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I've seen a lot of accusations of bloggers in the media lately, and it is super annoying as someone who is a genuine blogger and has a huge love for writing and her own space to do it in. I've seen several different articles about what it is like to be a blogger or what it is like to date a blogger and I can say as a blogger with blogger friends, none of it is true for the most of us anyways. Of course there is going to be expectations to this rule, people who are the stereotype, but it super annoying being tainted with same brush as those people as I am the complete opposite!

Get all ALL of the free stuff for doing nothing: 
First and most heard one by myself and one that is totally not true in the slightest, yes we get sent press samples but they are to review on our blog and share with our audience. We spend hours upon hours taking photos, editing them, then writing in depth posts on each item and on top of this we promote it and work very hard on our posts. I've never just received something for 'free' it is always part of a project or given for a reason. Although we get to keep the products and get sent cool releases and other things we have to work for them.

Blogging is easy: 
The amount of work which goes into one post will totally argue with the point that it is easy, from photo editing to writing and even thinking of the idea to start with there is so much to be considered and that can take hours, and even days. Although blogging is very fun and enjoyable don't take it as something which is easily done and everyone can do. It takes time, dedication and a lot of effort.

Blogging is so glamorous: 
Like everything else, blogging does come with some glamorous elements like events but we have to work to get there, not as soon as you start a blog you get invited to event after event you have to work hard and even then you won't get invited to all of the events. Not all of us get invited to red carpet events or gorgeous parties and even if we do a huge follow up is to be done and we spend a lot of our time taking photos.

We write because we love our blogs:
I am hopeful when I write this that it can stand for most bloggers, I write my blog because I love to write and I love the platform I can have to share my views with the world, whether that be good or bad, a review or a rant or something else, it's my space and the fact people actually care what I write makes me super happy about it.

Taking photos is simple: 
The most tasking part of a blog post for me, is taking photos in a cute location which is usually me in a corner of the floor with wallpaper stuck up and running down underneath to look like an amazing surface although it is never what it seems. I spend hours editing the photos after to create a perfect final product and it is definitely not as easy as whipping out my phone, snapping a pic then uploading!

What blogger stereotypes bug you? 


  1. I loved this post. It's so unfair that these stereotypes surround blogging and bloggers. So much hard work goes into blogging when you just do it as a hobby let alone as a full time job. Great post, lovely!

    Ella xx

  2. This week alone I've had 2 people say in response to me receiving an invite to an event and a product to review "I might start blogging so I can get free stuff" NO NO NO! It undervalues what we actually do so much.

    Teri-May xx

  3. love this list and I agree with a load of them! Tania xx taniamichele.blogspot.co.uk

  4. Amen to all of this!!!!! So true and I couldn't agree more with you!
    Jade x

  5. There are a lot of unfair stereotypes surrounding blogging, I don't think anyone understands it until they've done it xx

    Zoe ♥ MammafulZo

  6. Thank you so much for sharing this! The stereotypes that bug me the most are 1. Bloggers are demanding 2. Bloggers are happy to work for free 3. Bloggers are just cute little girlies who write about nail polish in their bedrooms 4. Bloggers are just bloggers and not "important press" 5. Friend on a random topic: you could blog about this!

    Could go on and on :)

    Caz | Style Lingua

  7. Loved this post. Totally agree with all of these. Blogging ain't easy, we don't get shit for free and it is bloody hard. Winter is the bane of a blogger's life when it comes to taking blog photos, too. That one sunny day you might have had the opportunity to get your blog photos done? Of course you're busy and can't! Grr. Haha. x www.aimeeraindropwrites.co.uk x

  8. I absolutely love this post! I hate when other non blogging people think that blogging is all we have time for. A lot of us bloggers only have it as a hobby and either work full/part time or study although I would love to blog for a living one day :) xx

    Yasmina | The July Journal

  9. I loved this post lady, I think every point is so relatable! People are forever telling me how glamorous my life is, how easy my job is - but everything they see is the tip of the iceberg, not what's beneath the surface and the hard work and graft that goes into each post! <3

    Hayley x

  10. This is a great post. I dislike it when people think they know what its like to be a blogger. Free stuff isnt free stuff! - Thats the one that gets me the most people at work say to me 'oh what have you blagged now' - er nothing. I have to put the work in!

  11. A great post! All of it is so true! I wish blogging was that simple :)

  12. I definitely agree with these especially the first! x

    Heather | Of Beauty & Nothingness x

  13. I'm new to this whole thing, so I didn't even realize that there were stereotypes... Shows how much of a hermit I am haha x