view on eyelash curling, for those of you who do I'd recommend spending a little extra to get this. 

Easy Finish Facial Hair Remover:
I can say I've used this a few times although the reason why is it a little grim, I had to use it on my mole *tmi, sorry* but it totally works, it's easy to use and a little bit less painless than using Tweezers.

The Tweezers the amazing quality which all of their previous ones are, but with some super cute designs on which I love. Anything pink sign me up!

Tweezerman Mini Makeup Brushes:
I honestly can say I had no idea that Tweezerman brushes even existed but upon Googling I found that they actually have a huge range. The two brushes came as a set and are perfect brushes which feel soft and are easy to apply make-up with. I'll be investing in some more of them soon!

Blending Sponge:
I've always had a love hate relationship with blending sponges, I found this one better than previous ones I've tried as it successfully blended in my make-up and it's amazing for concealer blending. Oh and again it's pink so win!

Tweezerman Eyelash Curler

Tweezerman tweezers

Tweezerman brushes

Tweezerman blending sponge

Lets talk personal trainers | Lifestyle

Since the year new I've been attempting to loose weight, I joined the gym and for a while was eating better. But if you know me you'll know I am awful at sticking to anything especially when it comes to diets and regimes unless somebody is constantly on my back. For a while now I've been considering joining slimming world as well as getting my own personal trainer, and I've seen many people during their sessions in the gym and although it seems intense, I know they are getting the best work out as they are being told what to do by a professional. The idea of a personal workout which is tailored to your needs and goals seems a lot better than working on it by yourself (unless you know what you are doing, unlike me who does not). I have recently been speaking to a personal trainer called Keith who is the owner of Right Path Fitness about what a personal trainer does and what the benefits are having a PT instead of going it alone. Keith states that having a personal trainer is beneficial for many reasons including learning new exercises and skills, extra motivation (yep, I need that.) As well as quicker access to reaching your goals as you have someone tracking your progress and keeping you going.

Whilst looking into the idea of getting my own personal trainer I found that you can also get them online, which I suppose would make sense in a day and age where you can just about get everything online. I love the idea of having that support and still having the independence to go it alone whilst at the gym and not having that extra pressure on your back, although I am sure that is the point right? I love the idea of having someone monitoring my progress and keeping me on track when I want to give up. BUT as being someone who lacks motivation I am wondering if I need a personal trainer to keep going with my fitness journey? The only thing stopping me at the moment is the money side of things because as a student it can be hard to find the money for things like gym memberships and personal trainers, but maybe one day it will happen.

 I would love to know your opinions on personal trainers and whether you've had one before or if you currently do. 

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Simple Ways To Create A Cleaner House | Lifestyle

Cleaning is the bane of most adults lives and we spend a lot of time doing it. Today I thought I'd create a little bit of a post on my top tips on simple ways to create a cleaner house, as I have been living in a student house for the last year cleaning is often done together and is done a lot to keep on top of the mess that a lot of people living under one roof can create. With me shortly moving into my own house I wanted to talk about the tips I've learnt and how I plan to carry them with me into my new house.

Tip One:  Keep on top of it!
When you start out keeping one day a week to cleaning sounds like the best idea, you get to leave it to one day a week and then do all of your cleaning then. BUT what happens when that day of the week arrives and you can't be bothered and it just builds up and builds up! Do something each day around the house and that way it's a smaller task when you do the cleaning rather than one massive job. 

Tip Two: Get a decent hoover. 
I didn't realize how much a decent hoover can change the way you can, recently my boyfriend invested in a Dyson which is cordless and also a handheld, it's amazing because you can clean just about anything with it without carrying around a super heavy hoover. I love the way I am able to clean up hamster food off the floor with the the detachable part as well clean upstairs without nearly dragging myself down the hoover.

Tip Three: Make cleaning fun. 
Okay so this one is a little bit of a strange one and to most of you I am assuming you are thinking, how do you make cleaning fun. Everyone will find this one a bit different but it is about doing what you can to make it fun. So in my opinion putting on some motivational music and using some new products which I haven't tried before makes it more interesting. But of course it's up to you how you go about doing this.

I hope you enjoyed this post and I would love any of your tips in the comments below!

*In Collaboration With Tesco

How to get US brands shipped to the UK | Lifestyle

Since falling in love with make-up more than ever this year I have wanted to get some beauty products from the US over to the UK and I've heard about lots of other bloggers doing this, but I've never had the guts to do it myself as I have always been worried about the risks, that was until I was contacted by the lovely people from My Mall Box asking me if I wanted to review their shipping service and of course I said yes! As soon as I took online to purchase some goodies I was drawn straight to Colourpop, they're a US brand I've ALWAYS wanted to try and I have heard SO many amazing things about them from many other bloggers. So with that I decided I would order from them, so what happens next? 

