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Hey guys, happy Tuesday. I hope you're all doing really well? Today I am bringing you another post with the theme of festivals, I previously shared with you my first festival experience and now I have decided to share with you my top 5 tips for hacking a festival whether that be a weekend one or just a day, this tips should help you when preparing for your festival experience as well for when you are there. Maximise are currently creating their own top festival hacks and would love for myself as well as you lovely bloggers to share your tips around using the #UltimateFestHacks. I hope you enjoy this post as much as I enjoyed writing it and if you're going to any festivals this summer I'd love to know which ones!

Tip One: Pack efficiently and lightly!
So when you're going to a festival you do not want to be taking things which you would be upset if they got damaged as the chances are they may do. It's important to take all of the things you need for the day/weekend because without them you may be stranded. Sun cream is always a must, along with sunglasses, an old phone (in case you get lost from your mates), a tent, clothes and possibly some things to clean yourself with (baby wipes are a good option for this!)

Tip Two: Drink plenty of water.
A bit of an obvious one but you'd be surprised how many people forget when at a festival. The chances are when you're in a huge crowd of people and it's very hot you're more than likely are going to feel the effects of it. Often leading to people getting too hot and passing out or getting dehydrated. It's important to find yourself the water taps at festivals and keep staying hydrated.

Tip Three: Take some sort of food.
At festivals, it is well known that the food is SO expensive! It's a good idea to prepare some food before you go to the festival. My ideas would be something like cereal bars, packet noodles, beans (don't forget the tin opener) and possibly tinned hotdogs. Obviously, you can also buy proper meals at the festival but it always helps to take some things to push you along and keep the spends down.

Tip Four: Pack spare clothes
This sort of relates back to tip one, but the idea behind this is to make sure you have clothes if the ones you are wearing on the day get wet, or ruined. Bring lots of light clothing, like vest tops, tees and even shorts and dresses. The lighter clothing you can pack the better.

Tip Five: Take a torch
A lot of people might think is an obvious tip but you'll be surprised how many people don't. When trying to find your tent at night, is an actual nightmare when there are so many tents everywhere, tripping over into someone else's tent may not go down well. That extra source of light may be the difference between you finding and not finding your tent.

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