Wanderlust: 5 places I want to visit! | Travel

I promised that 2016 was the year of travel posts on my blog, so here is another travel post which I am sharing with you lovely lot. This time I am sharing with you 5 places in the world I want to visit at some point in my life, hopefully in the next five years! If you fancy reading more of the travel posts I have shared on my blog you can find those here.

1. Japan
I have wanted to visit Japan for such a long, and the recent need to go is becoming even bigger, everything looks so bright, pretty and fun. Going to Japan just seems like an experience in itself and it is totally different to everything in the UK. Obviously Tokyo would be one of the places I want to visit, but if I was going to go Japan I would want to visit Kinkaku-ji and Kyushu for their amazing landmarks and things to visit.

2. Thailand
Another place that has been on my list for a long time, after seeing many programmes about Thailand and hearing some great stories about things to visit, I want to experience it for myself. Bankok and Pattaya being two of the places I've been recommended to visit the most!

3. Dubai
One which has fairly recently in the last year or two made it on to my list is Dubai, after seeing some of the gorgeous landmarks Dubai has to offer I was sold. Although it's a little different to the others on my list, it's interesting to learn about other places. The Dubai malls looks AMAZING, and i'd totally want to visit there as well as some other amazing places like Kite Beach. On the website Travelbag there are lots more reasons to visit Dubai.

4. New York
I have visited America previously but I am yet to visit New York and this again is another which is fairly new to my list, but it's somewhere I would love to visit. I have seen various videos on New York and seen so many films set there, it just seems amazing! My grandparents have been and recommended it also. I've been to Florida and Pittsburgh but I can imagine NY is a lot more hectic and city like.

5. Rome
I have visited Italy a bunch of times but never made it to Rome, and with Rome being such a beautiful place and known for it's outstanding landmarks it's a place I totally want to visit. Seeing the lovely Fii post about it has made me want to go even more. With so many beautiful things to see and fabulous places to eat, I am totally down.

*Collaboration with Travelbags