The Items In My 'Basket'

Before you go through the check out you need to sign up to My Mall Box who will give you a shipping address to use when purchasing the items, the address is actually in their warehouse. When you go to process your order you just send the order to the address you've been given on My Mall Box, some places asking for a billing address so I put the same address as given to me but paid through PayPal so it would actually work as UK addresses weren't allowed to be imputed for some reason. Then started the waiting game, waiting for Colourpop goodies to arrive at the My Mall Box warehouse which I think took over a week but that was down to Colourpop and obviously orders from different places can be different waiting times. 

After a week I got an email from My Mall Box to say my items had arrived and asked if I would like to get them repackaged, I decided against it as I knew what I was ordering wouldn't be massive but if you're ordering from different places and getting them in different orders or a large order I'd recommend paying for it to be repacked as it'll be cheaper postage. After this I was asked to input my address as well which delivery method I wanted to pick. As I was given credit I went for the quickest method which was $31 which isn't even that bad from the US. There are many other price options too dependant on the speed you want it to arrive. I received an email the next day saying it would arrive on Monday and this was Friday, little did I know it was actually on the way to my house and arrived just two days after being received it My Mall Box! I was so happy with the quickness of the service and actually how simple it was to do, I always expected something a lot more complicated and possibly dodgy? BUT it's easy and the website has clear and easy to understand instructions. I would totally order SO many more things from the States after trialling this service.  


Keep your eyes pealed for a Colourpop review post! 

*In Collaboration with My Mall Box

Shop My Style #3 | Fashion

It's becoming a bit of a regular feature on my blog lately and I am back again with another shop my style! Every time I post this feature it gets a lot of views and I like to show you lovelies my style and you seem to enjoy the pieces I pick to create the outfits and I decided to add a bit of a different theme to it this week and that is dresses, and how to dress a dress up and down as I thought it would be a bit of a challenge for me as well to create some new looks. If you missed the last Shop My Style you can check it out here!

Dress is from H&M 
Shoes are from MandM Direct
Bag is from MandM Direct 
Jacket is from  H&M 

Dress is from Quiz Clothing 
Shoes are from Kurt Geiger 
Bag is from House of Fraser 
Earrings are from Pandora

What did you think of my latest Shop My Style? 

Fathers Day With Debenhams | Lifestyle

For those of you who have been putting off buying your fathers day gifts for some time now you are not alone! But with Fathers day a week on Sunday it's probably time you get your thinking cap on and purchase your dad a present! With the help of the lovely people at Debenhams I am bringing you the present perfect for any dads who are a bit of a big kid at heart, examples of those types of dads are the ones who love playing games and pranks and also love all things fun such as tech and other gadgets! The gift idea I am bringing you today is the Fitbit Blaze which is a fitness tracker, heart rate monitor and just all round good watch. The reason I've gone with the Blaze is because I feel it is the most high tech out of all of the Fitbit watches, with cool interchangeable straps in many colours and if that isn't enough it's actually touch screen too! 

Like all of the other Fitbit watches it's controlled by an app which is easier to control the data, find out how many calories are being burnt as well as keeping track of your calories and being able to change the background of the clock face at any time. With the Fitbit Blaze you can even get emails to your phone when the battery is running low. Although this may be a higher budget present for your dad as opposed to the usual I love you dad mug, I'd say it's a worthy investment. With my Dad having his birthday a week before Fathers Day I will usually buy a joint present and this makes a perfect example. If you dad is looking to loose weight or is an all around fitness buff this would make a fabulous and well appreciated present, as well as the best gym buddy around. If this particular Fitbit is out of your budget there are plenty of other choices such as the Charge HR and the Flex which both having amazing qualities for less. 

If you are looking for a Fathers Day gift for a 'big kid at heart' check out what other gifts Debenhams have to offer!

*In Collaboration with Debenhams 

Lets go glamping! | Lifestyle

As I am not a fan of camping I am so excited to say Glamping is now coming more into fashion, if you are unaware of glamping the definition of it is camping with an element of glamour (e.g. phones, beds and other things you wouldn't usually get whilst camping) most of the things which put me off camping in the first place are fixed with Glamping. Today I thought I'd bring you a guide of the essentials to take when you go Glamping (they can also used when you go camping or any on any holiday or festival!) I am not going to include the obvious which is clothes and personal hygiene items, just little extras to make your camping experience a little more luxurious! 

