30 May 2016

Lets do lunch at Bills | Lifestyle

Not so recently I went to Birmingham and met up with the lovely Hannah, it's been ages since we met and we decided to do lunch and also a shopping trip. We met around 12pm and spent ages looking for somewhere to eat as we are both fussy (Hannah more so than me!) After walking around Birmingham for a while we came across Bills and saw that they did cocktails and it twisted our arm (although I am not too sure why as neither of us really drink!) but off we went inside as Hannah told me they have a really cool interior which is great for photographing!

Bills Salt and Pepper

When we arrived we were seated in a dark area and it hit that we weren't going to be able to take photos so we asked if it would be possible to be moved near a window which the staff were fine with. We were given a menu along with a set meal choice and later given a cocktail menu. It took me a while to decide what I wanted as I am so fussy with food but in the end I decided to go with the Fish finger sandwich as on occasion I eat fish fingers along with some skin on fries, an orange juice and a Bills pink spritz cocktail. Hannah went for the same cocktail along with a plate of the skin on fries *don't blame her they are gorgeous* we were brought out our drinks pretty quickly, I was the first to try the cocktail which my lord was strong. The orange juice was super refreshing though.

Bills Menu

Bills Pink Spritz & orange juice



Shortly after our gorgeous food arrived, and I tucked straight in being a bad blogger and not taking a photo first BUT I was soooo hungry. I was reminded by Hannah about photos and let her take some snaps along with taking my own pictures, totally worth it looking back on the pictures. I could totally of eaten 20 plates of those chips, I went through an unholy amount of mayo which Han looked a bit shocked at, okay I LIKE MAYO people! Although I found the toasted bread of the sandwich a little dry it was still really tasty. When we were finished with our mains the man asked if we wanted to see their dessert menu and I looked at Hannah who was like YES! So he came back with the menus, and we both had a hot chocolate brownie which I am not the biggest fan of brownie but I'll make an except as this one was beautiful. With this we got the bill and went on our day of shopping, yay!

Hannah from HXANOU

Bills food

Bills dessert

Apologies about the super heavy picture post but it needed to be captured to share the beauty of the food! Let me know if you enjoy my restaurant reviews as I love doing them! 


  1. I've not been to Bill's yet but we do have 2 in Cardiff I think. I'm the same like you and I often forget to take pics and then have to quickly do them!

  2. I love Bills so much! They do the nicest food :) x


  3. The food sounds and looks really good, pictures are good they help give you an idea of the food is like. I'd use more next time ;-)

  4. Bills has just opened near me and I must go and visit!

    Parie x

  5. I visited this Bills a couple of months ago and had an amazing time there! Fabulous food and great service. Looking forward to going there again soon x

  6. I visited this Bills a couple of months ago and had an amazing time there! Fabulous food and great service. Looking forward to going there again soon x

  7. I've not been to Bills yet but I do have one local to me - I must pop in!

  8. I absolutely love going to Bill's, the food is superb x

  9. I wish we had a Bill's where I live! The food looks absolutely amazing! If I'm ever somewhere that has one I'll definitely have a pop in!

    Jasmine | http://kkochsongi.blogspot.co.uk