Shop My Style #2 | Fashion

Hi all, I hope you're well? I am back with another edition of shop my style as the first one went down so well, I decided to share a bit more of my unique but fun style with you lot! If you happened to miss the first edition feel free to check it out right here. I have always considered my style to be somewhat edgy and different, I have gathered pieces and accessories of things I mostly own and do wear and decided to make them into a graphic rather than wearing them personally *not confident enough for that* I hope you enjoy part two as much as you did one and let me know if you fancy a part three?!

Baymax tee is from Vanilla Underground 
Ripped Jeans are from Attitude Clothing  
Glitter Converse are from Schuh 
Michael Kors bag is from House Of Fraser 
Cat Earrings are from Truffle Shuffle 

Avenged Sevenfold Tee if from Vanilla Underground
Iron Fist Skirt is from This Is Pulp 
Dr Martens are from Schuh
Black Denim Jacket is from Topman 

Let me know if you would wear any of these pieces!