Must have items: 
  • A Speaker:
Whilst a speaker and my music I think I would be totally lost, I have come across this amazing no wires and no blue tooth speaker, it's amazing for listening to music when you're outside, I think it's the perfect festival buddy to have also! The sound isn't too tinny which is what I was expected, it sounds loud and perfectly amplified. 
  • Credit Card Charger: 

Perfect for when you don't have electricity but need your phone or want to charge it, I have decided this credit card charger is the perfect solution as it's purse/wallet friendly so you'll never go without it! Great solution for festivals too for an extra boost of power!

  • Hand Wipes & Sanitizer: 
Whether you are glamping, camping or going to a festival you NEED these Carex wipes in your life, they're amazing for everything from spillages, to freshening to cleaning up spills; without these in general I'd be lost! 

Other Items: 

I'd totally recommend taking these camping, glamping and to festivals but the choice is yours; some of these are more appropriate when you're going away with friends but totally fun and worth while all the same!

  • Selfie Remote:
Want to take photos with your friends but don't have someone to take them with? This is 100% the solution, put your camera on something and step back and have fun and take photos just by pressing one button! Cool right?

  • Wine Tumbler 
Perfect for any type of drink not just wine, it stops the liquid leaking out of the glass, as it's a wine glass shape I am assuming it is intended for that but feel free to fill it up with anything which takes you fancy! 

  • Light Up Bunting
This beauty is perfect for everywhere and anywhere; whether you fancy decorating your tent or your front room I love the way this looks; it's totally summery and fun for anywhere you fancy. It's the perfect way to find your tent even when it's not turned on! 

I just wanted to point out the light box at the start is from Design 55 and perfect for making a cute sign and can be used indoors or outdoors. I love it for leaving adorable messages!  

*Contains PR samples.  

Introducing Stafford Revolution | Food

 A few weeks ago something exciting happened in Stafford, and if you're not aware of Stafford it's a small (ish) town in the Midlands, with hardly any shops and about five restaurants; bit boring as you can guess. I heard about Revolution opening in Stafford and at the time I knew nothing about the company themselves or the fact it is a chain which sells food as well as AMAZING cocktails. One afternoon me and Luke decided to pop in and see what Revolution is all about!

I am quite a fussy eater and also a vegetarian so the fact that they have plenty of vegetarian options and not just a burger meant a big thumbs up from myself! Me and Luke spent a fairly long time looking at the menu as we were spoilt for choice; Revs offer everything from sandwiches to main meals and of course the best part of the menu DESSERT. I decided to go for the Halloumi and chips *was swayed by the mushy peas* and Luke went for the chicken burrito. Within 15 minutes the food arrived (as promised by their 15 minute or free guarantee) and we were totally overwhelmed with the amount of yummy food which was upon us. My Halloumi meal was similar to fish and chips but with the vegetarian alternative, although I got very full very quickly as I decided to order a side of beer battered onion rings along with the beer battered Halloumi, but no worries as I had human dustbin Luke with me who helped me to finish off the lot. Luke thoroughly enjoyed his chicken wrap and is planning to have to again soon. When looking through the menu we did actually notice that some of the burgers have crisps in which we found unusual but super quirky.

For dessert I ordered a salted caramel fondue and Luke ordered a Nutella fluffwich, although the desserts took a lot longer to come than the mains which was a bit of a downfall as it wasn't really busy at this point at all. When they arrived though it made it all worthwhile, I ended up demolishing some gorgeous dough sticks along with plenty of marshmallows heavily dunked in salted caramel while Luke loved his Nutella Fluffwich which I have to admit tastes like pancakes *yummy*. Overall we had a fabulous experience at Revolution and I am super happy it has happened 15 minutes away from my house!! The d├ęcor is super rustic and fun and I will be back to try some of their fabulous cocktails!

Revolution Menu

Revolution Cocktail Menu

Revolution Halloumi and chips


Revolution Bars

Revolution Salted Caramel Fondue

Fluffwich Revolution

 Have you been to Revolution?

But she was asking for it *TW* | Lets Talk

*Please do not read this post if you are triggered by issues like rape and sexual abuse* 

Walking out the house in the evening wearing a short dress. fishnet tights and a pair of heeled boots seems fairly reasonable wouldn't you say? Oh and you're on your own. You walk into town by yourself, it's a warm summers day and you feel like dressing up and looking nice to go out and meet a friend that you haven't seen in a while. Whilst you're on your way a man in a car winds down his window and shouts, 'Nice arse love, I would' before whistling and driving off at full speed. You go into a bar and have a few drinks, you are having a great time and you feel good in yourself. You get chatted up at the bar by a random and you say you are having a catch up with a mate. He tells you that you look good, you smile and say thank you. He puts his arm around your waist and you tell him that you are not interested. He looks taken aback by this and tells you he didn't want you anyway and tells you that you are ugly.As he's walking away he mutters that you shouldn't dress like a tart if you don't want 'it'.

 You carry on talking to your mate like nothing has happened until it's time to leave, it's been three hours since you've seen the guy who tried to hit on you previously. You walk out of the bar, hug your mate goodbye and head your separate ways. You don't live far away so you decide to walk on your own again; only this time something is different. The guy who pestered you in the bar is actually following you home, you keep walking with your head down and call some friends and hope one of them will answer. In a matter of minutes the man catches up with you and says, 'you're not so mouthy are you now?' The rest is something which happens far too often; that something is rape. Perhaps it happens because of what you are wearing, or because you are alone and vulnerable so it's classed as a valid excuse to do so. A woman of any age, wearing any item of clothing should be able to walk around alone without feeling scared. But sadly that's not the case. 


You are at a party with some friends, you see somebody you haven't seen for a few years. They look amazing. You have a few drinks and pluck up the courage to speak to them again. You greet them and surprisingly they remember you. You find a seat together and start chatting and before long you find that you're actually kissing and you are enjoying it. He asks if you want to go upstairs, you nod and follow. You want to do this, he's the guy you've fancied since high school and you are excited that after all this time he finally wants you. You start to get into bed; you're kissing and you realise you've made a mistake. You sit up and tell him you can't do this. He presses his finger against your lip 'Ssshhhh' he says and ushers for you to keep going. By this point you are adamant you don't want to do anything. You tell him again, stammering that you can't do this. You can tell that he does't like hearing what you have to say and as you try to leave he pulls you closer. Just another case of rape which should never have happened. No means no. Always. 

It's a Friday evening and you and your boyfriend are lying in bed together watching a film. Your boyfriend turns to you and asks if you are 'up for it.' You tell him not tonight, you're too tired and really not feeling it. Your boyfriend seems a bit hacked off with this but seems to accept what you've said. Ten minutes pass and he asks again, this time touching your leg. Once again you say no, not tonight, and again he seems hacked off. This time he says 'but you're my girlfriend, we should be doing it, why are you saying no?' You turn and tell him that you love him but not tonight, you don't want it. He turns to you and tries to kiss you, he tells you that if you loved him you'd satisfy him. You're a little hesitant this time when you tell him no, you don't want to upset him. This time he seems angry in a way you've never seen him before. You're scared and you don't want to go through with it but you've never seen him like this before. You reluctantly agree and he says 'that's right, you should be trying to please me.' After it happens you feel ill, you feel scared and you feel violated. This person is your partner they do not have any right to do anything which you do not want. 

Rape is rape, no matter what you are wearing, whether you say yes and then change your mind, whether you are in relationship or walking home in the dark. Sex without consent is never ok. 

*Stories are made up, based on examples I've read online. 

My piercing history! | Lifestyle

I polled the idea for this post on Twitter and I got 50% for yes and 50% for no, so when I re-polled it I was surprised at the different results for over 75% wanted to see this post I knew it was a no brainer plus it's been a post I've wanted to do for ages. I just wanted to state first off, I have had each of piercings done twice so the pain can't be THAT bad but some it may vary to some, a few of my piercings I have taken out now so I don't have any photos but I have shared the photos which I do have. I will talk about all of the piercings I've had done and also how much they hurt for me! I hope you enjoy this sort of post, if not sorry!

Nose Piercing: 
I thought I'd start with the easiest piercing to get, I am going to share with you lot that I've had my nose pierced around about 8 times. Yep that's right. At first it kept falling out then there was times I had to take out for work so each time I've had it pierced I've changed sides. The one I have in the photo is the one I have in currently and I love it.

Pain: I'd give the pain a 2/10 it's a really easy to deal with as it's basically a little bit of a shock as it goes through your nose and that's it, my nose hurt for around an hour and then that was it. Only thing I found was getting used to it being in my nose, but other than that I loved it!

I had my firsts done when I was younger and my seconds done around the age of 16 but after college I let them both heal up because I couldn't be bothered to have them in anymore, *no idea why* and then around a month ago I decided I wanted them back and so far I've had my firsts and seconds done but I know I want my thirds doing.

Pain: I'd give the pain a 4/10 it hurts at first but similar to the nose it's more the shock than the pain itself, both seemed to heal really quickly and I was able to change the studs pretty quickly.

Industrial Piercing: 
Just like rest, I've had this done twice but this time it wasn't my fault! At the age of 17 I got it done and I loved it, but it wouldn't heal and it kept bleeding and causing immense pain so I went to a different shop who said it was embedding into my ear and it wouldn't even stop so I had to take it out. Last year I went and got it done again and it was so much better, but when I went through a phase last year of hating all of my piercings I took it out again and I totally regret it, I may get it a done again though.

Pain: The most painful out of the piercings which I have, it hurt for a while after too and knocking it was the worst pain. I am glad I got it done again though as it's so much better and less painful when you've had it done properly. I'd give this pain a 6/10 but I'd totally go back and get it again.

Helix piercings: 
So unlike the rest I haven't had the same place done twice, but I have had three of this done in different places but sadly only one remains but I am hoping to get more. The pain of this was similar to the pain of the industrial but didn't last as long after, I am happy with this one and I think it looks great still.

Pain: Similar to the industrial but as it's only one rather two holes being made I'd only give this one a 5/10, but I am sure I am going to experience more painful piercings.

What piercings do you want? Next I want my Daith doing! 

Alternative Bags Wishlist | Fashion

Hi guys, I hope you're all doing really well. I am bringing you a feature today which I have wanted to bring to you for a while, if you have read any of my shop my style posts you'll know that I dress with quite an alternative style, today I decided I would let my inner alternative out in a big way and create a wishlist of all of the gorgeous pieces I'd love to own in my life! I will leave links of where you can purchase them items from below and I hope you enjoy and love the pieces as much as I do.

Book of spells bag is from Dollskill
Unicorn bag is from Attitude Clothing
Diamond bag is from Attitude Clothing
Stitch bag is from Hot Topic
Pikachu bag is from Hot Topic
Liquid sarcasm is from Skinny Dip 

Which is your fave bag? 

May Favourites | Lifestyle

I can't quite believe it's June already, although looking out of the window it looks like anything but. May was actually a really good and exciting month for me and I can't wait to share what happened with you lovelies as well as share some of my favourites from the month. I thought I'd make a collage of photos from the month of May as it shows just a few of the things I have done/eaten/made/bought, you get the gist! I hope you enjoy this post, let me know in the comments if you want a monthly one. #

May was quite the one for going to places, I went to the usual like Starbucks, Pizza Hut and Spoons but I also went to new places like the Be At One (on the opening night! Read about it here) and also Revolution opened in Stafford and they have some amazing food!

Food & Drinks: 
I hosted my own BBQ which involved lots of pretty colourful food, as well as making a few batches of lovely cookies which tasted insane! I ate a lot of Subway during the month of May as it's my go to easy food and tastes so good, soz. Last month I was constantly drinking Frappe from Starbucks as they had happy hour on and also launched some new frappes which made super happy. I also drank a cocktail which was my first drink since my birthday in January. Still don't miss it.

Brand of the month: 
I have decided as part of my favourites posts I would include a brand I have loved throughout the month as well as sharing some of their amazing products, and that brand is Sleek. With their super fun and colourful pieces of makeup they had to make it into my favourites. With their gorgeous Snapshots palette I was hooked as I have been looking for a fabulously bright palette for ages and the fact they have loads of fun and pigmented colours this made me super happy. I am also in love with their lip palette, not usually something I would be into but the colours are ace and look fabulous on. I have created so many fun looks with the Sleek palette and they're budget friendly and also have a new stand in my local Boots, yay!

Products I've been loving: 
In May I visited Meadowhall where I met Fii (missed her loads, I did swatch up my hand a lot and wanted all of the colours but I went for those for loooads) and I was in Boots checking out the NYX counters where I purchased a fair few liquid suede lipsticks as well as some of their soft matte lip creams and I know I'll be back *nods* I've also been in love with the conditioners from OGX and although they're on the pricer side they are the only products which can stop my hair from matting and knotting together so I am down. I've tried a few different ones and I love them all.

I thought I'd end this post by sharing some exciting news with you all, if you didn't already know at the end of April I started training for my new job and throughout May I have been going to work and with anxiety this is a big thing for me! I love my new job and there is some really great people there which help me feel at ease. I am glad I able to go to work again as I hated not working!

What have you been lovin' this month?